Shadows of Old tracks



I call upon thee
I am standing alone
My mighty wind
Unfold your dark wings
The glory of war
I am still seeking strong
My strength is hate

Darkness - quell the sun
Let my enemies not see me
Pledge me the warhawk
Let the moons bewitch it

Black fire dance with me
Burn in me - strengthen me
Unite with my darkness
Open the gates
To eternity

Purified souls
Sworn to slay the weak
The voice of the eternal
Hate and anger from within
As warriors and predators
We were conjured by the
Essence of war
Hunting with the wolves
In the embrace of the night

See the destruction
Of the sun
An overwhelming sight
Brutal - dark - delight

I long to see
The eternity


From blood-drenched earth
The mighty oak arises
From its roots
Flow rivers of death

Shadowed bodiless forms
The rotting cores of the damned
Drifting - howling to blackened skies
On rushing waters of time

Enter the misty depths
Of the underworld

Where blizzards rage
Through fiery storm
Where magic reigns
The waking dawn

Where ram and serpent
Stand guard
Waiting to taunt the souls
Of those who spent lifetimes
Worshipping lies of a false truth

In vain - they sought return
Protesting their fate
They knew not
The course of the wind
Through which region it roared
On which place it died


By my hand
As a worthless pale memory
They look upon the old
The defiling of our land
And glorious nature
Shall become their undoing
As we lay our hate
And powers upon them

The dark eternity

I am veiled in wind
I am not alone

Unleashed hate and anger
By mountains strength
We shall prevail by our unity
And for the old - for the old

Battle cries shall rage up
From all our valleys
Unleashed hate and anger
By mountains strength
We shall prevail by our unity

Our hurling storms of hatred
Curse their wretched souls
Our great spirit of strength
Shall battle to the death

With wisdom we walk
With might we slay

And their spiritless bodies
We shall dance upon
Peace shall never be thine

And we shall feast
And we shall sing
In our neverending glory
On our path of the wise
We shall dance on our hallowed ground
Our souls are as one
With earth - spirit
And the old - the old


Cold winds forged through time
By clash of thunder in the night of storms
An unborn power is invoked
Of ancient times - yet young
By the full moon's rays

The storm's song is alone this night
For this night arise the creatures of darkness

The wings of darkness unfold
The sky shall black remain
The age of strength shall be born
Fierce winds guard this night

The mountain's creatures shall wander
Their torches glowing from the forest's depths
For war are they armed
For war they serve

The storms truth
The night's lust
The dead's sombre tones
Shall thunder from all mountains
Ancient war cries
Shall freeze the weak warrior's will
Elf flutes sing the battle song
The queen of ice is called upon
Only the true remain in her gaze
For tonight shall the mortals die

The souls of darkness to be praised


Thundering chains of truth
Entwining the immortal souls
Of those darkened through eras
Of hatred - war and betrayal

Coming forth their fiery passion
Sweeps through the night
In agony they await
The glory of destiny's grasp

The truth -
Sought by those
Who dance with infinite darkness

The one dream -
Conjured by torturous lifetimes
A time not ours

Deeper - deeper we shall dwell
Higher - higher we shall rise

Floating -
In a maze of darkened desires
Their eyes alone
Reveal the scars of an eternal existence

Awaiting -
The unveiling of the highest realms
Where the soul
Is freed in honour and pride


In solitude I stand
Awaiting a manifestation
A sign to cross the threshold of life
A spirit guides my way
Unmasked death speaks to me
His venomous tongue revealing truths
Reality stabs its jagged blade
Through my ancient heart

The last trace of innocence
Has been stripped away
Only burning hatred remains
A shadowed aura of my mortal life

When all that is lies
Has been burned to the ground
A purity unbound remains

To cross the threshold
To commit the soul to darkness

To cross the threshold
To commit the soul to darkness


Under fire were you born
Son of god and mortal
Under warrior's moon
Shining one of an age gone by

Throw the spear of destiny
Spill the blood
Victorious you stand
In flames

Live to kill
Creature of war
Divine is thy soul
Of fire

Oblivious to your mortality
Battle frenzy possesses you
By axe - by sword you slay your enemies

Ride through the night
On your blazing chariot
With torches held high
Their smoke spirals to the heavens
A threatening omen
To those who would dishonour you

Drink the blood - devour the heart
The glory of death shall flow through your veins
With strength were you born
With strength shall you rise

Carrion crows circle the skies
Hungry for the flesh of your prey
Scattered - sun bleached bones
Mark your trail of terror

Throw the spear of destiny
Spill the blood
Victorious you stand
In flames

Live to kill
Creatre of war
Divine is thy soul
Of fire


The dark veil of a man's hate
Remains as the true glory
Within a warrior's heart

See the blackened sky
The ravens as they fly

Chaos and majesty
Revealed from the dust
Of village that fell
Under stormy skies

Flaming banners
On desolate land
Still - yet alive

Ancient symbols
Arise once more
Blazing - mighty
Empowered by darkness

Shattered remains
Pierced by deep earth
Dreams of mortals
Enclosed in flames
Ruptured images
Awaiting an end

The blood drips endlessly

From battle shrines
To feed the thirst
Of the barren war field

In union - yet desolate
In glory - yet sorrow
Beneath the skies we stand
Awaiting our reign