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I need no one to show me
The way that I should live my life
I have no fears, I have no regrets
I have no need to apologize

Don't tell me
Don't give me
Don't teach me I can't be deceived
Don't use me for

Evil, evil, evil that men do
Evil, evil, evil that men do

They will say that I'm possessed
By a demon or better yet
A little green man from outer space
Who will destroy the human race

Point your finger at me
You'll be brought to your knees


On a hill there is a spark
Where the light would spread and strangle the dark
A little girl stands at the door
Looking at the blood stains on the floor

Now he is gone, my little darling don't you cry
For he will return, you must decide

Through the city they carry a man
Washing their hands in the brandy of the damned
Torches burn oh so bright
Burn out the day burn out the night

A soul cleaves unto the dark
It melts for heaviness in the musk
The stranger wandered the face of the earth
Coming with the answers or on a search


Take a little and leave a lot
I'm in control calling the shots
It's coming down from the sky
Appointed unto man once to die

I have no world but the one to come
I am a loner what have i done
I won't leave 'till i've shown you right
Attack i may i love to fight

I'm being caught away
You rapture my soul
I'm being caught away
Life will take it's toll

I'm only passing through what they call life
I'll get it with or without pain and strife
He suffered once, i will too
I just hate to leave without you


You will hear in the distance
The children are whining
Oh how i cherish the thoughts
When the sun stops shining
The streets will grow silent
And they all go down
The grave how she burns
As i look into the ground

Forever in darkness away from rain
Forever in darkness to wear the chains

Scarlet beast shall rise
And takes a deep breath
There is no heart
Under her velvet chest
Oh how sweet is death
There's no more there's no less
But for those who deny
They run to the hills and hide


In this space and time that we inhabit
Sometimes don't we feel like an exhibit
Growing up isn't something easy to do
Feeling so free we can't lose

Follow your heart not your head
Follow the voice within
Follow your heart not your head
It's calling you again

When wrong speaks to you in the night
Right isn't far behind in the light
Our little minds wander away sometimes
As long as they return we live fine

When your dreams fall beneath your feet
Out souls reach up searching for peace
Go ahead reach up a little higher
Don't leave 'till you've felt the power


There's an incredible humor to my treason
I surrendered the dark side for a reason
I will lift my sword and fight to the end
I won't give up because i just began

Show no mercy

I won't lay my weapons down to rest
I'll give it my all i'll give it my best
I will fight to win this war
Never settle for an even score

I am strong and your are weak

Jesus gives me power to defeat
I can't be bought and won't sell out
The battle cry is good and loud


I've been searching for a way
To fill this emptiness inside of me

The only time i feel secure
Is when you're holding me in these dreams

I don't know what you've been told
There's a better life on the other shore

I should be with you
I will be with you


I won't be a part of you
I'm in a world of my own
You know i'll see it through
I can't be burnt and won't lie like you

Destination overdrive
Destination overdrive
You can be just like me
Just like me

You can be
Thunder, thunder in the city

Up to ten then a little more
Pushing highter we're going to soar
Feel the force against your chest
Riding on the wings of our jet


Emerging form the mist of dawn
A new day to live more life that goes on
Deceiving are the song birds at play
Masking all the works that time has swept away

All that we have known is gone
We face the emptiness of nowhere to run
We are the children of the setting sun

No matter the price it must be paid
We stand our ground we are not afraid
Entrenched in fire he takes, never to give
He is the liar we must finght to live
Dancing in the visions of a chemical escape
A mind that's a waste land marcotic rape

Planning derision's of evil thoughts within
From inside a blackened soul
You can see the dark ones grin


Where will you be when the moon turns to blood
When the sun won't shine and the stars fall from above
Has love taken you high or has pride taken you low
The elements are coming apart the atoms letting go

The first will be last
The last shall be first
The hungry shall be fed
While the filled will thirst

You can take every breath with the devil's daughter
The carnage of our passion
Leads you to the slaughter
Just a memory of her face mindless begs your sleep
Break free of the bondage of disbelief

The cities glow and the kings rise and fall
Conviction of your sould leaves you walking on the walls
The chandeliers glisten with their reflections of light
Dancing in the shadow out the night