American Me

Siberian Nightmare Machine tracks



Slave to your master-keeper...
Your rights have been revoked for the enterprise.
How do you remain alive?
Sever your emotions and say your goodbyes...
This will the last day you will be seen alive.
Alive and confined. Kiss your life away... Goodbye

Dead and gone
You're dead to everyone

You ask me, will I ever see my family again? (Never)
Your answer lies inside that box.
Get inside, close your eyes, kiss your life away... Goodbye


Lights are shining at their brightest to take my life away.
Pull me further in. Will I see another day? Pull me in...
Killing is my fucking name... Killing is my name
Don't wake up. Don't wake up.
Feeling is the same when you're dead, locked up, gone...
I know I'm wrong for what I did. I can feel you in my skin

Death squads coming, riots brewing...

Angels falling from the sky bringing plague
With blood red eyes.
Fight the fire, blazing battles, double clip loaded.
I am animal...
Crash down barriers. Emptiness is filling up.
Terror fueled hysteria...

Death squads coming, riots brewing...


There is something wrong with me.
Flesh crawling with disease
I want to die, but I want to survive.
Survival is the only way the price that must be paid.

I chose to live, not die
...Not to fucking die.

Oh my god I'm fucking dying. Infected and diseased... Stranger to purity
Cut your losses, face the facts...
This body is a prison with suffering attached.
I have nowhere to go... No place to hide.

The time has arrived where I can lay and close my eyes.
No one else would care if I would remain alive...

Throw me out like trash. I've felt this once before.
Hold my breath, I know I cannot do this anymore.
I can't do this anymore...

This disease is killing me
Flesh rot
Your body's breaking down
It's time
Your body's going underground
I can't do this anymore
This disease is killing me


Come back to me. I was your everything...
Everything plus more I could ever ask for.
No way out from this. I lied, I fucked up,
I needed you from the deep inside.
I knew I needed you. Help me through this.
I'm on my my knees dying to hold you.
Break me down. You're my weakness.
Spare a chance, I'll tell you the truth...

Everyday is the same mistake.
It won't be long before I'm gone.
I know you can't hold on and act like nothings wrong.

This story has been played so many times before...

You can't walk away from me, but you live in my dreams.
In this sad long story, ruined by the greed in me.
Real life face to face, I'm a jack of dirty queens.
Dead lock in life, hopeless and never to be seen.

You are the fire that burns deep inside of me

This cant be really fucking happening.
Into deep, Nothing worth salvaging.


Lies, lies. Everything was lies...
Not one truth, everything was a disguise
From the start to the end.
You were killing me from the inside out...

Clenched fist over my eyes, I'm still suffering.

This is not the way to fucking live.
Suffocate your helpless fucking life away.
Listen. It's the sound of your head exploding.
Die faster die... Die

No one will miss you when you're dead and long forgotten. You're fucking dead.
Your cries will go unheard...
Buried deep in concrete pillars.
Life will go on with no one to remember your name.
Who will remember you?
Who will carry your name? ...Suffering


I hate this place we live in...
This constant race for arms.
A wanted killer needed to show the world what he's made of.

No way out this time. You lie, you lie to live.
No way out this time. Face the firing line.

Stop praising false values.
Speak your mind with open hearts.

Fuck you and your broken promises...
Your drawn out crying eyes...
Leave me something more to bargain for.
Strapped to the max with explosives on my back.

I couldn't do it for myself (for myself).
My conscience told me to let go. It's only best for me.
View my actions as a sinner but I'll die a martyr.
Let go, it's my time to show the world...

Stand tall, this is me. I will die for everything
All my thoughts, with all that I got, I died for a future I never saw...


Bury my face in my hands from shame to hate
I am human errors are made I can make mistakes
Make up your mind do you wanna live like this
It's hard to make a difference,
My choices have been made for myself
Wake up look around this world has failed you

What has this world come to filled with lies and alibis
Empowering rights at the cost of our dime.
There's no value in speech, Whens theres forced to be paid
Buy into the Bastardmaker,
No choice in life,

Fuck this game it's not fun to play
Your wasting time of your life
I call your bluff, you jump the gun
Where will you go when there's nothing left but dust


So many times have I asked myself have before...
Time and time again I walk this path of indifference.
My mind is corrupt, I puke when I wake up.
I'll rest in piss one day from this life of sickness.

I'm lost right now, over-and-out.
I'm lost right now with a gun to the temple.

A real heartless mother-fucking son-of-a-bitch...
Born to kill and maim, apathetic, without a conscience...
With total disregard for human life.
I'll burn your house down with everyone of you in it
...cause I don't give a fuck.

I'm lost right now, over-and-out.
I'm lost right now with a gun to the temple...
It's a whiteout

Life is a threat. Threat is in every turn.
Every turn you take you're gonna die from a freezer burn.
I'll take my cross-fired mind...
Too much emotion, when all I want to do is hate


Your life...
You tried to word with poetic phrases
But pronounced with decaying tongues...
If anything you're a first class failure... But after all, I am your son.

No, I will not live my life through yours.
I will not see through those eyes.
Everything I've heard from your lies reeks of rigor mortis.

Accentuated songs from your preaching choir days...
How much left do you have to fucking say?

You are the father, I am the son.
Leave me nothing more, I am fucking done.

You were never there, i'm fucking down

Walk away... Never man enough to say this is real.
You were wrong.

Emaciated times I need you more than ever.
When it's time to die, me and you will be together.
Let's go. Whose to know?
Hand in hand we will find a way to make
It through another day...

Another day is another chance to reclaim
My place in your heart.
Like father like son.

This is it. You're the only one.
Fuck You. I'm the only one true.
Help me up... Live long demoralizer


Blot out the sun
Because all is dark
Under these blue skies
Tomorrow comes and it comes wit the storm.
My roots will pull so easily


Hey thanks for listening were American Me!
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I promise I won't give you a disease

Living off $5 dollars every single day...
It's hard to pay the bills when you wanna stay away.
5 dudes in a van with a plan....
...Keep the bitches inside cause we wanna bang what we can Yeah!

My friends are your friends. Can we all just get along???

Rollin through In N'Out, Whataburger, Taco Bell, Waffle House, Chick Fillet and don' forget about...
The cookout!

Hey thanks for listening were American Me!
Tell all your friends to buy our brand new CD!
Let's get some beers and blunts and party in our big blue Chevy!
I promise you I won't give you a disease, No!
Lets pack a bong and get this party started!
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