Skin for Skin tracks





All power and lying wonders to take it all
He comes to everyone like a serpent he may crawl
He will come to touch your bone and flesh
Hoping that you will curse God under your breath

He will give you all that your heart desires
If you don't mind judgment in a Lake of Fire
He cannot be divided you don't know his depths
You will serve him well if you turn stone to bread

Skin for Skin
The seeds are sown
You're by yourself
But you are not alone

Overcoming, standing, walking, living, in the victory of him
Who is holy and him who is true
That makes us a pillar in the temple of god
I will make you – I will make you

Who can he bind that is not already bound?
Only those who cast themselves down
In a religious world that pacifies
He is always there to paganize

He doesn't know a thing about a man made hell
His work is to destroy you in this earthly realm
To cast you into prison in unholy cell
To deceive the world to break them at their will


From the beginning of the garden to the end and the grave
Salvation of all comes by the cross, the blood,
The life the name
Every man, women and child followed Adam to the grave
Your flesh he will destroy that your spirit will be saved

End of days, end of days, the age is over
Embrace the revelation

Forever feels like sunshine

Tasted death for every man suffered for your sins
Not willing that any should perish can you comprehend?
Some will be saved so as by fire, the past is burned away
First Begotten of the dead Light of the world today

I saw the dead small and great stand before the throne
I heard a voice out of heaven calling His children home
Concluded them all in unbelief he'll have mercy on everyone
By His grace and peace the Spirit and the Bride say come


You are my deliberate infectious
You are my confessed and addiction
You are my welcomed restriction
You are my damaged contradiction

You are my self induced affliction
You are my septic convictions
You are my unsaved thoughts
Now I got to let you go

There is one answer there‘s one touch
Salvation is on your tongue
There is one answer there‘s one touch
So don't you ever come undone

Take the medication
If it makes you pray
Take the medication
If it makes you stay
Take the medication
There's no other way
Take the medication
If it dulls the pain


Flowers on my grave Jesus saves that's the bitter
Taste of blackness
Eyes closed tight, pitch of night, starring into
The face of blindness
If I'm possessed if I confess kneeling feeling
The earth beneath
Stumbling mumbling it ends at the cross,
Undistinguished words make me complete.

Gazing, Raising, instinctively up,
Warmth to wrap the coldness
Draining, straining, all in me waning,
Tto muster the faith of boldness
Teaching, reaching, outward and on,
To touch what lays before me
Coping hoping to find a recall
Never disappointed in what I see.

We only live inside ourselves
Until someone takes us out of here

You got to stand for something
You've got to stop the suffering


American badge Caucasian white
A new minority a new chalk line
White media is not on our side
Hollywood stands beautified

We've kept our mouths shut let is slide
Our homeland has been occupied
You get what you get and that's all there is
Do nothing at all if that's how you want to live

Some don't believe they just deny it

Hard to kick against the pricks
Gnashing of the teeth
Inferno in your head
Hard to kick against

No color
No fairness act or race
Open your eyes we are all the same
There ain't no white heaven, ain't no black hell
There's only Christ and he's not for sale

Parasites and demons don't believe in either one
I've never been afraid of what I've become
Following the screams and the smell of fear
Listened for the truth with my fingers in my ears


I drive a 69 Lincoln with suicide doors
A modified engine I put 4 on the floor
Head lights glowing like the devils eyes
When I fire it up you'll go blind

From the tail pipe we got red brimstone
When I drive by it rattles your bones
The horn howls like the hounds of hell
Got demons in the backseat ringing those bells

Fuel and Fire got no place to hide
I ride the lightening and I never die
Fuel and Fire can't you read the signs
I am in your head I fall from the skies

The highway that I run is paved with ash
I always borrow and I never pay back
Poor little souls praying for their loved ones
I won't stop burning till the killing gets done

If you feel the ground shake and see black clouds roll
I'm going to warn you I'm stirring the coals
When you see me coming it is too late
If your eyes on me then you've sealed your fate

I am the Antichrist I am the anguish that you wear
I am your covering a long piercing dead stare
I am your veil of flesh that blinds you from the truth
I am humanity the mortal man shall never rule

I am the drugs you take that gets you closer to your God
I am all the things that you never thought you would become
I know you hate me for it's written in your own blood
So go ahead and kill me and you'll stand where I have stood


Her hair was the color of redemption
She had almond lips her skin was alive
She was looking for a new Savior
Didn't want to be left behind

Have you ever seen a girl?
With clouds in her eyes
Her face as clear as a summer's day
She was eternally alive

She leaves me breathless, hypnotized, mystified
This is the power of the crucified an endless life

She don't wear cheap distractions
Like the neon ghost inside
She's addicted to the experience
And all the scars she could find

She makes me hear the earth spin
I've been a broken penny in a well
She is the spine laid in my back
Got me holding my breath again




Living off the fumes of my fading reputation
Looking down the road at my darling aggravation
Craving a hit star struck infatuation
Chained like a dog choking humiliation

Got myself in another tight situation
Living on an island simple imagination
Breathing hard with feeble calculations
My mind spreads its wings universal liberation

Living with hope chemical frustration
My flesh is burning with carnal limitations
War within spiritual castration
Armageddon goes bang goodbye the population

I want I need, Jesus didn't fail
I feel I love, Come on, Come on
A world where no one cries
A world where no one dies
I'll find my way back home

Acid in my eyes, Gall upon my tongue
Cyanide and vinegar I stole a handful from the sun
Is it time, I've seen the priest
Wearing black white color glow
There's nothing he can do for me


I've knelt at the cross held His burnished feet
I have embraced the body lifeless in my arms
I laid His head upon His pillow so gently
And watched the stone be rolled

Living not dead giving I said

Christ lives in me

Rise above, rise above it all
Rise above, rise above it all
When are we going to rise above it all?

I watched and I prayed and I fell asleep again
When I awoke there was no sign of Him
The Tomb it was empty no body no sign
And I fell to the earth defeated and I cried

Why do you weep?
Where have they laid Him?
He spoke my name
Promised to never forsake us.

I laid His head upon His pillow so gently
And watched the stone be rolled
The Tomb it was empty no body no sign
And I fell to the earth defeated and I cried


We're the Super Power, God's of the hour
We got God on our side, you can't hide
Cause we got the bomb, in the Promised Land
One nation under whom? Got blood on our hands

I am bigger than the government
I am hungrier than the poor
Anybody with one good eye can see
That nothing good comes from war

Generals and Presidents think it's a coincidence
You know world dominance pride and prejudice
Blow it up build it back, pat our enemies on the back
Drop our bombs roll our tanks teach our foes
How to give thanks

I met the spies sent from the government
All their dirty money says in God we trust
You vote them in then you want them out
You sell democracy I have my doubts

Send our kids, march the poor on TV. Knives to their throats
Spilling blood making bombs body bags will never vote
Meaningless rituals politics is on parade
Repeating the past like criminals who is the renegade?
Can't we live in the peace that we create?
No man can serve two maters you have something to explain
There's no hope in your creed a man must live on his knees
I have no faith in institutions I believe in revolution


I'm going super nova
She's the perfect holy rolla
If the stars refuse to shine
Let me down for the glorified
Just lead me to the stage
That's where I'll be found
I'll be born again no kamikaze sound

It's a slow burn a slow burn
I'm a super ego star
Gotcha gotcha by the hand
World gets more bizarre

Gothic black city
Star gazer what a pity
Making sense of shattered souls
Bethlehem's child
Dropped in a world gone wild
No tears today
just a sun face glow

While I'm burning pray for me
This is not who I'm supposed to be
Dear sweet Jesus meet me half way
Between here and the grave


Stupid mistake the life I take
Will be my own broken home
Ain't helped me none so I am done
Starring at the end losing the fight
Planning to end it all by night
One wrong turn is all it took
Nowhere to run nowhere to look

As I look outside my door
See nothing left to live for
I've already tried everything
I have no one else to blame
Here I am at my end
Don't even know when it began
All I know is it's through
I'm not the one you thought you knew

Hang on
Momma stop the bullet from rushing to my head
Hang on
Momma stop the bullet from rushing to my head

Have no where to go from here
Seems like so many years
Have already came and went
So much time never spent
Wondering how to fight the pain
Dry the tears that fall like rain
Scared to death running blind
I have nothing left to hide