Slania - Evocation I - The Arcane Metal Hammer Edition tracks





I raise my hand against ye, thief!
For we're accustomed to receive,
Not to give hostages
Hear these words! deeds are overt!

As chaos evolves
In worthless lies

A crucial congress
At saônes banks

Gray sublime archon i've been called
Through all these years i bore up
Now may we all stay the course
This day

I raised my hand against it all
I question now, did i fail ?
Or retain our dignity
And shelter of this defilement ?


A senit conectos onda bocca nene.
Rionti onda boca ne .on barnaunom ponc nit-
Issintor sies eianepian digs ne lisantim ne licia-
Tim ne rodatim biont- utu semnanom sagitiont-
Ias seuerim lissatim licia- tim anandognam acolut
Utanit andognam da bocca diom...ne

Inside de bnanom brictom eainom anuana sanander
Na brictom uidlaias uidlu tigontias so adgagsona seue rim
Tertionicnim lidssatim liciatim eianom uoduiuoderce lunget
..utonid ponc nitixsintor si es duscelinatia ineianon anuana
Esi andernados brictom banona flatucias paulla dona politius
Iaia duxtir ediagias potita atir paullias seuera du xtir
Ualentos dona paullius adiega matir aiias
Potita dona primius abesias


Welcome to the land of questions
Welcome to the isle of lore
Welcome the veil came crumbling down

There it all began
The germination
Unveiling a cryptic door
There it was revealed
Hopes and aspirations
Unclosing and enthralled door

Escalate the sense
enhancing to join the dawn

I close my eyes, inis mona
And reminisce of those palmy days
I moon o'er you, inis mona
As long as i breathe
I'll call you my home

Twenty years i have walked your barrows
Years of emulous youth
I followed the path of the wise

There it all was sown,
The inspiration
Removing the seven seals
There it was revealed
Enigmaand freedom
Unclosing an unseen door




What did close in here ?
I can't remember ever shedding tears o'spite
On this ground, cropping up the fatal frontline

Like a soot-blackened palisade yet
Impelled, void and abulic
Legions delineate an ominous skyline

As lifeless demons without soul
These ensentient hosts abide
Engulfing war monger get away from here!

Trod ye the path of vast deceit ?
Every piece of evidence was a lie
The war, the threath's a hyping fake
To move figures on the board!

Stain bibractes ground!

What do you see in me ?
Do you breathe-in dreams ?
What spurred you to come here ?
An oneiric picture of being...

Like disaffected legions taken, lure
I wonder what lies, what threath or promise
Persuaded them to leave their home that far away
... did they really know ?

As the carnyx roared aloud
I quaked not, yet just asked myself
How their hearts took the bait,
These sweetened words of bitter esscence

Face to face with nameless foes
Scorching words, unspoken lorn
Unheard quests remain the ashes of the dead

Forsooth we'll bear the brunt
Upright in life of in death
Yet still the countless cries echo
In silenced caves of nothing






A murky presage roaming the land
To silence the skylarks chant
The somber kiss is at band
To impart the crimson robe

Heed the darksome maid
Dancing across this equinox
To relegate persistence
As the bleak darkness grows

A cryptal impellent, devoted to the sublime round

Beholden for the boons of light
Retreating into quietness
We harken the somber lay
We sing the somber lay

Close your eyes and heed and vide,
Then you shall see
The sphere revolves as it's promised

Flames flickering deftly
To banish the nipping air
The dark time is at hand
Lighted by bardic chant

Heed the darksome maid
To enwrap all in bleackness
A dark veil o'silence
As quiet insight buds

Darks roaming the land
Long dead the skylarks chant
The dark vis usurped command
To impart the sallow robe

Sure anew light will come
The lifewheel is rotating onward
Given is the promise
Thus assertive we wear on

Life-given impellent, devoted to the sublime round


Immi daga uimpi geneta,
Lana beððos et' iouintutos.
Blatus ceti, cantla carami.
Aia gnata uimpi iouinca,
Pid in cete tu toue suoine,
Pid uregisi peli doniobi?
Aia gnata uimpi iouinca,
Pid in cete tu toue suoine

Aia mape coime, adrete!
In blatugabagli uorete,
Cante snon celiiui in cete!

Vrit- me lindos dubnon -piseti
Vrit- me lindos dubnon -piseti

Vrit- me lindos dubnon -piseti
Vrit- me lindos dubnon -piseti

N'immi mapos, immi drucocu.
In cetobi selgin agumi,
Selgin blatos tou' iouintutos.
Nu, uoregon, cu, uorigamos,
Lamman, cu, suuercin lingamos,
Indui uelui cantla canamos!
N'immi mapos, immi drucocu.
In cetobi selgin agumi,

Ne moi iantus gnaton uorega,
Iantus drucocunos uoregon,
Cante toi in medie cete.

Vrit- me lindos dubnon -piseti
Vrit- me lindos dubnon -piseti

Vrit- me lindos dubnon -piseti
Vrit- me lindos dubnon -piseti

Cu allate, papon sod urege,
Eððiio de iantu in cridie.
Vediiumi: cante moi uosta!

Ne, a gnata, cante t' usstami,
Ne uostami, ne te carami.
Ne carami, nec carasumi.

Boua daga uimpi geneta.
Immi trouga, lana nariias.

Vrit- me lindos dubnon -piseti.
Vrit- me lindos dubnon -piseti


Catoues caletoi
Urit namantas anrimius
Ro- te isarni|in -urextont,
Au glannabi rhenus
Ad ardus alpon
Tou' magisa matua
Tou' brigas iueri|onas

Budinas bardon
Clouos canenti
Anuanon anmaruon
Cauaron colliton,
Adio- biuotutas -robirtont,
Uolin cridi|i
Are ri|otuten atri|as

A ulati ,mon atron,
A brogi'm cumbrogon!
Exs tou' uradiu uorrobirt
Cenetlon clouision
Cauaron caleton

A blatu blande bitos biuon!
A ,m'atriia, a ,ma helvetia!

Tou' mnas et genetas,
Tigernias, tecas,
Tou' uiroi uertamoi
In sose cantle cingeton
In- gutoues -beronti.
Cante cladibu in lame
Exsrextos canumi:


Voveso in mori mon vandas.
Veidos ventos cambon mon verno
Et con papon lomnen
Luxtodos imon siraxta.
Suouelo, imon oro
Suouelo, tauson tunda
Voveso in mori mon vandas