Brutality Will Prevail

Sleep Paralysis tracks



Take my to your saviour
To free me of my sins
Take this hand of darkness
Away from my chest
This plague is out to haunt you
So don't close your eyes
Cry your self to sleep tonight
Let the pain begin

The cold chill of the whispering words
Over your face
I cry i plead but my body is weak
My breath is taken away

I'm in a place
I cant control
I'm only afraid
When i sleep

This plague it out to me
It won't stop until its got me
This plague is out to haunt me
It won't stop, until i sleep


I'm drowning in the sea of the unknown
My hands are tied but my eyes are blind.
Tried to break this choke
There's no hope
I'm only sinking deeper
Fightin with the hands of this curse
My body is filled with fear
I can hear the outside world
Dragging me deeper
These monsters that my mind creates
Scares me not to sleep
The night terrors that come for me
Twisted sounds and illusions
I can feel the hands of evil
Casting the pain upon me
Paralysed until i break
This torture will kill me
When it's time to sleep the devil calls.