Agnostic Front

Something's Gotta Give tracks



It's me or you, and something's gotta give
You take from me all that is pure
A lesson i have learned
Now's your chance to turn and walk
On bridges that you've burned
Too much shit can't get ahead
Something's gotta give
I don't know friend or foe
Something's gotta give
Come at me your gonna lose
Don't piss me off don't light my fuse
The choice is never yours of course
And i'll survive with no remorse


I know i can trust myself cause I believe in what I say
I believe in my friends because their with me everyday
Believe that we can overcome
Because the scene is strong today
Believe i live this life, because I know hardcore is the way
Believe ? we're right
Believe ? we're strong
Believe ? in yourself
Believe ? hardcore !
I know things look bleak sometimes
I wish it wasn't that way
We know we're in the right
We stand proud today


Can't keep touch with you or me
Need sense of security
Want to live my life for me
Why can't they just let me be (asshole)
Say i'm crazy, just brain dead
Planting thoughts within my head
Can't believe what i've said
What has become of me?
Don't believe what you've been told
Never seen no streets paned in gold
Mindless violence ruined me
No such things as something free


Right before my eyes
I've been betrayed
I've worked so hard and everything i fucking gave
You haven't changed
A rat, a traitor, digging yourself a grave ?
Right before my eyes ? i see all your shame
Right before my eyes ? i fell all your pain
Right before my eyes ? you have turned your back
Right before my eyes !
I'm in a rage, can't control my feelings, i've been upstaged
Life in a cage, no longer human burning from all the hate
Against the grain, i live this life every single fucking day
Nothing to save
Something that was will never be that way again


You've tried my patience too many times
You've got too much to say
Old soldiers never die
They just fade away
Intimidation and all those games
You play so well
They don't phase me i stay my ground
I'll see you in hell
Look into my eyes, when the end is near
A reflection of yourself, living with no fear
You've got the right to turn and walk
You've got the right to stay
In the end we all get fucked
Things never change
Who are you to ruin my life
I think for myself
And if you've got a problem with that
I'll see you in hell
No fear (x2)
Intimidation your game
No fear
You think we?ll fade away
No fear (x2)


Blinded but now i see, my choice my destiny
I got back what i lost, but was it worth the cost?
My back is turned, you can't wait to speak
No balls to back up what you preach
Blinded your blinded !
The time will come when someone calls your bluff
Your gonna burn, enough is enough
Cause you're blinded by the light again (x2)


I've come to the end
Nowhere to go
Look back and i see
Remains, left in the road
Can't keep me behind close doors or locked up in a cage
I'll rise again
My strength comes from my pain
Time to break free
Don't hold me back
The world is mine
Be it cruel and unkind
Voices, in my head tell me i'm insane
Voices me grita en mi cabeza, voices are to blame
Voices screaming inside my head !


Talk about the problems today
Give me my freedom, give me my say
They wanna take away our choices
They try to silence our voices
But they can't take away our pride
Do or die? all our lives
We have to fight ? just to survive
Society puts its blame on me and you
I'm not ashamed, there's nothing i can do
They tried to run, they tried to hide
They insulted my pride
There's nothing left to do but fight
New York hardcore !
In a life of pain with no restraint
Reach deep inside and find the strength


A beam of light cuts through the dark
My anger enraged to hate
I see what life's all about
But i just can't relate
Reality will bring you to your knees
As life goes on
War within my reach ? war
An empty gaze at early dawn
Before the morning light
Instinct has become mistrust
No values, wrong or right
A path of life that left its mark
Like footprints in the snow
You can run, but you can't hide
You've got nowhere to go


You hide behind our cause
Wave a flag for all to see
We know all your flaws
Your intent, always greed
Superseed for your greed
Stab our backs, we bleed
No shit, we won't take
Realize you're just a fake
Played your games with no respect to me
Now i see you're no friend to me
Sucking the life right out of me


What are you gonna do ?
When they all turn on you
Is it worth it for us to live their way ?
It's their mistake and we're to blame
Are we to live by the rules
And be told what to do
We're not part of their society
Fuck their authority
We're the youth of today
And nothing can stand in our way
We are young and strong
With our new hopes, we can't go wrong
We'll live without conformity
We've got our dreams, fuck their authority
Can't you look around you ?
And see the world of today
They are full of fucking hypocrites
Who keep lying to get their way
It's time for us to try to live our lives
To keep our dreams alive
To make them all realize
That we gotta fight till we die!
We've taken too many excuses
And we know we're right
The anger has grown inside us
And we're out for blood tonight


Who says old glory's gone
The pride we still carry on
Remember those led astray
Power ? won't fade away
Today, tomorrow, forever (x2)
United ? we stand
Divided ? we fall
Respect you must earn
An honor for all ?
Today, tomorrow, forever
We gotta stick together
We're down for life forever
Divided ?...never
United, together
Today !
Tomorrow !
Forever !

13. RAGE

Look at me, look at you nothing to say
Everything i own you've taken away
All i ever wanted was to get by
Now you wanna know the reason why
Don't believe in fate, i believe in bad luck
All the stories told are so trumped up
Wanna know why i'm so fucked up
Now you wanna know the reason why
Rage ? rage !
Every waking moment has this strain on me
Can't unlock these secrets if i have no key
When i go blow it up you'll know it?s my time
Now you wanna know the reason why
My bad luck
So trumped up
So fucked up
Now you wanna know the reason why ?
Rage !


(No lyrics available)


They ask why we dress this way
Live for now, stand today
See the kids but don't hear what they say
Close your eyes and look the other way
You say the end justifies the means
They'll lock us up throw away the keys
Crucified, crucified for ? ...your sins (x2)
They don't know our feelings
Only our desperate cries
They seek protection through distorted eyes
Can't tell the truth from their lies
We've got to learn to fight to live
Before they grind us under hell
We're the targets so easy to find
We're the ones that won't stay in line
I find myself nailed to a cross
For something that i didn't do
It's your fault you've ruined our lives
But we're the ones you crucify
You're the ones who commit the crimes
But it's always us who do the time