Something to Prove tracks



What happens now?
Where do we go,
What the fuck have we got to show
For 10 long years of playing a game
Happy with media name
Do we join together
Or do we grow apart?
It's serious now
It's time to start
Cause there's a future
If you want there to be
But the choice is yours
It's not up to me

We've still got something to prove X2

It's not how you dress
It's how you live
It's not what you take
It's what you give
The answer isn't in violence at shows
Fuck up you clubs
If you want them to close
And the answer isn't
In the beer you drink
Use your mind, man
Start to think
Do we stand still or do we move
I think we still got something to prove

We've still got something to prove X2


A bitch will look you in the eye
And lie right to your face
A bitch'll take your feelings
And spread'em all over the place
A bitch will try to own you
If you're dumb enough to let her
But you're a grown man now
And by god you gotta know better

What a bich is X4

A bitch will say she loves you
As if she knows the word
She'll say it over & over again
'Till you wake up and learn
That people grow up at differnt times
And there's some that never do
But if pain and jealousy is what you want
Then that's what she'll give to you

What a bitch is X4


I've said it before and i'll say it again
You're not a punk my friend
First it was leather & spikey hair
But isn't that a skateboard there?
Bermuda short and Converse shoes
Is this what i've got to do?
Forget it man, you can't do enough
Gee, this punk rock shit is tough

You're not a punk, so just stop tryin'
You're clothes are good but your brain is dyin'
You're an embarresment to what we believe
Just take your skateboard and - leave X2

So you drink your sprudle
I'll drink my beer
And i don't even want to hear
How you're more fuckin' punk than me
Cause any stupid shit can see
That you changed cause your friends change first
And i don't know which is worse
The way youlook now or the way you look then
But you're not a punk my friend

Repeat chorus


Oh baby i really love you
And when you're close, i want to show my love to you
cause you're the lawyer & my heart's the case
And the only thing left to do is...

Come all over you fucking face!

I'm gonne stick it UP your ass
You don't even have to ask
You don't even have to beg
I'm just looking for a shot of leg

And i'm gonna come, come, come all over your face
I'm gonna come, come, come all over your fucking face X2

I'm gonne stick it in your ear
It's gonne make it hard to hear
The love song i sing to you
Then i'll tell you what i'm gonna do


I'm gonna stick it up your nose
We're gonna see how far it goes
And you know you shouldn't run
Oh jesus christ this is fun



So kill me quick - before i die
And don't even - don't even ask me why
Cause i don't - i don't know myself
I'll put my life - i put it on a shelf

Cause i'm dead X8

Kill me quick - before i die
And when you do - you look me in the eye
Then i'll feel - i'll feel the rope get tight
So kill me quick - kill me quick tonight

Cause i'm dead X8


Those dirty rotten commie shits subjested the other day
That maybe we should put our nuclear toys away
In just ten years we could make the world a peacefull place
But you said NO! I want to play in space

What do you want, Ronald reagan?
What can we do to satisfy you?
What do you want, world domination?
What can we do?

Then tose dirty rotten commie shits in all their commie
you can play with space guns in your very own laboratory
but you still said NO! And i have to wonder why
What democraty's left to depend when millions of people die?


I want to own the world, own the world X2

So tell the truth now ron, just what is it that you're after?
Is ti a world free of hate and the sound of children's laughter?
Or is it a ronald reagan state , behind the lie of the amerikan way
Or maybe killing machines in space and a whole world in which to play



When i was ridin' my board just the other day
It slipped out from under me and went away
Went under a car and it's broke
Can't skate no more I ain't got no note
I went inside and turned on the tv
Jerry Falnell was lookin' at me
He said" you want to go to heaven, there's just one thing
You gotta help me pay for this diamond ring"
i was just gonna send him a check i signed
When the only thing that saved me was a friend of mine
He said DON'T give money to things you hate
Here's another board, come on, let's skate!

Pray for salvation and what do you say?
A preacher with a limo and a mouthful of shit
I'm thew with their promises, I'm thew with lies
I'll see them in hell when those fuckers die

My god rides a skateboardX4

Religion is fine, if that's what you need
But don't be a victim of some dickhead's greed
I don't care how Jim Baker feels
His shit don't bother me, my god's on wheels

My god rides a skateboardX4

So pray for salvation and what do you get
A preacher with a Limo, who don't give a shit
I think they're wrong, I think they don't care
You can't go to heaven if the checkbook's not there

My god rides a skateboardX4


National is til fucking crap - bullshit
Want the world right in your lap - bullshit
All because of where you were born - bullshit
In the land of kiddie porn - bullshit

Americans are cool X3 - bullshit
Americans are cool X3 - fuck you

Land of the fat plastic free - bullshit
The national debt don't bother me - bullshit
Famaldahide beer, home of the brave - bullshit
They took punk and made it New Wave - bullshit


So wave that flag and buy a gun - bullshit
Vietnam, the war we won - bullshit
What's America mean to me? - bullshit
I think i'll move to Germany - bullshit



You're just as important as we are
This much we know is true
So why don't you get up here
And tell us what matters to you
I'm not talkin' wrong playing rockstar
It comes down to supporting the scene
Cause you've all got your own opinions
Whenever you're 40 or 17

A life to waste? No way!
Facts to face? Right now!
Try something new? Right now!
i'm telling you Right now!

Decide what you want
Unlock your cage
Make a difference
Get on the stage!
Find your potential
There's no minimum age
Don't live in the past
Get on the stage!

The right to self expression
The responsibility to use
In a band or a demonstration
Let's someone else know your views
It's important everybody contributes
Anyone can help turn the page
And that the best thing about punk rock
Anyone can get on the stage

A life to waste? No way!
Facts to face? Right now!
Try something new? Right now!
i'm telling you Right now!

Repeat chorus


We don't circle our a's
We can't live with that
And straight edge isn't our way
We just drink & get fat

There's no punks in K-Town X4

We don't throw our bottles
We'll get our money back
And with all that money
We'll buy a new 8 pack

There's no punks in K-Town X4

10 bis. SCUMBAG (Intellectual Text)

Scumbag, scumbag, you big fucking scumbag
You bitch, you nag, you dick - sucking scumbag
Hey, scumbag, scumbag, you goddamn fucking scumbag
You make me sick you little prick
You big fucking scumbag!

You're just a dick dick dick dick X4

Scumbag, scumbag, you fudge - packing scumbag
You cunt you fag you butt - fucking scumbag
Hey scumbag, scumbag, you shit - eating scumbag
Hope you die in a ditch you little bitch
Oh, what a stinking scumbag!

You're just a dick dick dick dick X4


I want a corporate position
With a retirement plan
I want to suck my bosses ass
So I can work a shit job 'till I die

I work hard all day
I can't think of a better way to live my life
All I want is some kids to rule and to beat my wife
Mercedes Benz and a secretary and golf with my boss
It's not pretty, but thats upper - class living costs

But I know I never change
Gotta pay for that radar - range
And my personal airplane bill
And all those diet pills

I got a shit job, a shit job, aw shit X4

All those bills to pay
9 to 5 for 40 years and then I'm free
If I work real hard so they don't fire me
Pull some strings and steal the job of my best friend
Though shit boy, but all good work comes to an end

And I know I'll never change
Got a date on the drinking range
And work on the perfect tan
Gonne be a respected man

I got a shit job, a shit job, aw shit X4

Now I'm feared & hated in the world of high finance
People tremble in terror at the mere mention of my name
And when I get the key to the executivetoilet
I'll look up and say "Thanks dad"

Now I'm here to stay
Work my way up that ladder of corporate slime
My dad says that someday this'll all be mine
Big money, so much it'll never all be spent
But I'll try, maybe next I'll buy a president

Igot a shit job, a shit job, aw shit X4


How do you make your money?
I think it's on your back
And how do you get that raise?
Your boss, he know the facts
Cause it's all give & take
And the only thing you need to know
Is the part you have to shake
And the parts you have to blow

You're a bed tool, bed tool
You're just a bed tool, baby X4

If you want to sell yourself
Why use a middle man?
Just do what you do best
With money in the hand
And you won't need your shots
For the disease you'll spread
It's called incompetence
It don't come from givin' head



When every day life starts to get you down
And your problems seem too many
And when your job is shit, the rent is due
And you're down to your last penny
Where do you go? who do you count on?
When there's no place left to hide
When your parennts don't like you and they told you so
They wish that you have died

I look at you - and I know what to do X4

Now I'm not here to preach or tell you
The way you have to live
Just stop and think about what you want
And what you want to give
Goddamnit LIFE is what we're here for
Not to watch fuckin' TV
But if that's where you think the answer is
Then bother get away from me

I look at you - and I know what to do X4

You got to get up in the morning and try again
Not tomorrow - to it today
Young or old - it don't matter man
Don't let your life slip away
You got take a chance - push yourself
Stand up for what you know is right
Don't take no shit from anyone
Let'em know that you're to fight

Now, there's no easy answers
But here's my final advise to you
Take control of your life, man
Work hard & follow thru
And if a friend is travelling a rocky road
Then help him on his way
Tell him that he's got to try again
And try harder everyday

I look at you - and I know what to do X4