Son of Solstice tracks



Come from ancient civilizations of millenar centuries
Menhir keeps its full magic power through the ages
Under the banner of the stone, don't fear the spellbound of the sorcerer
Vortex of sorrow can't touch your soul
Machiavelic artifact of the wizards never worried him

Under the mountains

Near the altar of wisdom, await the mystical oracle that consecrates the
chosen one.
The village acclaims a new god with pipes and horns.

Made of meteorits and starfires, the rocks illuminate the citadel with
hyperboreal light
But the times of armageddon are coming
The wrath of the black horde has begun
Once he's mastering the art of the ancient wisdom no one can touch him
The constellations of Aldebaran and Antares are now shining


Fire, end of disease
The gloomy shadows are now released
And in the twilight I fear my sight
But I am mad, and yes, I like kingdom of monsters, chapel of ghouls
Devastating the land, delirium of pure destruction, I am deep insane
My eyes are full of blood, soon it will be my hands
Kingdom of monsters, chapel of ghouls, my pleasure !
I am back, more evil than before
I am cruel, my heart is down the floor
Don't ask me why, I tell no lie
I am the son of solstice.




Black ships on fire, haunting the sea
Definding their homes, against the wind
Battalions of fear, resisting the onslaught
Retriving the faith, in deep agony
Our minds are lying my friend, we'll never survive
The nearer death is, the more the ship dives
In this resurrection, we tried to resist
So never forget, and rest in peace.






Spit in a graveyard, after having lived hell
Live at the mercy of an evil gloomy spell

Possessed by an overactive force
Guided through a hole of perversion
Misunderstanding the reasons for this hate
But loving, suffering and demanding ever more

Power from the owner of supremacy
The god of fear is knowing your needs
All the passions you'll have to forget
To become the toy he will get

[Solo guitar]

Your mind is empty and your words have now left
Unable to express like in death

To kill your envy, to possess your soul
Demonic order / shattering road
Let you fall deeper in this sweet kind of hell
Never a come back that soon you can tell


To a all setherials, the weaker ones
To shatter and kill and make the world fall in the dark
Call me insane, make me starve, but you can't make me fight for your
evil desire
Satanic weak souls, not even stronger than anyone else's intentions
Falling from grace and what else ?
Stronger ones will never follow you
Warriors of the cosmic light, shadows who will keep on fight
Defending your throne, and preaching, singing your croon

To a all setherials, the weaker ones
To shatter and kill and make the world fall in the dark
Call me insane, make me starve, but you can't make me fight for your
fucking stupid goals
With your culture, your knowledge, how can you believe such a calamity ?
Disintegrate, erase, torture, we can't build a world founding our faith
on this stuff
Dismembering, the order could be the solution
Prince of darkness should help us find a solution
But poetries and utopias are not made to be realized
Could we believe something
All is neverending.