Death Angel

Sonic Beatdown - Live in Germany tracks



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Drifting on an endless sea
On our way to nowhere
Oblivious to our destiny
Slowly drifting on and on and on

Wander far away too far
Trapped in a timeless void
Changing with the shifting wind
Never can see an end
It's a real vague story
Impossible to perceive
A seemingly endless time

Passing through eternity
Still devoid of meaning
Useless to inquire upon
The fate that we shall suffer on

Destitute still lost at sea
On the ship of sorrow
Past the point of no return
Today is merely yesterday's tomorrow


In the night
In the circle of death
They congregate to hold a feast
There lies a body in the center of the ring
Each human soon becomes a beast

They sing the song to glorify the dead
They chant, the chant eternal life
The master sails as he lifts the gleaming blade
The sound of flesh sliced by the knife

Men without anguish
Men without fear
Men chosen to ride the earth
Evil confrontation nears

These mindless sinners
Sit there without
Greed, not even grief
The final incision
Having now been complete
As these ominous demons
Start to eat

A strident hum
Lurks through the room
The bloody bath to set them free
As they fulfill their long awaited dream
A bloody orgy of intense ecstasy


Enter her lair
Deep in her lair
The tension you feel
Is burning inside
You meet her at last
It happened so fast
The look in her eyes
There's nowhere to hide
Pain on her mind
Eternal and blind
Everything's black
But you're turning white
She knocks you down
Whips you around
Nothing is heard
But your screams in the night

Mistress of pain
Lady of domination
Executes her discipline
Upon her bonded slaves
Lashing you with her whips
Keeping you bonded in chains
Drool starts to seep through her lips
Gets off on affliction of pain
Violence in her eyes
Insatiable lust
Terminal mistake
Face to face with death

5. EX-TC

Black covers the mass
The mist it's so dense
It's soothing to breathe
I reach out my hand
Into the sights
Yet I grasp nothing

All seems different to me
What I've seen before

Yearn for the feel
The warmth that's inside
A childish grin
I joyfully scream
To deafened ears
It's time to begin

All seems different to me
What I've seen before
Can't help but notice
Hidden feelings I had stored

You stare at me
As if I am strange
My eyes open wide
I feel the beauty
Of all around
Then run through the tides

Come into my place
There is great pleasure
In what you will find
I throw away hate
That's how you tell
X is on my mind

6. 3rd FLOOR

Trapped by iron bars
Solitary ripping at me inside
A victim of this crazy ward
Must get out of here
No one gets out of here

Force fed medication
The more I take the sooner I'm free
Contributing to my mind's abduction
Can't they see it's tearing me
Can't they see it's killing me

Welcome to the 3rd floor
It's a one way trip
Then they lock the door

More than just a crazy nightmare
Doors opened up and swallowed me
Banished from existence
Why'd they ever throw away the key
Will I ever be set free


Led to the slaughter by those who were there to protect
Nailed to the cross then put on display to dissect
Dignity stripped like flesh being ripped from the bone
Sentence: death by mongrels to whick you are thrown

Here comes the pack
Come to attack
Blood in their eyes
No compromise
Thrown to the wolves
Left there to die

Hiding from shadows that chase by the light of the moon
Choking on lies overflowing in silver spoons
Told of the cities of gold and a thousand delights
Fed to the dogs that hunt in the dead of the night

Behold I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves
As the brother shall deliver up the brother to death

Beg for a life that is worth not a dime to their kind
Pleading for mercy from those that would leave you behind
Betrayed with a kiss by the blackened soul you will save
Burned at the stake so the jackals can piss on your grave


Grip the bars that hold my mind
And pace the cell that's stuck in time
Immune to change and far from love
I curse this world and God above

Life is a cage when you're framed and confined
Sentence of pain 25 to life
I breathe in the sky as I recall the past
And realize these are my last

Need to kill this painful lie
Look over shoulder with my hand on knife
I can't keep living my life this way
I'll do my time but I won't behave

The road to hell is paved with good intent
Pass barbed wire and cyclone fence
Destiny lies far from this place
A cemetery plot my final resting place

Got to break this soulless cage
Return my life to human shape
A hell on earth is what they say
Kill or be killed same shit different day


Smell you eye on
How rapid the chase it is on
Swat you bite you
Locked on your neck and you're down

I can't believe that you're trying to put up a fight
Try as you will but you'll never forget this dark night
Can't you see that to us it's not labor it's love
Thicker than blood

Rip you tear you
Peeling your flesh to the core
Crave you need you
Your taste leaves us wanting much more

Chew you eat you
Savoring every small bite
Own you crush you
Night after night after night


Master of disguise move unseen
Shadow on the night silent hunter
Appetite arroused by the smell of your fear
Driven by desire instinct and hunger
And I will survive while you die

In your slow demise mercy denied
Bitter is the taste of your last breath
Choking on a bite from the apple of eden
Victim of my lies deceit and betrayal

Shed my skin steal your soul
Again and again from the birth of time

Steal your soul shed my skin
Over and over until the end of time

Look into the eyes of fate
Destiny you can't escape
Precious life that you now chase
Slips away as you're erased

Seasons come and seasons go
What will come you'll never know
Future is a mystery
For this lock there is no key

So you pray but I say it's too late

Running from the hands of doom
Crawling back into the womb
Look of horror on your face
Feeble human wasting space

Time has come to say goodbye
Live a life lived in a lie
Your tomorrow is now gone
The devil incarnate lives on


Well I can't get it off my mind
Said I just can't seem to leave it behind
And it haunts me 'til this very day
And I don't think it's ever gonna go away
Cause the people yes the common people
They be knowing this shit is real
Having a good time
Ain't committing no crime
Innocent victims
Pushed to the red line

We'll put you people into a line
Interrogate you mind rape you one at a time
Don't say a word shut up and obey
Your opinion doesn't matter to us anyway
Cause the more that you resist
Is the quicker you make the list
Making your own choice
Playing with the big boys
Pushing us too far
Gonna make a lot of noise

So don't forget the day
The people had something to say
Retribution is underway
Disturbing the peace


I need someone to live for
Something to die for
Because this crazy life
Is getting to me
Don't want to play the part
Of a man with a broken heart
Somebody help me find a way
To release the aggression inside

It's so cold in this lonely room
Sitting around thinking of you
And I'm alone just talking to myself
Trying to find the answer but to no avail

Never moving
Never changing

Blank stares at the blank walls
Drill a deep hole in my empty soul

Never moving
Never changing

Life is just a game they say
And what if I don't want to play no more
Such a high price to pay
Come inside or get away from that door

We've got to make a change
We got to rearrange
Because this stagnant life
Is getting to me
Like a river must flow
It's time to let myself go
Nobody made me choose the life
I chose to live anyway

Forever moving
Forever changing

Blank stares at the blank walls
Drill a deep hole in my empty soul

Forever moving
Forever changing


(No lyrics available)


Guilty of no crime
Not enough yet too much time
I'm burning in this hell
Plans to buy and dreams to sell

Sitting by myself
Living life and loving life
But something bothers me
What to do - I can't believe

I'm bored
Life it's not so fair
Nothing here and nothing there
I'm waiting constantly
It's not the way life's meant to be

Boredom starts to set
I try so hard but it's all I get
Keep waiting all the time
I think I've reached
The end of the line

I'm bored


Strangers beware but come if you dare
You've entered their sacred domain
Keep to yourself or with them you'll be dealt
The thrashers will put you to shame

Fight for your life but you have not a chance
Violence runs in their blood
Tear you apart as they rip out your heart
You've come to the wrong neighborhood

kill as one

Come take a chance in the unholy dance
Where blood on your face is a treat
Dive off the stage your mind filled with rage
You're lucky to land on your feet

Jocks come along and they think they're so strong
Looking to start up a fight
They don't play fair jocks outnumbered and scared
Death will occur on this night

kill as one