Veni Domine

Spiritual Wasteland tracks


1. Dawn Of Time

[Music / Lyrics by Torbjærn Weinesjæ]

In the darkness of the alley
Speaks the silence of the grave
But the eyes of my spirit
See the shades that seek the brave

The demons haunt the innocence
Of the souls once astray
Tortured by the face of darkness
In hope to fail their way

Death is all around
Been there since the dawn of time

Hear the pounding of the secrets
That is buried deep inside
Like the tales deep in the sacred
That spread diseases wide

Fatal is the shape of him
Who is waiting at the shrine
Serving us the fruit of knowledge
Stolen since the dawn of time

I want to see
Those of you who long to be free
I've seen the one
No need to cry
He will dry the tears from your eyes
With a steady hand
He will lead you to the promised land

Death is all around
Been there since the dawn of time
There is murder in the air
Been there since the dawn of time

2. Last Letter From Earth: Beyond The Doom (Chapter 2)

[Music / Lyrics by Fredrik Ohlsson]

Days of fear
He was rising in the deepest of crisis
So unexpected as a bringer of order
He puts his name up in the highest of places
A new emperor took over

I saw the time - the mirror of the prophecies
I saw the crime - the vanishing democracies

Once a dream
I saw the world recieved the signs from his vision
So calculated with a great privity
And no one dared to turn the face from his mission
"Rise against the Trinity"

Tha nations fall - affected by his miracles
I heard the call - the idol and the rituales

The name remained the same
There I saw the face of the antichrist
Blessed were those found
The answer
Sheltered from the bound of the antichrist
Well disguised

Lost was the world by his blasphemous name
Throwing its shadow of sorrow and pain

I was alone with all the answers why
Cried on my own, saw all nations die
Souls grew so cold, darkened by times of fear
Things I was told made me see things so clear
The end was near

The martyr was my role
A promise to my soul, "reviel the antichrist"
So well disguised - he hypnotized
The world was mesmerized

3. If I Fall Asleep

[Music / Lyrics by Torbjærn Weinesjæ]

These walls are made of glass
Not concrete as they seems
What is wrong with this picture

Behold a gilded frame
Conceals the life within
How is it that no one ever sees

The depth of the colour of the blood red heart
Yet always sees the mask

Who sees behind your eyes
The thoughts that dwell within
The man behind the name
Is like the dead walking

If I fall asleep
Will I wake up in a brand new eden
Where water falls make the only noise I'll know

The heart is far away
Where life begins and ends
With a longing far stronger than failures left behind

Time is for healing
Blending past within future hopes
Performing is every thing
Yet slowly westward sinking

If I fall asleep
Will I wake up in a brand new eden
Where water falls make the only noise I'll know
Watch me fall asleep
I don't mind what ever you see
The golden halls of eden call within

The eyes of the world are watching your back
Wispers in silence the things that you lack
Twisted the souls, of those who bring it into light
The warmth of their hearts like a cold winter night

Watch me fall asleep...

4. Hysterical History

[Music / Lyrics by Fredrik Ohlsson]

From a static view
One password
Enter, and proceed
Pale light
Burns my starring eyes
I'm inside
A new reality

The world is like a spinning wheel
Of high technology
I have lost my sense to feel
What is haunting... me?

Under knowledge of
Defeated by machine
Change me
Is there a living God
To save me
From synthetic dreams?

Hysterical years of madness
Artificial tears of sadness

The world is like a spinning wheel...

The system tells me what to think
Solution is mind control
Undress my values through the "link"
A life beyond recall

The world is like a spinning wheel
Of high technology
Lost in a vision so unreal
Some one, hear me!

5. Riddle Of Eternity

[Music / Lyrics by Torbjærn Weinesjæ]

I stand and watch the sea
The storm is watching me
I know the end is near
Yet I don't feel the fear

I see the face of an ancient king

I stand and close my eyes
As the world hears my sighs
My friends, now enemies
My case is clear to see

The storm that came this day was no surprise
The book of life revealed before my eyes

Alone I stand when all is gone
Riddle of eternity
Alone I stand, it's the sign of the times
Alone I stand when all is gone
Riddle of eternity

I stand and hear what's said
I see one shake his head
He's not wearing a crown
So I watch him drown

His fall, a thorn in my side, I cry

What would you do
If your eyes grew darkened
For what you had chosen to see
If you knew what would happen
Wich sights would you chose
Or just say it can't happen to me
Is it that we live in a dream
'Cause the real world is too frightening to see
Is the price too high to pay today
So we'll wait 'till tomorrow
To see if we can barter us free

So we sleep like a child
So we sleep like a child
So we sleep

6. The Tempel

[Music / Lyrics by Torbjærn Weinesjæ]

Somewhere there's a gathering
In a place where time exist
The aisle of finest marble
And walls of purest gold

Be quiet don't speak
Hear the silence whispering the secrets
Hear the walls echo dreams from the past

Be still, your in the temple
Of Gods spirit, try to understand
Whispers straight to the heart

Precious is the time you give
Precious is the life you live
Cleanse your soul, your thoughts
They will revive, so alive
Thoughts they will revive

The walls are still speaking
Telling no lies
In the temple
The walls are still screaming
Open your eyes
In the temple

Be quiet don't speak
You are in the temple, time to learn to breathe
Portrait the saviour, there's a crown to receive

Lock the door, toss the key
The fool of death, down on his knees
Wants to pray, wants to stay
Don't let him in
His lounge could easily sweep you away

Act with dignity
You're an heir to the King of kings
Who's message you bear deep down within

Sweet as honey is the fruit of life
Sweet as honey, bitterness will lie
Fill your halls with jewels that never die
Jewels that never die

7. Someone Is Knocking

[Music / Lyrics by Fredrik Ohlsson]

It's been one day or two
I can't really remember
Watching the world alone
Behind my iron curtain

Waiting for the silence
Protected, safe from violence

Through streets made of stone
Souls cry, dies beyond
Knowledge of the quest
Where grief comes to rest

Poor life spins the thread
Things remain unsaid

Despising my sorrow, this life I have chosen
In fear of what could be

Sometimes I'm aware
Of someone standing close to me
A presence, one caress
Who knows my loneliness

Someone is knocking on my door
Someone is knocking on my door

It's been one day or two
I can't really remember
In hope the masses rise
But who's the hand that guide them

Longing for reliance

This frightened soul of mine
Turns wistful in the sight of grace
The presence, the caress
Will make my heart confess

Someone is knocking on my door
Someone, a serpent from before
Yet someone, the lament for the poor
Just one, will rise and one will fall
Someone is knocking on my door

8. Silent Lamb

[Music / Lyrics by Torbjærn Weinesjæ]

I'm distressed to keep the pace
With cold synthetic ways
Of the human race

I seek a place to rest my mind
Who's the guide, I'm blind
Truth is hard to find

I saw his face
Was sweating blood
The pain was there
A King they tought would fail the test
A crown of thorns
Tears blend with blood
A silent lamb tormented by the ones he loved

I fear the truth to be my fall
I hear the wise man call
Where's my place in it all

I've seen the fields of slaughtered souls
Friends I used to know
Seeds that couldn't grow

I saw his face
Was sweating blood
A silent lamb tormented by the ones he loved

Such a long time ago
But still it makes me shiver
Just the thought of it all
All the time he knew
But who would believe
So alone in his thoughts
He took our disbeliefs
Nailed them to the wood
He gave his life for you and me

The scares went deep
Down to his soul
For you and me a silent sacrificial lamb

9. 1:st Of Ten

[Music / Lyrics by Torbjærn Weinesjæ]

I see your anger
I see your fear
Time will slowly fade away the youth you hold so dear

You're six feet under
And still you breathe
Lines that crawl across your face will ruin your faith in what you need

I am the lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt
Out of the land of slavery, you shall have no other gods before me

Holy Father, eye to eye, teach me wisdom, how to fly
Holy Father, mend my wing, a touch of heaven, you will bring

May be so, it's clear, the way to heaven, or is it fear
Say the name, there is no pain, just say the name

Time stands still... awaiting
One breath controls the ocean
Time stands still... in silence
Lord of all

Cash is growing
In paradise
Hold your breath and place your bet then just roll the dice

No more excuses
No empty lies
For the one who fooled the world death is singing lullabies

I trade my soul for what you sell
I fill my heart right from your well

You say you're wiser
Stories you tell
Focused on the credit cards not on heaven and hell

Your wish is fortune
Your wish is fame
Worshipping hearts, in search for the meaning
False prophets knows the ways of stealing
Treasure hunt in the maze of life
Sliced by the edge of the knife

10. The Letter