80,000 Dead

St. Mary's Virus tracks



Was every thought a sin, or just a fallacy,
With everyone just fighting for life?
You tear my life in two, you tear my life in two.
My life, for which I fight now, My soul, for which
I fight now.
I will not, bow to your will.
A follower no more, your kingdom will fall before your eyes. As you fall, your kingdom rots,
Before your eyes, and crumbles.
Thy tormentor, the time has come, to burn.
Across a barren wasteland, you turned your back on all.
This place, has become, desolate
In the name of your greed.
This is a fucking revolution.
This is a call to vengence.
You crawl away from everything you made us stand for.
Now your kingdom lies in pieces.
We've torn apart this empire, across your grave.
This collapse of empire, is imminent.
This is a fucking revolution.
This is a call for vengence.
You crawl away from all you've made us stand for.
Everyday, you're dragged into a dark oblivion.


Drain me for all i'm worth.
For everystep i take, you push me back two.
This system is so fucked, fucked by the greed in your eyes.
You take back everything, that you let us earn.
All for the dollar.
How many families will you burn?
How many people will you burn?
How families will you burn?
How many families, will you burn?
Empty my pockets.
For all the greed you have, i cannot fill it all.
I'm torn apart, I stand empty.
How many lives will you delete?
How many families will you burn?
No longer.
We live in poverty no longer.
Call out to your wicked saints,
For your greed has started a war you cant finish.
How longer will you lead with your greed?
How longer will we live in poverty? No longer.
This rage is channelled at your greed.
But you have started your own holy war.
This is a war you cannot win upon yourself.
Your greed is a weakness.
This is a war.




Now our recent fate has been borrowed.
Taking everything.
But I am taking back your freedom.
You will not be heard, a day apart.
Loyalty? i will cast out your life.
Loyalty? taken away from me.
The new day, there is an enemy.
What will you take away from me?
What will you, take from me?
What has been taken?
What was, taken from me?
Mine enemy. What has been taken from me?
Fuck you.
I will fight you with every ounce of strength.
I will be your hope.
I'll take you down with me.
I will fight you, with every ounce of strenth that i have.
There will be no hope, i'll take you down with me.
Thine enemy, I am everlasting, Murder by design.
I will resist this ailment, you're free now.