States of Liberating Departure tracks



In the early stages,
Choices must be made.

Trust or suspicion?
Constant doubts
To build thoughts.
Harmful or safe?
To build existence.

Determine what is spiritually possible
For all forthcoming experiences.

Feel the passion and desire flowing a river.
Pride as basic pathway.


Light will disappear in the end.
High pressure augmenting.
Coldness and heat.
Elementary sensations.
A journey so long yet short.
Beginning of the tunnel

Liberate the ego,
Dawn of energy,
Survival activation.


Forming behaviours.
Awakening completed.

Submissive or dominant.

Aggressiveness released.
Freedom through wrath.

Or struggle.


Deities and demons...
Infernal and fighting.
Of all the visions..

Protected from the chaos,
anxiety has disappeared,
Master of serenity,
Correct selections done,
Unshackled trip,
Capable of carrying on.

A life like territory,
Partly unexplored,
Towards elevation,
And self illumination.

Delivered from dread,
Into the emotional balance.


Back to the world in three dimensions,
Made of animal reactions,
Constructing the wealth of the mind,
troubled by mankind.

Learning from reality,
To achieve derterity,
Rejecting clumsiness,
And other forms of blindness.

Controled predictions,
Generating inventions,
Out of the environment,,
Setting aside all torments.

A conception of the universe,
Above mediocrity,
Against inferiority.

Attaining knowledge,
Helped by hallucinations,
Increased perceptions.

Aim of the soul...
Structured beliefs...
Imaginary myths...
Real or unreal...
Nothing holy....
Beyond the body...
Close to wisdom...
Differentiate from lies...

Conceiving time,
Surrounding logic,
Artifacts and systems,
Symbolic awareness.


To evolve in tribes,
Social affrontment.

Introduction to transgression.
Pleasure of the flesh and soul.

Establish customs,
Moral and immortal,
A mind free of illegalities,
Everything under will.

Broken vows from the past,
Constituting everlasting ethics.

Discovering an unknown radiance,
Through recurrent ecstasies
Orgasms without restriction,
To break habitual boundaries.

Primitive but enriching mating,
Love only exists through sex,
Consciousness now making,
Disintegration of guilt.

Culture must be transmitted
Across the streams of aeons,
reproduction is unnecessary,
No shame to drown in sin.

No trust in others,
The sign of maturity.

Objectivity so pure,
A control on destiny,
Realizing into quietness,
That divinities are falsehood.

The rules are concentric then,
Embodied in sexual transcendence.


Reprogram the mind,
To know it perfectly,
Encompassing all cells.

Excited nervous system,
Happiness and sadness are merged
In a voluntary contraction.

Dominate the emotions,
In sensory rapture,
Humble and high.

Liberty is near,
Satisfaction is never total,
But bring to superior levers.

In a decadent free fall,
Chemical delight,
Taste strong desires,
Outburst of senses,
Erotic whirl,
lust glorified.

Multidimensional glee,
Overlooking the spacetime continuum.

Spiritual possessiveness,
Hungry and thirty for the void.

Detached from the world so dull,
To live in somatic hedonism...

Somatic hedonism....


Full of contempt.
What is needless must be ignored.

Murder is natural component of terrestrial life,
No grief to kill any kind of living creatures,
Even family and other human circles.

Death and famine are a motivation,
Intoxicating any form of vitality,
A mediation so futile,
A nonexistent exit.

Independent from other patterns,
On top of the previous adjustments,
Decisions are made instinctively,
Standard doctrines put appart.
Like telepathy
An own fate,
To foresee.

To decide coincidences
No luck or misfortune.

Instead of complaining,
Power and creativity.

A pictorious mental battle,
Immunity to normality.

Now eyes can see
An electric destiny.


Out of the body,
Close to the white light,
The cycle continues,
An impression of immortality.

Without importance.
In harmony...
Guided by hatred.

Facing the nightmares,
In a virtual Hell.

Genetic memory under way,
Past lives surfacing,
Allegories of wisdom,
Magic created by the soul,
Understanding that after all,
This is fully illusory.

Against the collective unconscious,
The spirit is raised above all.

Evolution depends on this,
Not on the randomness.

A universe so blind and impersonal,
Below an individual enlightenment.

Sanity is abstract,
No other judge than the mind.

Whatever happens,
Uncertainly vanishing,
Pain is meaningless,
The mastery is unbounded.

The ways to superiority,
Trailed as if they were,
Bloody rivers.


Free from dogmas and theories,
To attain the supreme liberation,
The intellect rose and fell
After a life deprived of contrition.

The clear light must be extinguished,
To eliminate reality and dreams,
Intentional rejection of reincarnation,
To break the wheel rebirth.

To be psychic is not supernatural,
With practice and experiment.

The highest scepticism,
To gain the greatest purity,
An intergalactic consciousness,
Before the definitive departure.

Abortion of the astral projection,
To end the sojourn with alien entities.

I am my own god and overlord,
Enlightened by darkness and death.

Quantum acquaintance,
Let each atom return to nothingness.

Chaos theory,
Destroy a world constantly in flux.

When everything has been done,
When hope is forever gone,
Its time to get to the black hole,
To dissolve my life as a whole.

Do not underestimate,
The power of the spirit,
But do remember
That each particle is mortal.

And the last state leads me
To my atomic demise.