Axis Of Advance

Strike tracks



Earliest relevant records recall
An eastern double isle
It ended in the 2nd global war
It was the beginning of the earth sun era

The world would never be the same
Devastation, war and plague
When it was over, order never came
Kingdoms 'united' under a fallous blue flag

Cold countries lived in fear
Global conflict ever near
Although militarily inactive
The 3 largest nations plotted to ruin each other

The new land to the west, the old world in the centre
And the eastern plane: three incompatible societies

Idealogy the reason, the new and old lands fought
No blood was shed, but a weapons race procured
All eyes turned to these great powers
To maintain the balance of peace

No attention was paid to the eastern plane
Thought backwars, it was ignored

Revolution caused the old kingdom's fall and collapse
The new land declared itself the victor

But the weapons, naturally, still remained
And a northern alliance passed as law
The world saw unprecedented growth
In the east, mistrusting and scared men picked up their arms

My father is said to have seen the whole thing
The great death that was soon to come

The now delicate structure of stability soon fell
The fallen kingdom of old tried to make eastern amends
Peace may have lasted two weeks and one day
But the new land simply couldn't wait

Rows of earth suns burned, the sky turned black
No society survived the 2-day attack


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A hamlet lord had taken me in
He was an elder lacking kin
His wing was mentorous and protective
The celestial erudition he was about to share

As a boy i'd learned much on my own
Recognizing pre-war signs and dialects
But Lord Elmreckt was a master intellectual
Capable of feats unproven by science

The first step: to understand the fear
To control the reflexes of mental lapse
Following this: the medicinary state
Where expanding the mind is possible by the use of linear projection

And for long months, I listened, practiced and learned
My mind's eye has transcended the scars of the earth
My awareness immense, my instincts now honed
Lord Elmreckt and I were tapping into the unknown

And oh, the sight and the sound!
Like a billion explosions, but black and calm
And this alleged continuum of space and time?
It is not at all like what is said in thr old world's books

"Quiet" he said, "We are travelling at a humungous speed
Down an unchartable quarter of the astral sleet"
It was so intense that I felt death grip me
Toy with me, follow me and then let me go

Apparition: "There is a land far away across the violent sea
9000 solsti have passed since a dying and unearthly race
Tried to cultivate there. It is important that their work is completed.
Not for their sake, but for yours

What is this... strange four legged creatures hoofing through desert lands
Gigantic triangular structures... bizarre glyphs... and a...
An opening for life of the universal nucleus


Needles piercing my frame from all directions
Body thrashing, head collapsing, pressure building
Paralyzing fear and helplessness like nothing seen before

All my life passes by in a tiny flicker
Was it real, all I feel, or all I felt is changing fast
Faster, faster, pulling me down pushing me up all at once

Vision accelerated one million fold
I see all my father's dreams
My mother dying in a cave
My body growing, my mind expanding
Too much knowledge, not enough knowledge

Brought to bear, the truths surrounding the soul
A destiny presented itself to me
No thought is necessary now
I will go to this earthly place to gain unearthly strength

Egypt, Egypt, Egypt
From the vortex land Elmreckt and I returned
Our land looks so ordinary and old
There is nothing here to quench my new thirst
The lord and I bid each other farewell and separate
I now must find transportation to that far away dark continent


Before arrival, the shores of Europa were seen
I tested that land, saw things I could not believe
Devastation and gloom, the humans ground into the soils
Children stacked in piles, bodies used for coal

Although in chaos, a government had control
A Germanic old world army, allied with the south
The eastern plane was still a threat
War continued periodically with weekly air raids

Fully aware of my calling for death
I left that place and made well south
The deserts here were full of the sounds
Of nothing short of the planet's final breath (breathe)

"10,000 years ago, 5 huge pyramids were created
In the resemblance of the hunter's constellation
...A constallation which consists of 7 suns"

Two more structures must be built
To complete the portal
Left by the dying un-earthly race
This task is not possible without the
Culmination of many hands
Slaves are an option I would employ
If the power was at my disposal

Fucking mad

I must be a fool for coming this far
On hope alone, my voyage was for nothing
My hate radiated viciously
But it is never alone... I feel someone else's near

After a fit of hopeless rage I track the scent
Hate of this kind is rare in a man
I'm closer now, a figure is before me
Astonishingly, it is but a boy of ten!

"Tell me son, what is thy name"

My throat tightened from this just reward
A bond had been created from the dust of the world
The plan can now be embarked on
Carried out and finalized

This child has a gift that I can't quite control
And it would be useful when properly handled
His ability was manipulation of telekinetic properties

As time can mend, time will destroy
Indecipherable words carved by hands dissimilar to mine
But the calling was made and it's purpose will serve
The end of all mankind is the word

Formulae determine water demands
As Ouodo grows, his efficiency shines
The pressures fall and hydrogen ox paves the way

Stones of this size can be simple to move as the topography dictates the easiest route
4 year pass and the pyramid south is completed

The sign will live on

"It is known that heaven on earth as it was intended
Will not transpire without the actual destruction of it"

The final structure must be built to complete the portal
Left by the dying unearthly race
This task now possible without
A many handed culmination
The solution is worth the inadvertent
Atmospheric disturbances


Interference in my plans
Has come from an unpredicted source
Construction of the number 2 is off schedule
Ouodo's performance lacks
His mind is incapable of focus
For a female has penetrated his cognitivity

My age and strength are weakening, as i've traveled so far and hard
He is the key to my immortal plunge
This distraction could put us back years and years
I won't live long enough, thus something shall be done

The girl must die
Upon myself, I place this task
Into her lair this night
Her throat will open and flow with young blood

Always an oversight
The blade hovers, yet no contact is made
Could it be that I suffer
From the same weakness as my disciple?

Contact is finally made
However, it is not from the knife
Oddly, there is no resistance (typical)

After I left, there was a horrible flow
Of energies in transfer that i've never known
(Surely) Ouodo could feel these also
The girl would be killed
My action has created the opposite of the desired effect

The Germans have established a system of interstellar travel
Light-years away, a planet is being colonized by humans

Transports use the fuel, mined in this region
To propel these immense vessels of sanctuary
Ouodo will board one to escape the family
Who will hunt him down for the murder of that whore

I watch a craft take off
Now shattered, my place is lost
My age and my health
I must compromise with machinery

Depression soon sets in
My half completed structure lies dormant
I watch the lights on my new body
Which should allow me to exist for a while longer

With the power i've painstakingly attained
My work must now proceed
Although at a far slower pace
Ouodo's brother, Reddohba, takes over the labour


Alone at last to see
From dream-state to reality
The power to nix the sphere
Assured destruction now complete

Gone, but not gone
I've seen it coming all along
A vow I made so long ago
In truth, I wish i'd know nothing more

The writings were my fate
The remainder of life was a lie

"This is a chance to transform"
A calling known to be reacted to
"Into the grandest form of all matter"
Results far surpassing the expected
"A light source at the axis of a system"
Omnipotence beyond man's train of thought
"Your self and your brothers of old will live on"
Myself and the elder gods are one

Together as one to watch
The lines of the earth separating
The power to nix this sphere
See the humans die en masse

Gone but not gone
Useless cultures, weak ideologies
Giant waves and earthquakes
Flatten the shaking ground


Seen from my throne high in the sky
Some try to hide underground
Others cower in the iron domes
That protected them from Ra

"Run for shelter, hide from the blast!"
Send them straight to hell, make their pain the basis for this storm
"Women and children and men alike!"
Sniff the sweet reek of death
Like so many before, but none left to come
"The further we go, the longer we'll last"
Pitiful remnants of hope make my task all the more amiable
"We're all going to die!"
A whisp of my hand, and it's gone
Only the moon remains


Triumph of my will
All the thought and skill
For a sacrifice
Everlasting night

And the sword and shield
Only the dying wield
Eternal reel of realms
"I" am now "We" and we move on