Symbiosis tracks





With the I'll premeditated inception of a forbidden junction, thoroughly dissect man's aesthetic capacity to cultivate destruction.
Corporeal makers have condoned all ramifications and doomed our dimensions.
Reviled are those who choose to metamorphose.
Fixed frames are imperiled by the amalgamation of the inferior arthropod with the superior human being.
Witness sapience wane as we clinch the fashion of chitinous exoskeletons.
If the author of perfection is responsible for the conception of multifarious vermins, does that make such divine Creator a monster?
Whether wrought by higher grace or shaped by nameless energy, only humanity can be held liable for its calloused achievements.
We are the vile chief denizens and catalysts of our own consumption; the ones proliferating in ruin.

The eradication of subsistence will be realized by our own hands.


Vindictive hands have embraced the oceans before, but the shores had never recoiled so desperately.
Entrenched in several principles of the ancients, but primarily twisted by a more cruel modern topography.

The pure will enable the full embodiment of pestilences.
Zephyrs avow the notion of widespread catastrophe.
Clouds of tragedy and calamity extend throughout the lands.
While some are weak and futile, others remain resolute within plateaus of extreme pessimism.

Alarmed the cosmos pray amidst bleak auroras, in hope of crimson tomorrows for mankind.
We're like an epidemic that seeks to expand beyond its terrestrial bounds.
We will become a universal plague if we thrive afar from our margins.
A mother will ingest the wine of her disemboweled sons, but their remains will not suffice to cleanse her filthy loams.

We're like an epidemic that seeks to expand beyond its terrestrial bounds.

We will become a universal plague if we thrive afar from our margins.


Betwixt the furrows of senescent hands, blemishes remain etched to tell of myriad triumphs.
Monoliths stand elevated to bear testament of grandeur, but, like flesh and all physical things, they will fade.
At dawn the greatest splendor prevails but for a moment to emphasize that only change is everlasting.
When the hourglass is inverted and the wretched have passed, will descendants peddle the burden of those before them?
Time has witnessed copious hierarchies rise and fall; adaptations of previous thoughts will continue to thrive and perish.
In immutable flux this is an endless cycle, it's how we are eternal.




The burnished, metallic gears transmitted torques and the cerulean plasma infected the skylines as they departed.
The mortars of the firmaments snarled as stewards ceased to sojourn over the orb of parched bitumen.

Behold the majestic exodus of sacrosancts, the meek elites of amethyst garments.
The crystal bodies no longer coalesced and chaos did not reign like in primordial wasteland.
The ambivalent anima of a once substantial, but now decayed structure barely resonated through the black veils of the nearly desiccated rifts.
Messenger coils had perished long before mountains plunged and glaciers thawed and evaporated.
Her autonomy was never subservient, but her beauty was always vulnerable.
Upon the scarlet moon, our bereavement was silent.
In recollections her splendor will remain untouched.
Through bitter voids, revered vagrants now wend in hunt for unsullied, verboten paradise to despoil.
Boundless, extraterrestrial deserts are not of lands christened barren.
Unfamiliar, desolate realms define places for the brave to flourish.
The keepers of the testaments till a flawless design: future dwellings vehemently founded upon misleading wisdom.
Cocooned the children will be in the faith of a disingenuous manger.
The states of hell will be reincarnated.
Oh Gliese, your heavens will be ephemeral, but also worth being cherished.
Deflowered you'll be, swiftly and unrelentingly.
Their hands will not be gentle when you are deflagrated.
In recollections your spirit will remain untouched.


Human beings are disgusting creatures.

By the apex of alien hills, sacred abodes sought to emanate newly shaped paradigms.
A relentless reign prematurely assisted the interruption of symbiosis amongst cohorts and foreigners.
The guillotines were marshaled, disposed to decapitate virgins that desired to copulate unholingly.
Their blades were whetted as if to sever all burgeoning thistles once known, much like the earliest of misguided attempts to hinder the spring indefinitely.
In this kingdom, judgment was sheathed by the ignorance of a wicked people.
The ones empowered by gods could not have been seen as the culprits.
In this land, the fiends were not supernatural, but mortal architects knew well to manipulate and incriminate the abstract.There were no quarters for selflessness in this new world.
Now watch as all the surfaces are scorched.This is not the apocalypse your prophets admonished you of.
The branches wail as the flamboyant terebinths acquiesce to fiery torture.
In this hellish realm, affliction is replicated through the cracked eyeballs of the soon to be deceased.
The feet of man will no longer interpret the ground's arrays of simultaneous biotic emissions.
The ashes will garnish the soil in innocuous synchronization.




Depict your gods and I will summarize your wretched ways.
Through complex patterns I have quantified archetypes.

Our fears have denounced the nature of emphasis on eternal punishments.
The foundations of opulent, celestial utopias are not distant from our realms.
In the traditions of mortals I have found the essence of selfish civilizations.
I will not succumb to spherical egocentricity.
Purge and oppress the lives of those, who like yourselves, possess the aptitude to concoct deductions.
Your redeemers are advocates of humility: philanthropists for rape and debauchery.
I will not partake in narcissistic idolatry.
Slaughter and afflict the ones, who like yourselves, claim to have clasped the light of true belief.
Your saviors are sponsors of virtue: protagonists of cataclysmic genocide and depravity.
Regard the mirrors that elucidate the abomination your deities epitomize.
Through visages of contradictions behold your christs disfigured.
Craft not the defilement of certainty with foolish attempts to personify absolute divinity.


When pastures are liberated from the graze of locusts, golden horizons will reveal vestiges of decaying monuments.
In oceans of ephemerality we seek to become imperishable.
In streams of eternity our immortality is fleeting.
When this life fades I'll be at rest, for I'll have detached myself from my worthless legacies.

I have cherished my possessions and I have forsaken simplicity: materialization of the spiritual and spiritualization of the material.
I hope they sear the pillars and great walls of my Alexandria.
We waste our days assembling vast shrines upon disbanding sands. Our greatest accomplishments consist of having conquered empires of stone.

When this life fades I'll be at rest. "All the glory in the world can be gathered in a grain of corn."
Within the illusion of reality and the reality of an illusion, constellations remain invisible but not nonexistent.
Let's build a sphinx of meaning that never weathers.