Ultimatum (USA)

Symphonic Extremities tracks



Together in the likeness of his death,
Look for his appearing until my last breath,
Knowing the old man is crucified,
Hell and the grave are now denied.
Reckon yourselves dead unto sin, alive in Christ,
Salvation through him, sin shall not have it’s domain,
Grace is the one that shall remain.

The truth I bring to you in song,
No poser words to steer you wrong,
Symphonic extremities,
To guide you where you ought to be.
They sing of hate, death and decay,
Who is the one you will obey,
whether of sin and unto death or of obedience and righteousness.
Device of death we will not be,
Wwe give an answer to Christ you see,
we offer you an alternative,
We don’t just take, we want to give.



The sanctity of life is only sacred when it fits into the description, the description that I give it. I play a little game, a game it’s called GOD. I’m a merciless killer in a doctor’s facade. Read a Holy Book, just the other day. Said God breathed life into, into this little babe. If but for the Rolls and the mortgage payment, this life would not have to be, to be brutally ended.

Killing Field in a land of corruption.
This land will be judged because of abortion.
Help us to see the blood on our hands,
Bring down conviction upon our land.
Conscious is seared by the almighty dollar.
Now only the mother will have to live with this terror.
If only she knew what, what her baby died for,
She would not have allowed this life to be torn.
Our land is filled with moral distortion;
Our babies are dying from this evil corruption.
Hear the cry of our children to thee,
Lord forgive us for these, for these sins we please.



Rape your mind till you’re spiritually blind.
Cults twist the truth into clever lies.
Deceiving even God’s holy elite.
The god they serve will bring their defeat.
When black becomes white and white becomes black,
you can read the Word but still deny that Christ came down in the form of flesh,
God incarnate to taste a bitter death.

Black Light,
Blind Sight,
Black Light,
Black Light.
His Word is clear, 1 Corinthians 15, if Christ did not rise your faith is in vain.
He rose from the grave to give us new life but they reject Him and bask in black light.

Rape your mind till you’re spiritually blind.
Cults twist the truth into clever lies.
Deceiving even God’s holy elite.
The god they serve will bring their defeat.
The god of this world has blinded their eyes.
Satan comes as an angel of light.
Teaching lies to itching ears.
Doctrines of death are all that they hear.



My soul cries out to do God’s will, but my flesh it longs to sin.
A battle that’s raging deep within but to sin I won’t give in.
Sin can’t have it’s grip on me cause Jesus death has set me free.
A vessel of flesh I might be but Christ’s Spirit strengthens me.

Break the grip of my will, sinful flesh I must kill.
Break the grip of binding sin when to Christ you give in.
Do you live in tomb of your will, sin is a deceiver seeking to kill.

Your soul will find rest in God alone, invite Him inside, put Him on the throne.
Jesus broke the chains of binding sin,
Ask forgiveness and acceptance from Him.
He will break the grip that binds your soul.
He’ll return the joy the devil stole.


My soul cries out to do God’s will.



Even as Herod slaughtered the innocent.
So our world is twist and bent.
Our freedom to choose is what they say,
But what will they say on Judgement Day.
Even as Sodom and Gomorrah gave in,
So our world is now deep in sin.
Give us our rights is what I hear,
But Hell is what they should fear.

Megaton! Won’t even compare!
Megaton! To Hell’s great flare!
Megaton! Won’t even compare! Megaton!
To eternal nightmare!

Even as Pilot washed his hands, so it is in our land.
We’re not responsible for what we say,
Yet children are dying every day.
Even as Satan tempted our Lord,
So our world twists God’s word.
All roads are good is what they say,
But Jesus said He is the way!