Tejano Tour tracks



The embodiment of a quixotic being
A vortex has sent an ambitious emanation
To define noble deeds I pursue unfeigned might
Through an immeasurable space of aimless time

We will exist for all ages mankind will flee
Though mountains falter and dry are seas
The mission is never ending for our quandan entity
Manifest imperial strength until your extinction

Since the dawn of time we were magnanimous
Galaxies are born and the universe will die
Our prescence is felt throughout the Cryptic Aeon

Can’t refuse our benevolent existence
A force greater than hurricanes
Wicked are many whose God is in the heavens
For we will take their faith
And scatter their dogma


We gather together with murder on our minds
Nuns are the target Religion is the crime
Driven by lust and deep-seeded resent
Tonight we go and raid the convent

We have come to kill We have come to rape
No one survives No one escapes
Corralling the victims Mephisto grins
This unholy night The massacre begins

Raid the Convent
Avenging all the ghouls and witches
Raid the Convent
Condemned by these fucking bitches
Raid the Convent
The attack on Catholicism
Raid the Convent
Assailants propagate the schism

The stains of blood from those we brutalize
Adorn the goats and oxen that we ride
We leave the churchyard and start back to the woods
The master cackles as evil conquers good

The onslaught is over The ambush is done
The headless corpses Decapitated nuns
The black white and puddles of red
This flock of cunts is now fucking dead

Raid the Convent now


The mass is over the night is done
Time to reap our rewards
The stench is sweet the burning lust
Brought forth by our Lord

Heat is rising souls are dying
By Lucifer's sword
Ride to hell your Lord has fell
Ride to Hell... on the wings of Satan

Now I am free from mortal chains
Forever living in sin
Taking chances with destiny
The only way you'll win
Mayhem, torture, darkness and pain

Let the Holocaust begin