Acrania (UK)

The Beginning of the End tracks





Gather 'round
Faceless bidders
As sickening grins
Flood the room
Cheque books
At the ready
We'd like to present to you

A deadly cocktail of mind control and
Psychological warfare
Chemicals shoved down the throat
And sleeping into the skin
Psychological inceptions
Overthrown nations
Oppressive creations
With the blood of the innocent dashed on top all
Sold to the highest bidder
To be enjoyed
Under the illusion of grandeur
Just keep on buzzing
Blind in your ignorance
Just keep on chasing paper
We're enthroned as kings under the light

Of an entire population's ignorance
What are you blind?
You pathetic cunts

Next up for auction is a machine race with depraved minds
Unknowingly enslaved our methods ensure their mass distraction while we're
Retching heaving promises
Painting a portrait for the public
Can I start the bidding at a price tag worthy of a carefully thought out termination of a healthy portion of their un...
Awakened lives
That we may reign as gods

Forever more

Listen up now
We have spent years dominating
Over humanity
So get back to finacing the dying economy
Take a look at this celebrity
Isn't she pretty
As she smiles with grill
Don't look at this auction of depravity
With the buying and selling
Of humanity
Take a look at humanity
Aren't we clever
As we shun each other for a system
Cast your unscathed eyes aside
Why not just carve them out because we have our first bid
Critical structures fall clinically
The second bid
Unspoken numbers surely die
Upon the third bid
Their souls are callously fed to the jaws of the beast
As religios belief controls the weak
Under a polluted skyline insufficient
Awoken minds get ridiculed and branded with insanity
While most behave like sheep
Running circles in the street saying work work work
All whilst we accept our fourth bid
Force feeding you war and famine and disease and
Detrimental in conclusions
Sparking riots hailing mass
Public disorder
All whilst we commence this auction
In the confines of conspiracy

And it's all sold to the men who print the money
Along with all the requirements of life
Control the money
Control the people


Initiate the depopulation programme.

Calling all elite, corrupt and financially warped to initiate the depopulation sequence.

A manufactured raping of humanity aimed at those unfit to partake in the perpetuation of the system. The incapable will fall, the weak will fall, the servile will serve and the ignorant will remain brainwashed.

Thousands roam the streets, void of communication, forced to breathe the stale stench of disinformation.

Mass-spread hysteria, at the birth of airborn experiments.

Man-mad disease, see's the death rates rise as.... Carcasses are piled high, degrading in the pollution.

Mutating into falsity you,

Drink it, eat it, fucking inhale it. Smoke it, crave it. The populace infected with their depopulation programme.

Corpses line the street where the dictating leader had once preached his speech. A shadow painted to his face with eyes that hypnotise, charisma pouring, gushing, oozing from every fucking orafice.

Don't dare breath the air. Don't follow the herd.

Don't trust vaccinations. Examine population control techniques.

Examine population control techniques.

Examine population control.

So inconsistent are the puppets' persuasive lips.

Every word he mutters disgustingly shudders, slithers through the masses' fingertips and drips into the palm of his hand.

Trickling down the spine of evolution. Interweaving with delusions. Carried down distended passages, poisoning, sickening, infecting and crippling everything, pesticidal genetical modification... The clue is in the maker. Think about it!

Stupidity shakes hands with progression.

Polluting the lungs of all creation.

Degrading nature, treat her like some filthy whore.

Bathing in distasteful acts of inhumanity.


Gateway to the afterlife, dissolver of perceptions.
Leave behind this mortal shell. Consciousness evolving separate from the existential form.
Forget all that you know. Load the crystals into the bowl.
Heart flutters as lungs fill.

Dimensional, molecular transcendence. As your soul breaks:

Through to another dimension, there's an incredible self-transforming mass of raw and enlightening energy. Constantly evolving, twisting and turning into another realm entirely.

Pay attention!

As you transcend the brains mechanics, the illusion of time.
As you timelessly navigate this new environment, unlike anything you could ever begin to imagine.
Interconnectivity unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Impossible complexity!
You are one with everything... Everything.
Ancient secrets slither through your astral structure, glistening as they pulse with psychedelic fractals... Probing, planting.

Knowledge from a higher place, consistently ensnaring and repairing beliefs of those that have been misconceived by falsely labelled prophets preaching nonsense from a book. Instead of knowledge from a higher place, consistently ensnaring and repairing beliefs of those that have been misconcieved by falsely labelled prophets preaching nonsense from a fucking book!

Take a look around you, there lies all the secrets of the universe. Take a look around you, there lies all the secrets of the universe. Take a look around you!

What's approaching? Ancient demon, NO! Being of infinite wisdom, tentacles of energy sprawl through existence as it communicates telepathically.

Feeding emotions through the fabrics of time. Interstellar knowledge of a distant and alien origin, seeping through sacred geometry. Granting a glimpse into understanding the sequence of this eternity.

A decention; come back to your life, back to the room hands still clutching the pipe. Reborn, replenished, trapped inside: flesh, mass and matter of physical binds. What has been witnessed no language can describe!

Dimensional, molecular transcendence.


Listen as this blood stained rope is
Slowly fastened to a noose
Around your trembling cervix
Staring at the black of an execution hood
The fetid taste of fear as you gulp and swallow pride
I am but a part of a well oiled machine
That splutters death, suffocating nations
With my unique brand of financial adornment

All around the globe
Financial leaders and their puppets
Shall succumb to mass arrests
The crowd remain anonymous
Faceless behind comical masks
Their chants can be heard
From within the confines of this executioner's hood
Can you hear them scream?
They scream out that no amount of squandered wealth
Can buy you out of this
Your corpse will be strung up with the rest of your elite

You fucking faceless slave to greed
It's time for you to rot
Your status as a leader is dethroned
And now nothing can save you as you surface from a system
Manufactured of delusional grandeur
Our numbers will black out the skies of every world for we are eternal
The pinnacle of evolution and existence
Before us you are nothing
Your extinction is inevitable

Silence suffocates the crowd leaving nothing
But the sound of death footsteps approaching
Liar, we'll perform the extractions
Ahhh! Pain!
Pineal gland is cracked and severed
Extractions necessary for extermination
The noose slithers around your neck and you choke

Your corpse will be marked and carved
With our own tasteful brand of disfiguration
An all seeing eye branded to your forehead
Dollar signs are cut into eyelids
Briefcase packed full of bloodied money
Flung by where you hang
Oh how this fate suits you
Well this suits you perfectly in honour of our new freedom
Your skin carved with geometric artwork
Complex interdimensional patterns
So ironically scratched into your torso
Such a ritualistic touch
Ensuring you'll do nothing but rot
Nothingness corrupted soul
Let us introduce you