Crimson Moon

The Choice of Spirit tracks







As the Darkness calls out, I awaken to the pack
Wandering the world of shadows, I undulge in what he Christ forbid
Drinking the blood of mortals, as a full moon reigns the night
Raise the chalice, feed with lust, immortality is acheived

Guiding me beyond death's gate
I am the night that lasts forever, the cold winds of Nocturnity
That haunt the feeble and weak. Forever reign the night
The worshippers of Death, forlorn as their God descends

My senses are enhanced, as I thrive in the moonlight
The Sun shall rise no more, forever the Immortals walk
All morals shall be destroyed, as the forsaken race falls
As their paradise burns to unholy ashen remains

Drink the blood of Christ, not his impotent wine
His angels are forsaken, as we desecrate his flesh
The horns of the goat, are nailed to his skull
The Mother Virgin burning, in sacrilegious lust

Darkness eternal, only the unlight shines
The sacred whore of pain forever reigning in


Feasting on the blood, penetrate the flesh
Jugular open wide, spurting immortal life
Surging with power, your blood makes me stronger
Drinking from the veins of immortality

You will bleed for me, a scarlet crimson sea
Gushing from your soul, the blood that you let go

The Earth shook and trembled
The foundations of hills were shaken
There went up smoke from his nostrils
A devouring fire out of his mouth
He made darkness his secret
By a watery darkness and celestial clouds covered


Transcend the darkness, dust to dust
1000 moons old, rebirthed in opposites

Confined to this world of shadows
A journey amongst the dead
Free from the harm of time
Feast on the crimson wine

Uncontrollable feeding, I must go on
Dormant by day, to kill at dark

Fly with me, into the moonlight
Entranced by her opaque twilight
Calling to me ...with radiant control
I levitate to the moon my soul




Within my cold dreams, I rise unto a dark moonless sky
And through the dark, I see the distant flames
The torch-lit crossroads where the sender of nightly visions
Dwells the ancient roads

I hail to thee, Hekate, I embrace your visions of the night
Weaver of the web that guides me, through the astral planes
Accept the black slave I sacrifice, I hail to thee night riding Goddess
Upon the shrine below the light of the fullmoon
I place the offering before thee, deity of magick and sorcery
Oh trinitarian goddess of witches, whisper unto me
...The dark secrets of sorcery

And through my dreams, thou has sent me visions of the Heavens
The Earth and the Underworld. Thou has opened the eye upon my brow
I gaze out with prophecy

I gaze through the Eye of Draconis
Upon the cold and dismal nocturnal vision
Of stars unseen by man
I cast forth thy fanged tendrils through thy serpent's eye

And within the night's veil, I invoke the three fold Goddess
with the face of a serpent, the face of a horse, and the face of a dog
Hekate of the night, appear before me

Let us commune with the secrets of fire
Under the darksome moonless night
Hekate she who sends visions of the night, entrance me with your might
I invoke thee unto thine circle and sacrifice the black lamb
Spilling the blood upon your altar, I cry forth your sacred names

Guide me through the web of Wyrd, unto the victims I haunt
I shall gather the life-blood through the night from the slave race
...To sacrifice!!

Hail unto thee nocturne Goddess, I embrace your visions in blood


Into the moonless night I spit forth the venom of thy spell
A curse unto the adversary, whose essence shall wither away
...And so shall the Rose of Purity, wither away

I am the freezing touch which takes life away
I am the one who's soul is unclean
A master of dreams, awakened to the night
I haunt the astral and reap the mortal life

Through the moonlight's mist
I come to your soul
And beseech you with the kiss
Of bitterness and woe

Below the Earth I dwell
In lust for the crimson sin
As the Rose of Purity withers to ash
I remember the taste, of blood in my mouth

Veiled by the night
I enter your soul
Which withers from the purity I defile
I am the dreams of lust and desire
A demon of sins of the flesh
Cold as the winter's breath, infernal as the forbidden wine

The virgin flesh of a maiden, like the flowering white rose
Defiled by the lust which hungers, penetrated in a thirst for sin
To be one with darkness, I transcend


Through trials and tests the Knight goes forth
In darkness, through darkness, comes the ripping of the soul
The mark of blood, The Choice of Spirit
A true determined symbol of everlasting fear!

Through the maddening comes cleansing
Only the strong shall survive
Only the strong shall be taken
Through the maddening comes the purest blood

They shall find it, others will fear it, the cleansing fire of the old code
Blood shall be our path, honour shall be our way, terror shall be thy means
Embrace the fire for thou shalt surely die to be reborn

Rise from the astral to the plane of shadows
In darkness, through darkness, comes the ripping of the soul
The mark in blood, The Choice of Spirit
A true determined symbol of everlasting fear!

Taketh thy sheild of detachment, lest thou forget the void
Thou art vampyr, the essence of the dragon
Your heart shall be cold but burning
They shall find thee, they will cleanse thee
By maddness, by promise and by metaphore

Through maddness comes the purest blood of fire
Only through fire may the best blade be forged

Through the fire comes the the cleansing
The quickening to the darker path of the Knight
Blood shall be our path, honour thy way, terror shall be our means
The power of hate shall be our blade

In the blood is the might, in the blood is the mark of terror

The strongest shall survive
Only the strong shall be taken

They shall find us, the others shall fear us!

Those of the clans shall shun thee as wolves
In darkness, through darkness, comes the quickinening of the soul
Through madness and fire
Remains the purest blood

A true deterimined symbol, of everlasting fear

Those who dare trespass against thee
Beware the coming night for thou shalt knoweth terror!


The venom of god we are
The spite of man we have become
As our choice of Spirit lives on
To purge in everlasting sin

Sleepers in now
Sleep til your death
Awaken brethern
For the slaves beg for torment

Through triumph and pain, we awaken in the sillhoute of man
Free from the prison of flesh as we shed into etherial form
Fear not that which dwells in the darkness
For though art sharp of tongue and sword!

The failure of god
We reflect rebellion!
For all can be destroyed
Cursed art thou, for thine children
Gather in bitterness

The Earth trembled and the seas devoured the land
As the great beast rises upon the sea's sand
Only the dark star beyond the sky
Shall gather those who await

The feared and the restless
The perverted image once held by man

The venom of god we are
The spite of man we have become
As our choice of spirit lives on
To purge in everlasting sin


As whispers in the wind
Benighted by time and dust
Gathered in silence and wisdom
As predators upon prey

As vigilant as cvultures
Scavengers of the downward coil
We travel the serpentine path
Ascending the tree of Da'ath
Envenomed we are with magick
Embraced by death through death reborn
Constricted by the body
The spirit from the flesh is torn

Descendants of the chaos strain
We are shunned as wolves amongst sheep
The staff of Enki is exalted,
Before the liars in wait
We have consumed the plants of the gods
We have been drunk of their strange wines
We have been presented visions and portals
Only visible to the 3rd yye opened
From serpentine larvae
Through the death cocoon of the mortal shell
With dragon wings ascending
As predators upon prey

Shrouded in secrecy
Workings of silence unspoken
The dreaming serpent awakens
Aligning pathways in the stars

Derived from the roots of darkness
The seed which spawns plague
A path of certain death
Where one must unlock the gates of rebirth
The forest screams in chaos
The seas devour the land
The sun scorches the burning soil
The air conceals plague

As predators upon prey

As shamans of spiritual metamorphosis
We are as the nocturnal beast
Beneath the full moon's light
From a cocoon of dreaming in silence
A Life after awakening from death

We fly into the oblivion vortex
Descendants of the chaos strain
We are as predators upon prey

As a dark presence in the forest
Tracking the scent of fear
Violence and nature as one
Without violence remains only fear
…Which shall fall as prey
In the dark night of the spirit
Where the signs are encrypted
Within the stars
Saturn influenced death
The death which gives us life

As whispers in the wind emerge from the dust
And the seeds of shadows spawn the harvest everlasting
The endless coil unwinds
Fangs of polarities strike
We unwind the grand serpentine coil
In chaos we shall manifest

Benighted by shadows
Entranced by the serpentine spell
Consecrated by time and dust
The eternal coil unwinds

That which once gave Mercy…
Now shall grant death
That which once made Harmony…
Shall Tear the Soul Apart

From the Shadows of time we've existed
Through the Storms of Dust we lived
The Essence of the Serpent is within our Spirit
Envenomed we are with Her Magick
By Choice of Will and Spirit
TIAMAT will guide us the Way

As Predators upon Prey

12. Alignment of the Serpentine Path