Aeon Of Horus

The Embodiment of Darkness and Light tracks


1. 3C321

Light speeds past its trajectory
Destined for oneness with itself
In the heart of a super massive star swirl
The event horizon attracts its matter
To a gravitational anomaly lying at its core

The point of infinite density becomes unstable
As more matter bends into itself
Binary galaxy system
Or bits locked in a bent gravity field
Binary black hole rotation

20,000 light years draws them ever closer
The singularity focusing on
The stars lying across the aether
Ejecting a blast of photons
The radiation burst obliterates each star
Planet and rock it encounters
Leaving a decay of star systems in its wake

The rich photon burst plants the seed of new stars
Creating an evolved existence from within a singularity.


The promise of a future is denied
To inferior genetic spoil
The rapture can only possess the elite
Come forth... to me...
Evolving construct and whisked away its energy field
So I may become the cosmos


Come forth take me, embrace me, mighty quantum field
I rule over the erratic
To form neutrino intellectual structures

I smooth over the rents in its space
Above all else I know this
As I conquer the speeds of space
I bleed quantum chaotic neutron fuelled spores

Surpass the rate of light... surpass

Does time itself cease? I question it not
Its matter is the only subject of fiction!
My time is all, as one at once!


The torn aethereal flesh
Cast upon the waters of Earth
Drenched in the turmoil of the infertile one

Isis comes to retrieve her Lord from the sands of the upper
And lower kingdoms
Preparing for the pyre torn asunder were his remains
His pieces were lost to the sand, pieced together
By Isis and Anubis
The king was reborn and the son was spawned

(Now risen from the marshes
Osiris descends to the netherworld
Emerging keeper of the afterlife)

The dawn awakens the hawk his eye penetrating the sky
The hawk has awakened
Light is born, the pharaohs reign is nigh

He petitions the council of the Gods
The sun beaming down on the deliberation
The claim is his! Light the Earth


Set watches from the infertile desert
Watching from envious eyes
He rose from the night and went in seatch of his blood, Horus

The battle emerged from the depths of the power of God
Day versed night conquering each on the sight of dawn
Rising in ferocity darkness dissolves the light
Night crushes day

And the being were scarred, the eye of Horus
Ripped from the falcon's skull
And the manhood of Seth torn free

Godlike powers thrown on the Earth and the sky

And the night falls unto day
And the falcon soared into ages and aeons to come
As darkness falls




Begone, o textured depiction of life
This shall be my name for all time
Forgotten and bitten with filth
Lord tyrant... deceiver of man

Coldness shall be my perception
Ridden with the false decay of life
Ignorance shall be my virtue
Solitude among the reality deprived

And so... shall this all be forgotten
Like myself in epochs gone by
Lost to an age of oblivious string vibrations
Abandoned to my own seclusion

Life means nothing without a perception
Even one as false as now
This is all an illusion to reward gratitude
To a primitive reality
An intellect not priveliged with certainty
An existence not destined for evolution

An empty illusion to create a purpose for nothing
We are a reason to observe the universe for only its pride
We are nothing, decay to the void
As it cares not for your fate

I know this to be true
As I care nothing of myself
For I am the only reality


Benighted I stand
In halls of star-dusted pillars
My every step echoing for each speck of light
Tendrils of light embrace me and disperse
Cradling me through a chamber of stars
The cavern shifts its form, again and again...

Tiles illuminate erratically creating a path
Of which I can follow
From a void bearing structure

The universe hangs in the void
So distant it appears like nothing more
Than a stone of light
An icon of reality
Nothing more than a platform for us to dream
I turn away from its euphoric hold on me
To uncover the real meaning of reality

I forget my mortal barriers
And step forth into the sphere
To be born upon the void for all to see

This is but a dream, but to any moreal
The universe is always such
For those enlightened, you shall walk these halls
For those who tore down the walls of this illusion called Life
The stars shall be their icon


A century has risen and fell
Since the birth of the new aron
And the wisdom
Heralded by the twin God
Ra-Hoor-Kuit and Hoor-Paar-Kraat
Has been witnessed

The modern day is born of the law of Thelema
"I am infinite space and the infinite stars thereof"
And the new aeon shall see a rise in the power
Of the old ones and descend the era of Horus

Under the Arch of Nuit
The new age has already told
Of a future condemned

We live in an age of destruction
What will tell of the next 2000 years?

Will rest upon the feathers of the hawk headed God

Give rise to the falcon




Racks appear
As if ripping across my eyes
The world shudders
As if rocked by a solar storm
The horizon distorts

The world, it seems blank
Decrepit and dying
Soulless and pointless
Silent and godless

Like lightning striking through my skin
Smashing through every insight I have earned
Evolving through a constant upheaval

"The rock upon which I stand
Dissolves away into the vista beyond
A spire of stone ascends to the highest of air's reach
I breathe deep of the frail gases
And look upon this illusion
With contempt and awe
Take a step back as the curtain falls

The view becomes one of turmoil
The crackling energies upon a canvas of life
It withers away
To a scene of chaos
Alone? I am in this erratic vision of Earth
One not of blue water
No... only fire-scorched stone, lifeless and dull
Ever shifting as each new insight comes and goes
My surroundings in tune with the wavelengths
Of my consciousness

I am an enigma...
Made up of a perception both twisted and vile
Condemned to dissolve with the broken threads of light
As night rolls over to an inkier dark
I shut out the smallest point of light
To feast upon the chaos within."