Light This City

The Hero Cycle tracks



You used to spread your wings only when no one was looking,
and when you finally trusted me enough to reveal them I slowly ripped them off.
What have I done?
Who now will carry me to heaven when this life is over?
Eternally, I am unforgiven.
We've come to love without faith.
But I am only human, and so you have come to be.
What will you do that you're one of us?
Savage, and selfish with love.
Always fighting to not be alone.
Just remember I'm on your side, fighting to attain the same goals.
Yet we face each other as enemies to conquer.


Beautiful gray masks the sky was the rain falls down.
And I wish that I could assure you of comfort and content, but I'm still so far away.
We have to take life as it comes, angel, so fast and bittersweet.
And the only thing that I know for sure is we are not like them.
We've taken our feet off the ground and cleared the fog from our eyes.
And we are not waiting for tomorrow to shine like the stars tonight.
And no matter what it's you've chosen to be, and you will always be lovely in your light.
I watch memories in my head like a movie on a dirty screen, and your lips seem so far away.
Only your warmth can thaw this frozen heart and make it swell with life again.


I use the rags of betrayal and the fuel of desperation to light a fire.
This temper is lost upon me, though it is sure to find you momentarily.
I cannot afford to spend emotions on you, for I owe you nothing.
My fury is unbreakable.
I feel only the pain of anger.
Still my hungry fists crave the taste of your flesh.
Too bad your bitter bones are unsavoury.
Once you wake this fire, there is no way to hush it back to sleep.
These hands break upon you like waves of smoke.
It's so difficult to keep these fantasies inside my head.
For when I dream of blood, it is so real, it seems to spill upon the floor.


Sun shines pale through window,
through the ghosts that dim this town
Arms that hold you burn off like fog in the heat of the sun.
Do not mistake them for flesh and blood
This girl never laughs and she does not cry
For we all beam with hope for our children's bright futures
inoculating them for fictitious diseases
while we ignore dismal today's gray city slums
this girl wears red to stand out from the smog of her city
while sun shines pale through the window
she wants to be civilized
laugh gray eyes cry
for she will spread a new disease
but don't expect to see it's victims in the news
for the news always has something abd to say


To rid the earth of the filth

To rid the earth of the lies

The will to rise above

Tearing my inside out


I feel my soul go cold

Only the dead are smiling

To rid your heart of all lies

Their poison tongues, poison hearts

Burning cold...

Now let the final darkness fall


'...The dream of the new disease

On wings of euphoria...

Sucking terror from the needle scars...'

22 years of pain

And I can feel it closing in

The will to rise above

Tearing my insides out


You attempt to find what you're looking for in vacant corpses
never understanding that you have to bury the things you love when they are dead
you've cut too deep
let the dead lie asleep
refuse to grasp the hand that breaks the ground from this shallow grave that you have built
don't pull him through
he's no who he was
you're bleeding cuts are only keeping your betrayers alive
why do you tear at your broken flesh and feed this hungry hell?
how can they redeem themselves for all the blood they've spilt
and when will you let the scars they've left heal?


Love is an anchor that holds me to the shores of sanity
I will not drift away to the sea of oblivion
It cannot be told by words or held in an embrace
It can only be felt in this infants fight for life
The blue of her eyes is calm and deep
I wade through her innocence now- searching.
Nights of helpless rage, fits of relentless pain
I have so much I want to tell
but will we ever let it surface?
expect cold my dear, expect grace
I will rail upon this world if it does not compensate
For you will have to live life like a queen to make up for your youngest days


I've been so afraid, my love,
I must confess so afraid
I've given in to this sickness of invisibility
I exist now only in a memory
I fear the simplest things like waking from a dream
because I somewhat can't find a firm grip on reality
I view myself as an old friends whom I once loved but no who is dead
And I just can't face my own grave, wilted flowers in hand, mourning something I have quite lost yet.


Risking all alludes with having nothing to lose.
I can't bear to hold these lids like Atlas and his world of burdens
I can't bear the weight
I have too much on my chest that no only splinters of bone reside there.
My shoulders can no longer bear the weight of a hear on a sleeve
You have to sacrifice lives to become a hero.


You've wasted me
Nothing loves, nothing dreams.
Nothing bleeds inside of you
You've washed me away
Isn't it nice how it's all so clean when it was once so dirty?
I know the stains are still there, just hidden, and made up to look like everything's so clear.
I don't want to be there when everything falls to pieces inside of me.
When it all breaks I will call your name.