The Infernal Wolf Is Still Hunting tracks



It's time to wake up
It's time to raise the swords
It's time to show our braveness

We, white warriors with black hearts
We, the last remnants of a supreme race
We, the few amongst the many
We, believers of pagan traditions in christian land

It's time to dominate
It's time to begin our revenge
It's time to go toward our fate

We, misanthropic spirits of the majestic forest
We, at one with nature but deniers of mankind
We, too proud to be sheeps
We, fighting the mass while reaching for the elite

The earth one day will be ours
Wolves will howl for our honour
The eagle will fly high to hail us
Mankind will kneel in front of us


When the moon is full
And the sky is dark,
All seems dead
But in the deepest forest
Where no beat of human heart
Ever was heard
Something evil reigns supreme

Only prayers are left for humans
Prayers to a god who won't hear
Because tonight is the night of Beatrìk

Never step into the forest
Fear the night
The children cries
Tonight the witches will dance
The wolf from hell is on the ride
Tonight he will hunt
Tonight he will kill
Nature darkest forces will prevail

Only prayers are left for humans
Prayers to a god who won't hear
Because tonight is the night of Beatrìk

Ancient Tales are never wrong
Pagan fears still alive today
Cause when the moon is full
And the sky is dark
The infernal wolf is still-hunting


We are those who left the path
The path of the lord
We are too proud to become
Slaves of he who never existed
He who is a reflection of the human fear
The fear of death

We are the children of a new age
An age where darkness reigns supreme and
Only the strongest spirits will survive
We'll be the strongest
We'll ride the beast

So ride the beast and be proud
Never be enslaved by the weak children of god
They will perish with their imaginary leader
When the Dark Age has arrived
when the Dark Age has arrived


I'm standing here
Looking at my sword
Which reflects my troubled eyes,
Eyes that have seen more than a man can see.

So many battles I've fought
So many enemies I've killed
The face of every single I can remember
Desperate and full of agony

At dawn another battle awaits me
Will this be the last dawn for me?
I'm the mightiest of warriors
I'm the mightiest of warriors!

But am I only human?
Will I die as those I've killed?
At the end only death will win
At the end only death will win!
…death will win