The Necrotorous Chronicles tracks



Free my hate....

Aching need to carve up women, I'll rape their souls
Spastic gestures as I retract the saw...

Spectral indoctrination of a superior mind,
Well thought emaciation of the human kind...

Worthless pile of crud, the stench of internal spunk
My knee deep in you menstrual blood, relentless sight of gore.

I Penetrate your mind, your thoughts, pathetic being.
I eliminate your flesh, I am your god...
Vomit type puss errupts from her pit
Pittoresque sculpture of bile degraded to road ornaments.

I'll rape their hearts & souls, as for a drug I scream for more.

I penetrate your flesh, unbound by laws, I Severe your soul.
I humiliate & defile, your skin, You'll beg for more.
I split your intestines, you're a body bag fill to me
Insane sexist bastard, my first in your... Ass...


See- the waste
His rancid stinking spunk, sparkling in the moonlight�

Torn apart by hooks, celebral lobes are emerging
from the cavities. Convulsive regurgitations
of decomposed entrails. The reek of putrefaction
corporal perdition fall upon thee.
Bludgeeoned th death, suppurating liquids,
I savour your skin

Extemporaneous exploration
of the mass beneath the skull.
Countenance completely minced,
The cranial skin is excoriated.
Bulging eyes I pierce, scraping the cornea
Intersection of the carotid.

Extirpation of the dying pile of puke
Excressence of humanity, an organic cesspool
Androgynous propagation,
Of my pathological murderousness

3. HIGHWAY 1-35

Purifying the scum of the earth
I was born to murder the world

I'm a tool created by your apathic society
Feeding on my sadistic intent
Bleed bleed bleed for the semen god
I murdered over thirty and still crave more
Kneel kneel kneel for the semen god
I batter your genitals to pulp
Sculpture of my tormented thoughts
Crushing gutting tearing your limbs apart
As chunks of demormed meat
Are dripping from my knife

Consumed by frustration
Murder is my salvation
Coagulated semen, bursting
Through the stomach wall
I suck your semen bloodtide

Died by my hand
I shall dismember and sever
Died by my hand


Anal excretion inard purification
Stinking liquid mass gushing out of your ass
Come forth to me, object of perverted lust
Innards deformed and sliced anatomy lies scattered

Gore and bile are spewing out of your scrotum
Mangled and defiled anal tract removed
I shit on your face you swallow my spunk

Ebola contaminated by feaces
Orgasm through putrid stench
I shit on your face you devour my entrails

Whip me, object of lust
Punish me supreme masochism
Gutting and hacked supreme masochism
Festering slimelike bowels reek like feaces
I rape your cadaver necrotic orgasm

Cranial pulp bubbling through your anus
Ebola contraminating millions
You vomit your brain and ejaculate