Abattoir (USA)

The Only Safe Place tracks





Apocalypse in ten weeks
Astronomical secrets
Elect the saints
We won't neglect
Man began to multiply
Daughters born to them
For the chosen to select

Sworn and bound by mutual exsecration
The remainder all of them
Engaging the women one by one
Teaching sorcery, enchantment to the sun

Bring on the damned
A wrath will fall on earth
Burning the land
A moral to their song
Bring on the damned
Their words will be condemned
Burning the land
Will they live to see the end

Teaching men the power of steel
Blasphemy increased corruption their will
Hand and foot their ruler is bound
Cast into the darkness, he's going down

[Chorus ]

Bring on the damned
A wrath will fall on earth
Burning the land
A moral to their song
Bring on the damned
Their words will be condemned
Burning the land
Will they live to see the end


Trapped in a nightmare
Lost and hellbound
Two leaders are at command
The pressure of countdown
Tendency toward the threat
Survival a main reason
A live in piece is what they ask
Still aliies are in treason

The eagle flies
The red replies
An evil game
Proved insane
No need to play
They'll find a way
The hopes are high
To live or die
The only safe place

Deep in space a foolish race
Battleships that fly
The people that pay the toll
Explosions in the sky

Asking why the children die
No one to blame proved insane
No need to play they'll find a way
A searching race for the only safe place

The eagle flies
The red replies
An evil game
Proved insane
No need to play
They'll find a way
The hopes are high
To live or die
The only safe place


Look in the darkness
See the fire burning bright
A shadow flickers
An unholy light
Watch the little children
Their drems brought down
Run to hideaway
Of the shame that they found

[Chorus ]
On their world is filed with hell
Oh the children
Searching for an answer to tell
Emotion runs in their blood
Oh the children
Straight to their head the spell begun

They give no thought
To the way of life
Walking a path
With many lies
An evil image
Remaining in their mind
Stonewalling down
Till the end of time

Oh the past will stalk until...
Oh the children
Judgement has been fulfilled
Broken hearts left in the cold
Oh the children
But keep the faith remain bold

Don't leave your young ones
Like a fawn in a field
Beware the danger
To be left unhealed
Never trust a stranger
By believing in a fool
Protect your children
Oh the world is cruel

[Chorus ]


Lookout when you hear a roar
Of a god when he strikes his sword
Eyes of fire
Almighty power
A time we danced for gold
Where dreams were bought and sold
Mystic nights
Burning bright

Fear the hammer of the gods

A fight between evil minds
The warwitch keeping time
The knights they ride
Their will is high
To the west the spirits mean
Pushing hard the destiny
Unholy reich
Burns the night

Fear the hammer of the gods

Will the evil end
When the witch's grains are thin
Deadly hour
Holy power
Thunder crash in the sky
Evil knights left to die
Blood is thin
For wicked sin

Fear the hammer of the gods


I have scars, i feel the pain
I'm that close from going insane
This gun i have is the only way
To get me through another day

Back to hell

Light and smoke fill the skies
Bringing vengeance to my eyes
Where can i run where can i go
Hell is the only home i know

Back to hell

My mind has been glazed with lies
I'm a killer in disguise
Crushing victims like a vise
Trained for years to be precise
I lost the battle and the war
Social outcast to the core
Falling deeper in a evil well
It seems i left and went back to hell

Back to hell


I see fire in your eyes
Feel our bodies burning from the heat
Magic runs through our veins
I'm with you now and thrusting in deep
And then your on your way
Your love will always stay
In four walls wishing you were mine
I won't begin to think
When the days start to sink
Will i ever see you in time

All alone in the night
I'm reaching out for your love
Days are passing by
I visualize but that's not enough
We need to run away
The chains won't let me stray
The secrecy i can't hold back
When we're all alone
The whispers turn to moans
In my grasp, i began to attack

It's living inside
Temptation of the flesh
There's no escaping
Temptation of the flesh
A need for passion
Temptation of the flesh
The main reaction
Temptation of the flesh

I remember when
I'd cling to you like second flesh
Crawling out in the night
Out to fulfill your lusting quest
At times i will forget
But never will regret
How we played between the sheets
And when i feel your sweat
My hunger must be fed
You're laying there i'm redy to eat

Oh you'll never know
How my love for you reflects
A vision in my mind
I need you here so i can inject
The passion's growing strong
As one we do belong
Bonded till eternity
Maybe a twist of fate
And if it's not too late
We'll close the door and hide the key

[Chorus ]


You done it this time like never before
Over my limit can't take it no more
My blood is boiling can't sleep at night
Awake in a cold sweat redy to fight
I'm like a time bomb ready to blow
Chains can't hold me come on lets go
You're the reason i love to hate
And what you choose will decide your fate

I'll bring you down with me
Cause i hold the key
Jailed in your sin 'cause
You're under!! Under my skin

Ready for battle swinging the chain
I'm seeking a vengeance for life and pain
I'm breathing fire can't hold it back
So lock your doors and prepare to attack
I'm the fighter the man and the boy
And it's my instinct to seek and destroy
When you hear my battle cry
Don't you expect to live prepare to die

[Chorus ]

Exploding in your ears i release your inner fears
And i'm crawling up inside underneath your very hide

I got you cornered your back is to the wall
My gun pointed straight at your head
Pulling the trigger so nice and easy
I can't wait to fill you with lead

[Chorus ]


Breaking out in desperation
He dares to cross
The boundry that separates
The living from the dead
The lord asked the man his name
And he answered, "go away!"
He thought death in it's infinite.
Burning in pain

[Chorus ]
Feel the fire, feel the flame
Oh the hammer falls to your brain
Feel the fire, feel the flame
Feel your body going insane

On your knees from a wicked spell
Staring inside the ball
Lure you to the emptiness
He will take them all
His thoughts found a grip on the world
He looked up and saw the crime
Outraged of the wickedness
That lives in his mind

[Chorus ]

Fighting the world all by himself
He's filled with hate
As days go by he's growing
Closer to his fate
Just when he can't go on
Much to his surprise
The wicked curse has gone away
He reaches his demise

[Chorus ]


Back alley ways
Is there he stalks
The feel the blade tucked near his heart
The cold, the mist sets floatingly
Street lights ablazde haughtingly

[Pre-Chorus ]
Nasty surprise or jack the knife
The fate comes back from the dead
Repeating the crime deep in his mind
For vengeance or has been said
The papers will read he is still free
Victims will fall from his quest
Roaming around he'll never be found
And with slice he'll lay to rest

[Chorus ]
Night of the knife
Night of the knife

Angel of death brings tyranny
To steal your mind and slice your dreams
You try to run but your too late
A victim of an endless fate

[Pre-Chorus ]

Dark side of town an eerie sight
The moon reflects the only light
You see the blade you hear the slice
Now it's too late he's taken your life

[Pre-Chorus, Chorus ]