Atomizer (AUS)

The Only Weapon of Choice - 13 Odes to Power, Decimation and Conquest tracks


1. Power, Not Participation

Power, not participation, the wise rule the strong, the strong rule the weak and so on
Power, not participation, if we rule their thinking, our dominant quest can begin
Subservience or death
Since the very dawning of time, people have needed to be led
Subservience or death
Those that can't do as I will may not live to regret
The smarter we get, the crueler we are, and logic depicts a survival of fittest be law
Those that can't abide this belief, will join us or perish for this will become the new faith
It's more than desire, it's knowledge that will set the world right
For nothing else matters than enforcing the word and the law
By strength and by deed, we'll show them who's really in charge
For a malleable mind is a malleable will to control
Our morals are fading away, at least that's what men of the cloth would wish to convey
An uprising is for what I pray, a death to those fading religions that starts here today

2. And The Hunt Starts Again

And as the blood trails down the sink you catch a glimpse
But it's surreal, you're not who you think, feel so detached
Just to your left, there in the tub, lays your helpless victim
And as you scrub, all went to plan, although something's missing
Because there was no, no relief, no release, it's not what you hoped it would be
Dissatisfaction's fires reign, and the hunt starts again
Through all these years, the plan's evolved, to the point of perfection
So why the lack, why no resolve, why no sense of closure
The perfect victim, it's what you had and more than once before
So what went wrong, what flaws the scheme, why are the fires raging on
You know there's a hatred, that you've tucked away in the blackest annals of your heart
And you feel the compulsion, no it's more than that, like the very threat of consumption
Deny all that's rational, chase satisfaction, make violence and hatred the master
And each drop of blood, each vessel you drain still won't let you turn the key
You kill again without remorse, yet the demons still come screaming
Each sacrifice is closer to your supposed perfect ending
But in the end, all that is real is the blood on your hands
Until you're caught or until you're dead, the hunt demands your tending

3. When I Die, I Wanna Die Violently

All kinds of people have all sorts of feelings about dying
Most view it with fear and trepidation, but that's not the way for me, oh no
On a day like no other
I welcome death, I welcome the reapers icy embrace
His cold damp cloak as it scrapes against my skin
And because this day will come but once in your entire life
It should be a truly magnificent event
Something to be remembered for all eternity
You want people to gather, you want people to lament
The severity of your final moments on this earth
For this is more than significant this event, this is forever
When I die, I wanna die violently
What could be more mundane than dying of old age
Or of natural causes when there's death by misadventure to be pursued?
Any idiot can die, but it takes someone truly special to go out
In what I'd call a spectacular kind of way
Ripped apart by sharks, torn to bits by wolves
Tortured beyond the threshold of human tolerance
And don't fear the reaper when the game is over and your number is up
For death my friends, yes death is inevitable!
When I die, I wanna die violently, when I die I hope that I'll suffer
Burnt out and cut up and dealt out and fucked up
When I die, I pray my exit's gonna be fucking bleak when I die I wanna be in pain
In a vicious and inhumane sorta way to the very hilt of human suffering
With fear and loathing racing through my veins

4. The Campaign

It's an ideal as old as man itself, a value obscured, yet never deceased
A way of life that must go on, a knowledge that lives in the hearts of the chosen
As sure as life and death itself, a thinking and being that must survive
And if our campaign is pure, and commitment lives within our hearts
Our quest will go forth unharmed, for glory is fleeting
And victory's just a part of doing the job right, and it'll take place like this
And it's an age old ideal and one that never died
For there was no beginning, no vortex in time
And the footsteps now trodden, imprint the souls of those who served
We march to the same beat, although we're of a different time
If our campaign is pure, if our campaign is true
And we won't tolerate a thing that stands in the way of completing our quest
And it'll shape up like this
For vengeance will be swift via a hand so merciless
And the hammers will roll out in a bloody masquerade
And some things never change no matter how oft the clock does turn
We march to the same beat though we're of a different time
And if our campaign is pure, and the weapon of choice is within our reach
Our quest shall go forth unharmed
For while glory is fleeting the spoils will be ours just the same
And it'll take place like this
And all subversives crushed, our legacy this will be, with no ifs or buts to be heard
And we'll sound the siren for our faith to rise again
And future generations will fly the flag

5. The War That Never Ended

When they tell you that it's all in your head
The unrelenting screams of both the living and the dead
And they tell you that the war is over, the dead are buried deep
The final battle's been and gone, war is the way of the world
No notion of illusion dwells in that, you choose the path of the righteous men
Did they really think that you'd just switch off?
Did they really think that you'd live through that, and still be the man that you were?
Did they even have a notion of just what you'd become?
Looks like they really planned your fate
It's the war that never ended, still raging on inside your head
And what drove you then, still drives you now, the war
Compelled by a swarm of black emotions that won't subside
The war manifests in all you see, sense and feel
Through fevered dreams, full body sweats, unfulfilled campaigns
It's the storm you know never abates
The war that never ended summons you awake in a glaze of sweat
The war that never ended, the war

6. The Only Weapon Of Choice

It's light as a feather, snaps right together, it's the one
It weathers the storm and the grimness of war, it's the one
It clears out the trenches with power and vengeance, it's the one
It lays waste to the temples and all those that dwell, it's the one
As a defoliant there is no accident, it's the one
It cuts down defences like razors through flesh, it's the one
Easy to conceal until death is revealed, it's the one
Structure, bone and plant, it lays everything flat out, it's the one
It's the only weapon of choice
It's the only weapon you'll need
It's the ultimate tool of destruction
It's the only weapon of choice
It discharges with ease and reloading's a breeze, it's the one
It will never jam it will never melt down, it's the one
It razes flesh from bone and mortar from stone, it's the one
It rolls through the town and lays everything flat out, it's the one
It never kicks back so precise its attack, it's the one
No pin is required no trigger desired, it's the one
Discharges with a thrust, turns matter to dust, it's the one
The kill rate's supreme and the death counts a dream, it's the one

7. Isolation

A blinding white light, like a cold white sun in the night
But there's nothing at all that's divine about the discharge of rounds
And as you crawl through the maelstrom of war
Whatever you'll endure, you'll endure alone
Falling deep into the abyss, with survival rate more hit than miss
Wailing through the swamps, assessing every sound
Judging the threat of the demons, airborne and on ground
But one must believe, one surely must conceive
Whatever you'll endure, you'll endure alone
Because in the end, there's no-one but you
Your comrades in arms have no power to do
A thing for your plight, or a thing for your life
On your trip to hell, you'll be all alone, this is the essence of total isolation
Making resolves on your final breath, suddenly faced with your last conquest
Will yourself to live you give it your best, now cradled in the arms of death
Falling deep into the abyss, some rounds graze, while others pierce
Falling deep into the abyss, with a survival rate more hit than miss

8. One Man's Failure

Paranoia filled his heart
It was the prophecy that stood to tear his world apart
The wise foresaw the birth of a son
Who would teach of a life beyond this mortal one
Through arrogance and a desire to remain you know
It's like a beast that rises across the sky
Paranoia declared that child must die
Slay all the sons that are less than two
And thus the cruelest campaign did ensue
It did, despite his arrogance and a desire to remain well you know
This was the moment in time, when all could have been reversed
When those who did stand by, who allowed the ensuing madness to reign
One moment in time, when all could have been reversed
When paranoia's throne was usurped, when the flesh of your saviour should have burned
Like a star, like that beacon in the night
But paranoia was betrayed by the enlightened that lead the way
And despite all the steel that carved through the young flesh
Paranoia's authority was trampled on
The flesh of your saviour should burn
And from the day we're born until the day we die
The shackles that bind us men and women of the west
That would never have been, oh a fucking nightmare
Nightmare, the nightmare cometh, paranoia's failure set that faith aflame

9. So Terrified, Yet So In Control

So terrified, yet so in control, adrenaline be thy saviour
Have I only seconds to live, merely moments to go? Adrenaline thy benefactor
Feeling the blood as it pulses and flows, adrenaline is thy master
Of quickening senses, of taking the load, adrenaline take me home
A cold heart in a cold war, the troops of the regiment, rise up!
Going over the trench wall and into certain death, rise up!
In places that know nothing but war, the scent of terror wafts through the air
And this terror that awaits, it's more than a dream for this is nothing you'll wake from
Those new to the terrain, they'll ignore the signs a taste of reality changing everything
And some are crippled with fear, oh, because death's always near
But adrenaline will be thy saviour
Adrenaline equals survival, so nothing must stand in the way
Trudging through swamps, and the mud, and the mist, and the clay
Willing against all odds that the rush of blood will remain
Fucking it all on the brink of a total breakdown

10. Join The Blackheart Reich

Right now's the time to see those illusions you've conceived
The ones that furnish your dreams, it's time to suspend belief
For yes, I am the fucking way
Deep in the depths of your mind you know that to be right
Come join the blackheart reich
Deep in the depths of your mind you know that to be right!
And some, some are born to lead, and others born to bleed
And some will taste the whip for I am, I am, I am
We're beyond, beyond salvation with no belief in that myth creation
No mortal fear of any false damnation, join the blackheart reich
Our blackheart reich, we're beyond!
No submissive faith binds me, no crucifix holds me
No crown of thorns shames me, no martyr's legacy

11. For Blackness Absolute

The earth it turns, and you're still no closer today
Your time flitters away until nothing remains
And as the encroaching darkness comes, what will your servitude bring?
The very thing that brings you hope, is what you should most fear
Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, save us is your prayer
You're all gonna die, all gonna die as mortal men
And as the encroaching darkness comes, no-one is exempt
No outstretched hand of god you extolled in your daily prayers
No outstretched hand of god
You greet each day with faith and little more
A constant hope that something better will be your reward
And as the encroaching darkness comes, what will your servitude bring?
Yes as the encroaching darkness comes, what will your subservience bring?
Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, save us is your prayer
You're all gonna die, all gonna die as mortal men
And as the encroaching darkness comes, no-one is exempt
As the encroaching darkness comes yes, no-one will be spared
While we hail the glory of blackness absolute and you fear the on set of blackness absolute
No amount of faith will dull this razor truth when we're all engulfed in blackness absolute
While we hail the glory of blackness absolute
And subservience has yielded you with nothing
And you fear the onset of blackness absolute
And you won't even be aware until you're too dead to realise
No amount of faith will dull this razor truth, your life is yours and there is but one
We're one and all engulfed in blackness absolute
I pity those who live it bound in the shackles of blind faith

12. Sometimes They Hear The Bullet

War is much more than a disagreement of thought and a battle born of strife
Where many will stand and many will fall while bystanders will question the point
And the players are many the sacrifice great, for a victory heralded by few
And some march to the beat of a vindictive drum with their own agendas to right
Well I'm one of those who'll step up for battle, the smell of cordite in the air
Knowing the ordeal is not about me, but treating it as such just the same
With irreverence I tread through the blood and the soil the wounded, dying and dead
I want them to taste the steel of my blade and feel the sting of my lead
And sometimes they'll hear the bullet, yes sometimes they'll feel it's sting, and sometimes they'll know as their life slips
away, and sometimes they won't feel a thing
'Cause I wanna be and I wanna see, and I'm here to exact my revenge
When I summon Mars for victory sweet, when I conjure the will for success
And I wanna taste the blood of the fallen to know the scent of death
And that every round that I get off, yields another's final breath

13. The Fog Of War

Armed. No it was more than that, armed to the fucking teeth was possibly more apt a description, and the civilians this war surrounded played no real part apart from being there, which I suppose is a part in itself.
It's all around, it's all consuming, a chasm, an abyss that sucks you in, be it active or passive, be it soldier or slave, the fog of war engulfs you all.
You've never seen rain like this before, had to cut the heels out of your boots just so the water could drain, so the blisters
could drain, as any compassion for humanity drains. At least when the rain falls it keeps the mosquitoes away, not much of a
trade-off really, fiendish things lusting for your blood while bullets sizzle through the air leaving a trail of mist as the
molten lead homes in on its pray. And that's you by the way, and you're caught up in the fog of war
It's a world beyond fear, you can't even see the enemy, although you're learning to sense them, sense the presence, smell the
adrenaline or the fear, because you know, that they know, that you know
And you'll never rest, not here, not now, possibly never, for this battle will rage on eternally (at least for some of you). And sure, the rain will stop eventually,
but the fog surrounds the soldier forever.