The Other Side tracks



Why so many obstacles on my way. Why
These creatures
Whirl `round on me?
I want to know who do they obey. Which
Occult stenght manages them?

I`m living in darkness
Far from this world
I`m living in my dreams
My own legend

Their infernal sound
Leads me to sink into folly
How to overcome this fear
Which paralyzes me?
Let me dream of a real existence
Far from this world
Of suffering and anxiety...

I`m living in darkness
I`m seeking the truth
He`s living in my brain
The fallen angel

Let me dive into the seeking serenity
Let me live my own legend
Find the answers
Which are elunding me
Understand the meaning
Of my non existence
Let me dream of a real existence...

I`m living in darkness
I`m fighting for freedom
I`m living in my dreams
My own legend

No doubt. Beyond this zone of terror
I`ll find all the answers
No doubt. The try to stop me
But I`ll fight. Cause even if the price
Of the knowledge consists of suffering
Even if the path to the etrnal passes
In transit to hell

I`ll go to the end
To the end of my dreams


I`ve seen the darkness
Beat down on the world
Demons awaken into the fallen souls
Love crushed by the people`s folly
Sometimes I become aware
And I remember,the cold light
My body which becomes taut
The blood which flows out
From their empty eyes
A smile driven my person
And the lady in white moves
Toward me,she`s afraid!

She`s afraid
But wants to listen to me...

I don`t want
To come back anymore
Cause I`ve understood
The reason for this
Will to live
Experienced so many
And suffering in flesh
Recognized in you
A part of me

This is our only chance
To keep the answers
We`ve acquired

A curse on humanity
A curse of life
A curse on me
A curse on you

She`s afraid.She`s afraid of me

Come with me into the darkness
Dive into your subconscious
Together we`ll win


They know our destiny
They feel our suffering
They wish our salvation
...On the other side

We persuade ourself
That it death comes to the end
But we know that`s not true
We can`t lie to our conscience
From the most athestic
To the most fervent believers
We fear the rebirth`s pain
The eternal beginning again

They know our destiny
They feel our suffering
They wish our salvation
...On the other side

You can lie,you deny
You can blaspheme
You can hide,run away
They`l be always with you
In your sorrow
Your happiness
They`ll be always present
Forget your pride
And seek the peace...
...With the other side

Accept your destiny
Admit your faults
Carry out your mission
You`ll be rewarded...

...On the other side


Beyond this reality I live for eternity
Keep to silence by christianity
I`m awayting true beliefs

Beyond this reality
Unreal hides in nothingness
All sensation has disappeared
Mater is only a spectre of cold light
And this unreal fear to never come back

Out of time

Out of time for a moment
Several lives in dimension
Several answers to my questions

Out of time

During this time out of time where
Second meets millenium
The silence weighs on the void


Do you remind another time
Another place,the meeting,
Volunteers you?
Do you remind me and us
Do you remind us and me

Remind shouts,remind fire
Remind suffering,remind light

Sentenced to die by fire
Then return
In another time...
All forget,all start again


I`ve fled this promised freedom
Fled this justice`s parody
Fled your unreal heaven
Fled your blindest beliefs

Here starts the true fight
Here starts my life through your death
Here starts the true fight
Here starts my path through the chaos

By your lies you`ve betrayed us
And from this sprouts its power
Shake,preaches,your end is near
Here starts my life through you death

Here starts my life
Here starts your death
Through the chaos
Here starts the true fight
Here starts my life through you death
Here starts my path through the chaos


Life consists to die in pain
Don`t give away to such lowness!
Your move sentences you
To stay in fear and pain for eternity!
Awake mind in dead body
You`ve cheated your destiny

Destiny is not to understand
Painful will be your ignorance
Beyond the existence`s
...Pity hasn`t matter!
Awake mind in a dead body
You`ll have cheated
Your destiny

In the squalid streets
Of the city
Burien in
The oblivion`s darkness
He sobs the memory
Of those he liked...
Between life and death
How he`s choosing...
Prisoner of eternity

You must live
You must fight
You must win!


A new perception of the world
Appearns in your mind
And you retrieve your instincts
On your decision
Open gates on a new truth
You undersand
You`re only temporar
In this matter`s body

Come on,slaves of rot
Kneeling in front
Of your torturer

Don`t you feel that
Through the hatred
The light materializes
From your cries of pain
It comes alive
On your destrissed it feasts

Come on,slaves of rot
Kneeling in front
Of your torturer

In each being
I guess the death
And if by mistake
You pass my way
Don`t expect any fellow
And get ready for
Worst anxieties

Come on,slaves of rot
Kneeling in front
Of your torturer

I`ll feast on the blackness
Of your soul
I`ll spit on your
Lowest supplications
No ending,no beginning,I draw
My force from your death

Come on,slaves of rot
Kneeling in front
Of your torturer


From our purest tought
Spurts his venom
If by charity you think to help them
You defy all the same
His currency`s will
...Under the sign of the U.W.

I`ve crossed the threshold of life
To defy this death
Ecstasy of crime
Taste of blood
Hared,lowest sadism
Physical suffering,persecution
It stars again

So I`ve learned to mask
My feeling under a shell of toleration
Mouthpiece of the universal spirit

Yes I`m back and determined
To have done with them
...Do you understand only
Your co-operation can free us
Stop seeking that I try to show you
Why do you refuse
To listen to yourself

Listen to yourself


Everytime in balance
Between light and darkness
As a tighthrope walker
With naked foot on a razor`s edge
I`ve though to lose the faith

Am I alive,am I dead
Something turns in my brain
Is it the end or beginning
I`ve lost my path

While I found an answer
A wall of questions
Stood up on my way
THen,an evening
While I was doubtful
Of my own life
I dived into the light

Is it a dream or reality
Do I exist?
Is it the end of beginning
I`ve lost my soul

Is it the end of beginning

This one
Whom everyone dreads
Porter of divine knowledge
Is only power and light
And sheds light on our path