Holy Blood

The Patriot tracks



The flame, burning in me
Leads me to war.
Soul flows to battle,
To fight with Satan.

War for the human souls,
It is the most important
To release from enslavement Kiev-city,
And all Slavonic folk.

Souls living in darkness
Are enslaved by Satan.
There is no happiness,
Only depression burns.

I will fight,
I have the strength to stay,
I will not give up, not fall,
I was born to win.

Horned heads crushed from shoulders
By the sharp sword.
There is no fortune for Satan,
Because God is with me.

There is no quiet for me,
Because I was born for war,
I was born to win over the enemy,
And save you.


Our land groans from pain,
The Slavonic motherland cries.

Hey, Slavonic brother, our motherland waits,
Raise your sword as a patriot,
Protect the Slavonic land from evil,
From devilish intrigues, from heathen lies.

Wind carries the war call,
Be without pity, in the struggle with Satan.

Time of battle has begun already,
Raise your sword, throw away doubts,
God is with us in this war,
In the battle for souls in the Slavonic land.

The final of the battle is decided:
Good wins in the struggle with the evil.


There will come day
When the end of evil will become,
All, that served evil,
Will be thrown into the fire.

Wind of death carries sinful spirits
Straight into mouth of fire, in torture.
Demons and people will wail from pain,
Eternal death, eternal torture.

The lake of fire
Will absorb all the darkness,
And fallen angels
Will burn in the fire.

Eternal death, eternal tortures,
Demons and people will wail from pain.

I don't want to live in expectation of fire,
Life in eternal fear is not for me,
I don't want to burn forever,
May the Devil burn himself.

Where's no light, there is only darkness,
Where's no love, there only fear.
The advantage of Christians,
Is that God gives us life.

Against eternal fire
There is a narrow way.
The way, the truth and the life
For those, who go by it.


Tempestuous river – Slavonic blood,
It was born in fire, and for holy war.

Free Spirit in blood,
In Slavonic blood.
Free Holy Spirit
Baptized us by war.
Free Spirit in blood,
He is in my blood,
Free Holy Spirit
Rise us to fight.

Thirst to live in freedom
Flows in Slavonic blood.
Don't be enslaved by darkness,
defeat darkness in yourself.

God has given birth for us in fire,
And for holy war.
He has given us Free Spirit,
To avoid eternal torture.

Screams and moans, torture and screams,
Will sound in fire,
Sinful people and fallen angels,
All who served Satan,
Will burn in fire eternally,
Slaves of darkness will burn.

Christ died for our freedom,
To make free from enslavement,
Slavonic souls, Christian souls,
He has taken from darkness.


We choose our fate,
Light or darkness.
Sinful people will burn in hell,
And the righteous will see God.

Everybody, who wants to go to the light
Will be hated by darkness,
But those, who wait until the end,
He will win.

Glory and honour for those, who have given
Their lives, died for Christ,
God will remember their names,
Their reward is great.

Torture and pain, and death for Christ
Is nothing, compared to the reward,
God remembers their names,
Their reward is heaven.

Hate dissolves brains
Of sinful people, slaves of Satan.
And when God shows their sins,
Sinful people had crucified Christ.

Every heart will be tested,
Each faith will be hardened,
All God's children will go through trial,
And those, who stay, will be in heaven.

As gold, which is cleansed by fire in the hands of the Father,
It is our well-tried faith of God,
Incorruptible soul, and mouth without pride,
we will not deny Jesus, even in fear of death.


The Blood of Christ washes away sin,
The Blood of Christ is poured out for you.
For your sins and crimes,
Jesus has taken all the sins on himself,
Because he won on the cross of Golgotha
Satan and all his subjects,
He redeemed you from eternal torture,
Your salvation depends on your decision.

Repent, and you'll be saved!
Repent, otherwise you're doomed to torture!

I lived in darkness without You,
I was burning in fire without You,
You saved me from death,
Because you poured out Your Blood for me.
You redeemed us from death,
Set free from enslavement,
You paid for us on the cross,
Pouring out Your Blood for us.

But there will come day of retribution
For Your Holy Blood,
When the Devil will be cast
Into hell, full of fire.
Into hell, full of fire and brimstone,
There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
I will not suffer as the Devil,
Day and night, eternally,

Do you hear wild cry, screams and sobs,
Eternal moans of agony, burning?
There is torture for unrepentant sinners?
They pay for their sins.
They will burn eternally in hell, full of fire and brimstone,
There they will suffer with Satan,
But Jesus paid for us with His Blood,
And you can be free from this fate.