The Respect Issue tracks


1. Young, Rich, And Out Of Control

There's no more love, trust, respect, or loyalty.

Product of my surroundings.

2. Sound Wave Superior

I draw my line in the sand.
Choose your side.
If this is becoming a man then I am god like bow down to me.
I'm here to break the cipher.
I never wanted for it to come to this, but if you're not with me then you can get out, and all your suffering is proof of my righteousness.
I wish though Guidos fucking killed you!
It feels so good to watch you fail.
What the fuck did you think? Did you think we could be friends? Karma has come to collect.
Yeah this is what you get I pray her cancer is coming back.
Your broken face won't be the only mess karma has come to collect.

3. I Only Mean Half Of What I Don't Say

I'll try my best to explain the situation, but there's only one way that I know how.
So listen up, now.
I will show no sympathy any chance I get I'm gonna pour salt in your wounds.
After you forgive me tell me why should I Ever fucking care.


I know this sounds too familiar.


You would kill to be where I am.


Choices you make they will haunt you to your grave.
This will haunt you to the grave.
You, you're trying your hardest it makes me fucking sick.
Your sad fate.
I'm not the only one laughing at your fucking mistakes and I don't really gotta tell you 'cause you already know.
You are beneath me...

I came out on top.

4. False Love In Real Life

Let Me Take My Time
Let Me Work Things Out
I Could Be The Man You've Been Dreaming Of
Just Get On Your Knees
And Open Your Mouth
And Accept This Gift Of Lust And Let Downs
What Did You Expect?
You Think I Really Care?
Your Just Another Notch On This Belt I Wear
So I'm Taking Off
Yeah I'm Leaving Town
Don't Call Or Write
See You Around
God Damn , Fuck Her Like I Never Could
Fuck Her Doggy Style First
I Fucking Die Just From The Thought
And If you Want It You Can Have It Baby
Just Come And Sit By Me
God Damn , I Never Knew It Could This Easy
You Take My Money But I Take Your Time
All I Wanted Was To Stop Think Back And Rewind
All I Wanted Was A Memory So You Can Savor The Moment
Thank You , You Fucking Whore.

5. Chicago's Finest

There's a million things that I could say if you're down for listening.
I never thought I'd wanna come back home.
I never thought I'd feel so alone.
But I chose my path 9 years ago and now there's no turning back.
No, there's no turning back.
I lost everything just to have this.
And now my dreams are coming true.
Chase you dreams.
Don't leave in fear.

6. Tales From The Burg

I'll never forget waking up in Baltimore.
My palms full of sweat.
Clearly you've had your revenge.
For the night I spit right in your face.
You will never forget and I will never forget.
Every waking moment I spend wishing you were dead.
Just fucking die.
It must of been his brand new hand pentagram
Or the fact that he fucks Iron city girls , no condom on the rag.
Just so you know the next time you're sucking his dick.
You're tasting the blood of a pirates fan.
Tell me how much lower can you go in life.
You fucking bitch.
I'm so over it, I'm fucking over it.
I'm not over it , I'm never over it.
What a perfect romance.
A plague on both your houses.

7. Rough Justice

We will teach them not to mistake our kindness for weakness.
A search for honesty is right before your hands, and I'll do anything to inspire a few but what can I do?
This is the only war I wage.
I am prepared to fight with everything I got to prove I'm right you'll grow a thirst for truth after tonight.
This is the only war I wage There simply is no saving you.
Stand on your feet and fight.

8. Snuff 2: The Resurrection

Pay attention to what I'm about to say.
This is a true confession.
Mother, I killed someone today.
I know I shouldn't throw it all down the drain, but she fucking deserved it.
For everything she did to me.
Getting away with murder is probably the hardest thing to do.
I hope I get a lawyer, or else I'm calling my brother screaming, "Where are you?" what the fuck was I thinking?
I should of known I couldn't get away with this.
It was over dumb shit, and they already had my finger prints.
That's how they know.
It was me.
I took her life away but she fucking deserved it.
I don't regret a thing.

9. Dry Ice


10. You're More Like Friend Without The "R"

There will never be a song that touches on the subject how deeply I feel rejected.
Stab your lungs.
I hope you're feeling so much better now.
You don't got 5 than you're not hanging out, but being friends was all I ever cared about.
Look at me now.
I've lost faith in everyone.
I'm burning my bridges no apologies could ever mend what gap you created too much time has passed.
You missed your chance to make this right.
Back stabbing murderers.
I hope the handle never leaves you.
And the song ends and the audience stands.
Time wasted spent wasted