Eden's Curse

The Second Coming tracks





Ladies and Gentlemen
Can I have your attention please?
Remove all your masks
Then get down on your knees

Let us see your eyes
They're the windows to the soul
We can see beyond the lies
And seek the truth as a whole

Welcome to the Masquerade Ball
Where the last one standin' takes it all
Welcome to the Masquerade Ball
Where the truth's uncovered reveal it all

Ladies and Gentlemen
You gotta stand right here in line
We wanna see you one by one
And you'd better not decline

You might try to run
But the door is bolted tight
There's nowhere you can turn
Time to meet the maker tonight


Every now and then I face the truth, alone
There's many times when I have been uncouth, I know
I guess the light that shines on me
Is there for one and all to see
I don't deserve to be on this pedestal

Trust in nobody alone you will be
Don't hide your feelings when nothing's for free
Life shows no mercy your power to learn
All of god's angels condemned me to burn

I've been down there before
I've been on the darker side
The devil has been my guide
There's a light on the shore
A place where lost souls hide
And Angels and Demons collide

Runnin' from the truth I left behind, so long
The many nights the demons came alone, felt wrong
I guess the time is right for me to risk a little honesty
I'm facing the unknown for all I've done

And Angels and Demons collide
And Angels and Demons collide


There's a bitter taste in my mouth
I've felt before (woah oh oh oh)
You hesitate when I ask you
What you're waitin' for (woah oh oh oh)

Coz right from the start
I could tell this wasn't meant to be
Coz deep in your heart
You never tolerated me

You're not the only one
To take the money and run
You sold your soul
Just like Judas, Judas
I know that you'd be back
I await the attack
Why would you be like Judas?

A strange sensation arises
When I hear your name (woah oh oh oh)
That familiar feelin' you get
When you've been betrayed (woah oh oh oh)


So many times in life
We judge another
Yet never discover why
Cuz the road has different turns

So many wrongs made right
Like so many rules
Made up by fools
Ain't your life hard enough?

Stand up - Fight for how your livin'
Knocked down - Gotta find your way back up
Figure out - It's all about the givin'
We're living' in the danger zone

Sail On - My chance to make this right
How am I always findin' the wrong way
When nothin' else matters
Sail away from this life
Sail On - One chance to live my life
How could I ever know the right way
Dreams have been shattered
Sail away from this life

So much black and white
So much under cover
They never discover why
Another sign of the times
We're living in


Born under dark clouds
Heaven is your enemy
Freedom for the holy
Peace couldn't let it be

Woah oh oh - Callin' on the devil's friend
Woah oh oh - Make his mark over time
Woah oh oh - Listen to the voices
Woah oh oh - Answers they will never find

You're huntin', you're hidin'
Keep runnin', you're runnin'
Still fading, keep fighting,
Stop runnin', keep runnin'

Lost in Wonderland (I can't reach you)
Your whole world is damned (I can't see you)
Change it if you can (I can't reach you)
Lost in Wonderland (I can't see you)

Drivin' the devil's train
Live a life of misery
All they lose is all you gain
Society the enemy

Woah oh oh - Can you hear the thunder?
Woah oh oh - Karmas catchin' up with you
Woah oh oh - Listen to the voices
Woah oh oh - Pain is sure to follow you


A tragedy
Hits harder than you'll ever know
So tell me why do the good die young?

With the wind in your hair
And the smile on your face
You disappeared without a trace...
I can't believe you're gone (you're gone)
But you're not forgotten

I never said goodbye
Where are you now, no-one knows
I never saved your life
Now the west wind blows
We never kissed goodnight
Seeds we planted never grow
I never changed your life
Now the west wind blows

Your sympathy
It doesn't help me I should know
There's no reason for one so young


Runnin' in circles
Tryin' to find the way out of the storm
Surroundin' me

Chasin' the rainbow
With pots of gold as far as the eye can se
Here comes the rain

I'm losing sight of the simple things
Close my eyes
And I know that you're right here with me

I believe in those
Signs of your life
I can feel them now
The signs of your life

Chasing the shadows
Hidin' from the demons in my life
They're hauntin' me

Painting the picture
Of skies above and golden sandy shores
Where it never rains


Pages closed in the magazines
Hittin' standby on the TV screens
People think if they turn away
That this problem disappears

Ignoring write ups in the daily news
Changing stations to avoid the views
So many heads deep down in the sand
Won't they listen to our pleas

And if we all join hands
And if we all join hearts
We can make a change
For the children of tomorrow
And if we all join minds
And if we all join conscience
Together we'll prove
It's not man against the world

Empty boxes on the streets below
Too many people that are sayin' no
Wonder if they understand
It's like spreadin' a disease

So much at stake, so few who care
The little things so precious and rare
The smallest change can do so much
For a world down on its knees


Under cover of darkness, the haunting of night
I glide under stars, dark clouds without sight
On, I'm on my way

The sinning goes on, no means to an end
He counts all the riches, no one to offend
On, I'm on my way

Further and further
Faster and faster, close to you
I'm headed for the point of no return
Your heart starts to flutter
Your life's in the gutter and lacking truth
Watch it come undone

When the ravens come
You better start runnin'
They'll block out the sun
Attack you without warnin'
From over the hills
Intent to avenge
It's the raven's revenge

Down incognito and you hear the screams
They rape and they pillage, no matter the means
On, I'm on my way

Incensed by his greed and driven by hate
I'll get to him one day, I don't mind the wait
On, I'm on my way


Help me understand
Why did it take so long for you to be a man
Wasted pay no mind
The centre of life
A kingdom at the back of your mind

Stranded n' restless on your own
A place n' time without a home
Heaven help your lonely life
Where every day you roll the dice

You're a Lost Soul, you're a Lost Soul
What's it like to stray from the ones in need
Got to follow, got to follow
Face the fears, believe what you can't believe
You're a Lost Soul, you're a Lost Soul
What's it like to stray from the ones in need
Got to follow, got to follow
Face the fears of your Lost Soul

Blameless 'til you die
I truly believe you never even really tried
Shameless in recompense
Easin' the pain of a young ones innocence


Caught in the act, caught in the game
Can't tell no tales
And you never speak names
This is your one chance for glory
So figure it out

Slave to machines
Daily routines
Is that how ya always dreamt it?
Chained to a clock
Part of the flock
There's no sign of exit

No doubt - Some claim an easy way out
If you wanna be king for a day
Learn the games people play

Caught in a lie, a web of deceit
Turnin' a blind eye
They steal and they cheat
Who said that crime cannot pay
So figure it out


Hey girl, did you catch my name?
It's written on the back of your smile
Stand up, slam the door behind
The heartache's never worth your while

Your life is like a timebomb tickin'
(Tickin' inside, tickin' inside, tickin')
Never too late to save a soul you're kickin'
Ride the storm

Hold your dream it helps to
Ride the storm that breaks you
Live tomorrow
I'm livin' a life you're hidin' from
Hold a dream it helps to
Ride the storm that claims you
Live Tomorrow
Turn around and ride the storm

Look out, life's erasin' you
You're gone in just a second of time
Be strong, to thy own be true
There's nothin' in the past to find

Don't wait to hear the timebomb tickin'
(Tickin' inside, tickin' inside, tickin')
Round and round, see the world you're missin'
Ride the storm