Dead Silence Hides My Cries

The Symphony of Hope tracks





You do it all the time
You bring pain, you bring crime
It’s the way of exile
You never ever smile

Do you remember the pain? (Pain that you caused) Say!
You show repentance, get blame (You get the blame) Pray!

You think you are so fine
But you are worth a dime
Inside you are so vile
Your soul is full of bile

Waste the fucking disease filling your head
Make your last breath to change your way
Don’t walk away, remorse is so nigh, accept it now, regret!

You take away
All their sacred hopes
You maim and slay
Enjoying their bawls

Deprived of grace
You drive them to suffer
Hiding your face
You leave them nothing


You feel the pain
How can I heal this broken heart?
The ruthless flame is what you feel
You fall apart!

I can save you
Please reach out your hand
You must leave your
Fears right where you stand

You got your life in your hands
I will tear them open
You will understand
Your fears are broken

Don't go away
Don't fight just stay
You will survive
You will survive

Don't go away
Stick to your way
You will survive
You will survive

You want to find a new tomorrow
Trying to drown your inner sorrow
Just make the move, can’t wait no longer
Just make the move to make yourself stronger
I will release you from the pain

Don’t refuse and don’t you lose your last chance


I can no longer bear it

Where is my freedom?
Will it come to me again?
Besides my old hope
I do not have anything

I miss my home, miss the things
That used to give me might all the time
I want to come back to my home
I will return to the haven of mine!

I run to you my beloved sight
I see the sun is shining bright
The saving light that helped me everyday
I'm close to you, I'm almost back
It is the day I cannot slack
Just one more dash and I'll be home again

I feel the fetters are taken away
I know, I'll come home forever to stay

I believe that I will take what is mine! All mine!

I run away (I am alive, I am alive)
No more dismay (feeling relief, feeling relief)
I reached my home (my home is my Eden)
I'm not alone (this is my best joy, this is my best joy)


Dreams coming true despite everything
Focus your mind on your craving
Dispel all your doubts and fears
Believe in yourself
The goal will be achieved

Your tomorrow is gonna come too fast
Leave your sorrow in the past
Hope will make your dreams come true
So be sure it's the clue

Don't you listen to anything
Except what your heart is saying
You are so close, gather your will
Your dream now looks, like it is real

Stand up fight for your fate
Until it is too late

The hundreds of roads and pathways
Brought you to these long-awaited days

You've reached your goal left all behind
Your restless soul is satisfied

Your tomorrow turned into today
You have done the whole long way
You have walked through ice and fire
You have paid for your desire




Woke up in this place with no memory
I can call to mind nothing from my past

I started my life from a blank sheet with nothing in it
I dun no who to trust trying to guess are you friend or foe

I keep on searching
And i will be seeking
For the only truth
For the only truth
Full of confusion
And stuck in delusion
I just want to find
The truth defined

I wish, I found someone that I knew before
I have no grasp, no purpose what to do?

I am trying hard to understand my destination
I know that I should do something that will make great sense

Truth (the real truth) is close to me
Time (it is time) to seize who I am

I found the answers to my questions
I came to save this world from spreading rot and wane

I know my meaning now and I will give a vow
To make this world a much better place

I'm done with searching
And finished the seeking
For the only truth
For the only truth
No more confusion
And free from the delusion
I managed to find
The truth defined

I know who I am


Falling down it's the end it seems
Cruelly you destroyed my dreams
I'm struggling through difficult days
Get me rid of all my dismay

It's all over
Infinity and pain
It's all over
The very end of fame
I cannot trust now
A single soul
Fate has played its role

I got no power
Getting on my knees
I got no power
Begging you, please
I'll turn to dust now
So make haste
My fate!
I can’t stand your taste

Your deeds
Took my breath away
Your deeds
Led me to decay
The strife
Help me in this strife
My fate
I feel a lot of hate

I close my eyes,
And see the dream
Of better times for me
I'll leave the past
So plumb and fast
And I'll be happy again


My hate is spread
So stuck in my head
And it holds me
Can not set me free

You cruel fucking bitch!
You left me nothing bitch!

I lost my home and family
Hate burns me out so madly
I promise you
I will avenge
It's the end no one
Will ever change

Can't stop my hate
No more can i wait
Repent is nigh
You are gonna die

Wrath’s ruling me
Can not leave me be
I swear he will pay
One great fucking day

Can't forgive
It's too late
Nor can live
With my hate

Strong goddamn rage
Deep in my mind
Poisoned it all
Made me so blind
Only one thing
Stuck in my head
And it makes me
Fucking obsessed

But now I feel my burden is gone


I was so lost and so lonely
Was vainly searching for my sense
I needed to find my muse strongly
Notwithstanding the expense

Before I met you on my way
I was falling into decay

I knew you would
I knew you should
Change my life

Your smile, your eyes
Your voice, your guise
In my heart

You gave me power
To free myself, unlock the gate
I know
It is the hour
To be delivered from my fate
I'm free

I could not feel, no joy, no zeal
You gave me strength with might
And you changed me so I breathed free
I felt the mirth of life

I was locked in a tight cage
With no light and need for rage
It was you who set me free
And helped me now I can see!

You’re the one stuck in my mind
The only thing I wished to find
I won't survive without you now
You are my air, my life, I swear!

You saved me reached out your hand
It was the best I could demand
Now I can feel that I'm alive
It's due to you owing to you

I feel that I'm so different when I'm with you
And i will be forever close to you


Good bye
Good bye, my friend
Know that i will
Always miss you

Good bye
Good bye, my friend
Know that i feel
Sad without you

My love to you is brighter than all sunbeams
I will not let you go from my heart, never!

Come to my dreams
Take me away
Come to my dreams
Come and stay

May your soul
Be blessed in eden
Rest in peace
You will not
Be forsaken
By your friend

I wish, I could find a friend like you, brother
I won't change you for anyone and anything
This damn separation! I can't take it!
I wish that you were here my old ally

Oh God, why did you make him die today?
Why of all roads was he lead to this way?
Bring him back to earth and let him stay there
He is truly worth it
His death was unfair

May your soul
Be blessed in eden
Rest in peace
You will not
Be forsaken
By your friend

I'll miss you my friend
My heart will not mend


Please clean my dismay
Take me away
Straight to heaven
To your site
I just went astray
Show me the way
Light the beacon
We'll unite

I want to be there
That place's free from lies
There are no words like care
And no one ever cries

Why did you leave me here?
I am now all alone
If I don't have you near
My heart will turn to stone

My pain is so severe
Can't wait to have you near
I'll join you in heaven
Sorrow will be outdone