The Temples of Offal tracks



Summoning of morbid minds
The darkness will rise with you
Defying your creations
A prophet of eternity
Eternal fall as the angels sob
In human gore imbued
Feel the enchantment
Over each quivering form
Unveiling mortal sorcery
As your soul rots

Sorcery in your mind
Live immortal life
Incantation beyond the gate
Beyond the world I once knew

Dispelled from darkness, which they dwell
Chants of evil in the air
As I now stand before the ancient lords
Sending magic upon

Sorcery in your mind
Live immortal fate
Incantation beyond the gate
Beyond the world I knew


Immolation of cries, anguished ones curse!
I need guidence to the sunless tomb beyond
Sigh of the ancient image appears
In the silent place we dwell
Seeking the ressurectionist to the ancients
Wise of new gods honor the evil

Mankind has unleashed
Dark winds godly images invoke
Lost in a dark void
Resting in this silent place

The sigh of the ancient image
Emerges from the sunless tomb
I lead the way through my mind
To reach light beyond

Remains of those hear my cry
A soul destroyed for all eternity
Lost in a dark void
Voices are heard but not seen


Gods of night, together with you, I destroy
Suppressed with pain, vile and sick
Twisted flames, horrid cries
Screams of hate, condemning all my prey
Ancient curse, morbid priest
The alter I give praise

Sadistic spell, unleash my fate
Reclaim the dark world, I desecrate

Descending souls, recite the spell
Reclaim my throne, sacred ground
Concealed by chaos, the suffering begins
I pray in homage, the wrath complete
The body has decayed

Told him the secret name
Secret shapes within the ancient horde
Great gods hear me, I disembody

The words of my doom which they have spoken
May they melt like wax
Three watchers of the night, dissolve the evil