Bloodbath (SWE)

The Wacken Carnage tracks





Cancer of The Soul
Kill them, for they must die
Mongers of the greatest lie
Burn them, for (the) sins they scar
Followers not leaders in war
Left to rot is their faith on poles
Icons shatter with burning holes
Curtains fall on religion's role
The cancer of the soul

Hallowed name, holy trinity
With disdain now crush this divinity
Preaching tongues, lizard spawned
Recycle the Christian death from (the) beyond
House of God, pit of snakes
Staring through the eyes of mistakes
In their hearts, oh they carry fear
Succumb to death and make it disappear

Casket cracks, (with) human debris
Death in the last degree
Salvation's not, to be seen
Faith is lost in the blood-red scream
Repeating God's, name in vain
The mantra of your life's pain
Body cracks, (with) vivisection
Salvation's now a dead infection


I will have a feast on your soul
And watch your world as it comes tumbling down
You know there is no return
I will make you burn inside your time has come

I show no mercy
You know I know no other way
Than to revel in your flesh
I am born to conquer
So you die

I live inside you
So you die
I won't surrender
So you die

And now when your days are counted
I have reached my goal
You are broken down
Your life is lost I have collected yet another soul

That's when you see
That you have lost your soul to me
That's when you feel
That you have lost the will to live
And I am still here
Waiting for the next to drain of life
And I am stronger now
Then when I took your useless life

No living thing can be spared from my attack
When I feel the urge to kill
I hate your breath and the strength you get from life
Because I have never lived
And now it�s my time to be one with
All the mortal ones that walk the earth
I enter human form my wicked soul lives on into eternity


Surgical exposure
Embalmed in blood and unaware
Your heart collapsing in the wake
Your eyes are frozen in a stare

Imprisonment in flesh
Deadened body holding cell
Neurobiosis cuts the way on through
Rotting soul condemned to Hell

I cut away
Sculpture death
Carve in your thoughts
Parasite breath
Breed is the cause
Sever the spine
I dissect
So perfect
Muscles that bind

Soul evisceration

Nauseating pressure
Internal landscapes overflow
Bleeding forth the secrets of your soul
The human body deathrow

Installment of distress
Revolting death is now complete
Your suffering is taking human form
My own disease is named deceit


To believe is to deceive
Down on knees you're choked on memories
Turned into lies of pure demise
Below to lay far beyond the day

A wretched fate
At the point of no return
Doomed to crawl
Into the darkest of deaths

Forever ceased to be
(On the) ways to the grave

A flickering mind in the life rewind
Thoughts pierced and hanged on hooks
Suffering hell inside a human shell
Your body will break and crack to dust

Die - it's time to pay for all your sins
Die - consciousness devoured by a cell of soil
Die - punished and doomed as a liar
Die - hope shall be buried with maggots to coil

The presence fades away to betray
All your hope is gone
There is none there to bring light
And out of sight you pay in mental decay
A wretched fate
At the point of no return
Doomed to rot
Into the darkest of deaths
It all ends here in euphoria and fear
The last sight is your only light in total pain
Portrayed insane
Lungs burst by vomits nursed

A wretched fate
At the point of no return
Doomed to rot
Into the darkest of deaths

Forever ceased to be
(On the) ways to the grave


Stomach slashed open, he wields his blade
Obsessed with flesh from evil he was made
In my own blood soon my killer will wade
Puts glass into my mouth, a diet grim
Fills me up with pain above the brim

Vomit of blood ominous sing
Puts my health on a steady decline
Terrifying scum bastard of the earth
Life turns into torture amid its darkened mirth

Flooding blood from every hole
Carving out the remains of my soul
Steaming out of my eyes, what a terrible deed
The more I pray for mercy the more I bleed

Sacrificed to the freak
Still alive but so weak
His obsession will put me to death
And he smiles when I take my last breath

Zombiefication through torture
Terror, blood, guts and gore
Living dead, live in death
I scream but I only want more


I am eternal
The ruler of the earth and sky
I am infernal
I am on a quest to see the heavens die
My fascination with the dead
Won't be fulfilled here on this killing spree

And when they dream
That's when my spirit arise
And when they scream
A little part of them dies
I find my way into the minds of the weak
They are led astray
It's now my path that they seek

You die before me
Your destiny is in my hands
You are soon to see
My one desire is to rule this world eternally

And when they dream
That's when my spirit arise
And when they scream
A little part of them dies
I find my way into the minds of the weak
They are led astray
It's now my path that they seek

You will never reach me
I am the darkest one
You will never heal me
A mind beyond repair
I will make you fear me
I slay your hopes and dreams
You're lost forever
In this world of mine

I devastate your life
And crush your every dream
No human being will perceive your silent scream
The king of rapture will betray your soul tonight
The life of yours is soon to end in brutal death

Don't look me in the eyes if you are awake
Just a glimpse of me will put your life at stake
I am the horizon
I am the serpent of the dead
My gaze will burn your skin and flesh into a crisp

Like fire
Like fire

This very morbid mind of mine
Will set your course into and early grave
I twist your fate and seal your doom
I bit you welcome - my eternal slave


He is hater of the rotten Earth
He is the nova that will drape the sky in woe
We drink from his poisoned water
He is lord of those who dwell bound in sickness
Spitting vomit in the face of faith
Cleansing us who must atone for being weak
We drink from his poisoned water
He is the shadow cast upon those defiled

Victorious call
It will not befall
No salvation is free
Death comes beckoning thee
Encircle thee
Voices come in wind
Son of perdition
You come beckoning me

The sky embedded in the death of a nova
Effigy is seen in a second of light
No voice in the crack of his mouth
Bastard son of God


Falling into obscure demise
Ripping death confronts their lives
Born as a freak in decrepit birth
Ignorance prevails, buried in earth

I seem contorted, a victim of death
Corrupt reality, a poisoned breath
From beyond the grave, a sight of gore
Rise from the crypts, life no more

Rancid corpse, afterlife bliss
Greeting the night with a vulgar hiss
Pulsating innards for me to bless
Drowning in bile, enjoying the mess

Aiming at your face
Using piss for mace
You like the taste
Painting the wall with the blood of a slut
Agonizing scrotum beginning to rot
Eyes full of blood dripping like a flood
Rotting as I walk,
The silhouette of a zombie dark
Don't turn around 'cause it's you I stalk

I see death evocation
I see undead despair
I see decapitation
In the wake of pain, breeding death

Embraced by doom
The dead mans gloom
Life is no more
My soul existence in gore
Guardian of my grave
Come near, be brave
Your spine I will rip
In rapture licking my lips

Undertaker, fake servant of God
Followers paying tribute to God Dog
Fucking fools, doesn't matter that you pray
You will die 'cause it's you that I will slay
Time to meet thy maker
Fingers tighten round your neck
But my eyes are open wide
Evil and wicked ways
You believe that I'm just
Another fucking wreck
You lay mutilated corpse
I disappear through the haze


Flames, wildfire
As far as the eye can see
Purging inferno catastrophy
Waves, highwater
At the places it shouldn't be
Sweeping, whirlpool insanity

World downfall, the fury and the chaos within
Ambushment, attack from within the Earth

When the sky turns black and nature's sounds go mute
The dead walk the Earth's last round
Outnumbering the day
All light peels away
In the flickering sway of the sun's last ray

Winds, tornado
Rage above all lands
Blowing storm out of hand

Soil, sands
Spreading across the nations
Disastrous dry desert plantations

When the rats flee off this sinking ship called Earth
The world stops turning as time dies
Outnumbering the day
All the air blows cold
As the damp mould covers more than only our old


Rising from the darkside
Arriving from beyond
The lord of death approaches
To end all human lives

The pleasure of the torment
Will bring him back to Earth
The time has come for closure
The final hour calls

But there's a way out of the misery
You can join the massacre
Once you're in you're never out
A soldier of the dead forevermore

There's eternity for sale
In the Brave New Hell
You will join here and dwell
In the Brave New Hell (brave new hell)
None can stop the rising
Of the Brave New Hell
You will come alive
In the Brave New Hell (brave new hell)

Your death for life eternal
Is no high price to play
You'll get more strength
From every single human that you slay

The night of devastation
The final holocaust
Bring on the armageddon
Only death remains

Now... that all his enemies have ceased
It's time for the final feast
Tear the flesh of the remains of mankind
The rebirth of Hell on Earth

Behold... eternal eclipse!
Humanity fades away
The creatures bond to black
Will turn color into grey


Wake up in a sweat
Blood in my mouth
Fainted by the torture, had no time to shout
A gathering of freaks, and evil plot, a feast
Trapped in the furnace, sacrificial to the beast

Temperature's increased, searing my skin
I start to realize I'm the last of my kin
Acrid devastation in the furnace of fate
Bubbles on my body, I know it's far too late
Hair is removed by the embers hiss
Retarded people laugh, worthless life in a bliss
Eyes leave their sockets, sour taste of pus
Abscess boiling, burst and gush

Oven of disgust, companion of distrust
Medium rare for the course is a must
See the bastard smile, will be devoured by them freaks
Genitals charred, I pay the price for being meek

The hatch is open
Topping me with spice
Roasted body, their hunger's my demise

They sit around the table, those ugly fucks
Served as a three-course dinner, yucks!
Excrements boil, they don't seem to care
Brunch of flesh gobbets, in their lair

My final rest on a silver plate
I hope they choke on my limbs, showing my hate
Bred in a line of incesticide
Sick and deformed, not on my side

Furnace funeral


I've had one desire since I was born
To see my body ripped and torn
To see my flesh devoured before my eyes
I'm here for you I volunteer as a human sacrifice

Carve me up, slice me apart
Suck my guts, lick my heart
Chop me up I like to be hurt
Drink my marrow and blood for dessert
Eaten... My one desire, my only wish is to be
Eaten... The longer I live the more I'm dying to feel the pain
Eaten... I would do anything to be
Eaten... My one desire, my only wish is to be

I finally found you, my personal slaughter
As an appetizer, I let you taste my daughter
Call me sick but this is what I need
My only purpose here is for you to feed

Desecrate me
Tear me limb from limb
Eviscerate me
Chew me to death