Holy Blood

The Wanderer tracks


1. Bogatyr Gates In Capital Town In Kiev


2. The Wanderer

The wind sings as it touches his face,
My soul searches You,
Your house is far away from this land,
But Your kindom is in the heart of my soul.

You call me to the way,
Where the sun rises,
To the way, where truth is a life for me,
I am running through a dream polluted by ill
Spreading through the distance
where a dream, can be a reality.

Your kindom is in my soul,
I am the wanderer on this land.

My soul flies far away,
Rejoicing in heaven,
Far away I strive to live my dream
I am the wanderer on this land

I am the wanderer on this land,
I am the wanderer on this land,
I am the wanderer.

3. Kill

Kill (4times)

Kill satan in yourself and wipe your feet of him (2times)

God is for you, power beside you,
Use the power, trample the evil (2times)

Kill the nonentity within yourself
And embrace the Omnipotent

4. The Warrior

Holy fire inside of me
As the flow of water, as the skies above
Holy fire destroy evil, destroying its ways
Mercilessly burning all the works of Satan.

Flame, fire,
Satanic stench burning by prayer.

A prayer is like a butcher's axe slicing the demonic spirits
Cocked circular saw that thirst of meat.
The prayer warrior strides
On the dead bodies of his enemies,
Intoxicated by the thirst of revenge,
The sharp axe is in his mouth.
The demons are hacked in spiritual battle,
Heads with horns falls on different sides,
The prayer of the butcher is working,
The axe in his mouth is ready,
A maniac in the service of God –
Fear for the underworld.

My victory is decided already,
My God has decided it for me,
I just walk on the dead bodies, my enemies,
With prayer in mouth, as strong as an axe.

5. Morning


6. In The Lake Of Fire

Darkness absorbs the minds of the people,
And people become mad beasts,
But darkness will not stay long, only before the rise of day,
And only those who runs to the light, Can save themselves.

All of my life is beside the altar,
The unearthly light is opened in front of you,
My soul is tipsy of you,
Through the darkness in me I run to You.

Lord - salvation, Jesus - the light,
That will dismiss the darkness to burn aflame,
And the day will came only for one,
Who searches the truth in his soul

Oh, save me, Lord,
Keep me from fire,
Don't allow my soul to burn,
Lord, I run to You

My soul runs to the place where darkness has died
Where there is no evil and no grief, where the sunrises appears

The day will come and there will be no darkness
Hear the warmth of the day, there will be no grief,
The day will come and light will destroy the darkness
In the lake of fire the evil will burn

In lake of fire (4times)

7. The Poor World

He has chosen the way for himself, the way of the dark and evil,
He thought to change the world, and to replace the good with evil,
He tried in vain, the creature is weaker than its Creator,
Rebelled against himself, against the happiness he had
With the hope to win, it will harm his soul,
He will burn in the flames, which will destroy his soul,

He struggled against himself, against his happiness

The poor world has made a banquet,
It has glorified evil, for himself

The flame from the mouth of the Lord will burn any kind of riot
All that stand against the good, all that serve wickedness
Will burn as the straw, and only shout, but no one can hear
In the lake of fire, all that serve evil

Everyone solves for himself, deciding what will be their future
The eternal flame, or heaven,
Let yourself hear, believe, let yourself , in order to save your soul fast,
God hates evil, and all evil is doomed
And those who will choose evil, doom their soul,
Burning in fire, destroying the soul

Blood and fire - and court will begin
Blood and fire – the mad shout
Blood and fire – and sky will descend
Blood and fire - and the evil will burn

You struggle against yourself,
against the happiness you struggle to find

8. The Dnieper


9. On Drakkares Of Fate

The light blazes in darkness,
Salvation for us
As the lighthouse among the rocks,
I searched for it all my life

There was a path I walked
Searching the road to darkness
Among the sea I saw an abyss
And among ruined rocks
Making the way on waves in darkness
On drakkares of the fate
We have seen the light
That called us on the coast of life

Calls, on the coast, under the firmament
On the coast of life, where there is no darkness
Making my way among the rocks
To the light of the lighthouse,
the way to heaven amongst all the evil

The wave has covered me again,
And in my mouth remained the taste of sin
But the boart is damaged away
from the land and the coast
I row with all my strength
Waves are breaking in on board,
And wind renders the sail almost useless
And I sail towards the light of the lighthouse
Through the storm of adversities
Stars hid in darkness,
And the moon has tried to shine
But light, beckoning me,
Does not allow me to get lost among the darkness

Light, beckoning me, light that calls me
Light, beckoning me, light of the Lord

The path for the ones, who once searched for
The road away from darkness
Among the abyss of sea
And among ruined rocks
Making the way on waves in darkness
On drakkares of fate
We have seen the light
That called us to the coast of life
Where there is no darkness,
Making my way among rocks
to the light of the lighthouse
My way through evil, towards heaven
To heaven

10. Cold Winds

Cool winds take away dreams
In the freedom of the night emptiness surrounds all
And ravens are whirling menacingly in my thoughts
Trying tocut through my brain, without the use of a knife
The blood of my veins have frozen with fear of evil
And cruel depression destroys with the sword
Impossible to avoid the eclipse of thoughts
And the abyss has opened her mouth to devour

But there is a power to change everything
There is a truth that will give power to live
There is a fairness, the dream is given to me
There is a faithfull word, the word of Christ

The Cold is completely piercing the soul
Agony of thoughts, evil fate
The eternity of torment begins here
But even now there is exit for you

11. Kill ( Remix )

Kill (4times)

Kill satan in yourself and wipe your feet of him (2times)

God is for you, power beside you,
Use the power, trample the evil (2times)

Kill the nonentity within yourself
And embrace the Omnipotent.