Abused Majesty

Thee I Worship tracks



Black, as the sky above me
My soul wanders into the night
Beneath the shadows of thee almighty
Emperor of darkness
Creeping above the woods
Beneath the moon, together with wolfs,
As one, like a blizzard
Beneath the stars so bright...
Through the forest we run
Dazzled by the shapes
Of mournfull shadows
I gaze into the moonlight
Devrouing the flesh of my enemies
Black, as the darkness surrounding me
My spirit flows above the trees
At last one with thee (I Worship)
Emperor of darkness...
Oo! And thou shall suffer no more
For all of mankind crawl on their knees
Black and white, Christian and muslim
All bow before Thy-Satan!
Satan's domination
Heaven's desolation
Mankind's damnation
End of god's creation!


In darkness I found myself
Only here my soul can be free
I spat in the face of your god,
And I cursed his name a houndred times
I becomed a wolf to snath the limbs of christ...
Blasephemer, that pisses on your holy graves...
Dragon, that burns your temples and rapes
Daughters of those, who dare meet me in battle...
Come join my crusade
And the christian fools we shall destroy
We shall burn the heavens with the flames
Of our hearts!
For when we are gathered
Nothing can stop us!
In the name of the Antichrist!
We shall impale the prists
All nuns shall swallow our seeds
And the pope's blood shall cover my unholy sword's blade!
Under the sign of the Pentagram we march!


Where daylight is no more, in the land of eternal dusk
Where time is gone, never to return
Where starles sky in thy misteress
And her enchantmes bring lust to every hellspawn
Where the moonface guard the path
For no christian soul to pass
Where the screams of tormented holy souls
Are the sweetest music and bring us joy
Where there are no seasons to change
Only winters' magical face
Where there is no snow and from
The sky only dead angels fall
In land where the thue can be found...
Where the flesh is no more and
Only the spirit burns on and on
Cursed and damned by god and his son
Watch angels fall down one by one...


Flesh eaten from inside
Juice drank from the soul
Burning filling that
You are not alone
Ancient evil fill my mind...
...In the moonlight

Below the shadow of nocturnal black wings
Lay the path to the temple of sin
Take my hand walk through the light
Let the Devil be your guide!

...Raise hell...
...On earth...

"O saceros Christi, tu scis
Me esse daibolum, lur
Me derogas?"

"O servent of God, you know
I am the Devil, why do you
Disturb me?"