Abscess (USA)

Thirst for Blood, Hunger for Flesh tracks



I've got worms living in my skin
Squeeze them out watch them crawl back in
I hear fleas jumping in my bed
The teeth are falling out of my head
All I own I took apart
I never finish what I start

Speed freak, addicted

Junkie whore fuck tomorrow
Ten bucks more she will swallow
Manic menstrual crankslut bitch
Zits are bigger than her tits
Breathe stinks of her rotting stomach
Triple x star on her anal fist fuck

Speed freak, addicted

I look out the window I see faces looking in
Can I believe I am seeing things can not be
Time melts whats real who's inside my mind
Without sleep dream awake open eyes are blind

Fetus formed just half a brain
Little bitty baby born insane
Pneumonia in its tiny lungs
The pain of life has just begun
Dreams of what life could of been
But mom was hooked on methamphetamine

Speed freak


Leech boy
I caught a great
Big batch today
Walked out of the water
And felt them suck
Tiny teeth
Affixed to my flesh
Glistening denizens of muck

Leech - I’m a leech boy

My folks they
Sent me out again
There'll be no food
Without you boy
That's fine cause
They're my little friends
My family my food
My toys

Leech - I’m a leech boy


Smoke filled skies, bloodshot eyes
I’m as high as that glow in the sky
Burn, doe and fuckin' fry
Gonna fuck shit up and I don't care why
Hour's late, war's begun
Hit and run, we're having fun
Gas mask, whiskey flask
Bloody boots on marching feet

Swimming in blood

In the sky camera eye
Films the city as it dies
Higher higher feed the fire
Consumed by our desire
Broke city of lost hope
Is all that's under the smoke
Broken glass, tear gas
Bloody boots of marching feet

Swimming in blood


Fuck you!!!
Fuck off two face
Fuck off snitch
Fuck off kiss ass
Fuck off bitch
Fuck off asshole
Fuck off twat
Fuck off dumbass
Fuck off and rot
Hate you
You know I really fuckin'
Hate you
You know I really fuckin'
Hate you yes I do
Fuck off
All self righteous pricks
Fuck off
Shitheads talking shit
Fuck off
Smiles with knives in hand
Fuck off
If you hate our band


Burned into your plastic mind
The face of my decree
Searching for a need to live
I can set you free

Gather at my house of sheep
Come inside go up in flames
Forget the world you stepped out from
Time has come to learn

Merging with the universe
Minds set for the sky
Insanity builds soon to burst
For me you'll gladly die

Gather at my house of sheep
Come inside go up in flames
Forget the world you stepped out from
Time has come to learn

Slaughter of the weak - coralles
Immersion in flames - bower

Let's all die tonight
I'll pass the razors 'round
Cut and fry tonight
With death as your leader's crowned


Come with me where the dark dreams speak
Leave this dying world
Black holes feeding on souls
Blinding blackness of misery

Blood full of skin
A place of torture
Beneath the skin

Kneading the flesh
Open the wound
Bleed out the poison
The seed is entombed
Drain your shell
Of the hell within
A numbing death
Release the breed of insanity

Blood full of skin
A place of torture
Beneath the skin

The breeders of death
Calling me
These dreams of darkness
Will never set me free
Called back to host again
The unborn seeds
Beneath the skin




Thrown into a vat of freaks
Bundles of flesh with no arms or legs
Sweating aroused and ready to cum
They writhe on you and bust their eggs
Licking your body gyrating nubs
Pit of torsos with heads in lust
Wriggling writhing orgy of flesh
Against your face their groins they thrust


She hobbled on in from the shitty street
Dirt and filth on the tops of her feet
Nuthouse gown on her lumpy frame
Head to toe in varicose veins

She spread her legs to show her nappy hair
Saw a rolled up paer towl tampon in there
Dead fish pie produced a reek of death
Two minutes later it was on my breath

Bent her over. Saw her crusted ass
Put my face in close and caughter a wisp of gas
Shit streaked sight my eyes beheld
Had to lick it clean while my organ swelled
Threw her makeshift tampon on my dirty floor
And fucked that lice infested lunatic whore
Roast beed lips around my filthy cock
When it was over plugged her hole with my sweaty sock


Bask under bloodfall
Head in the wound
A doorway through the skin
A taste of the tomb
Join the malady
Imploding veins
Burrowing deep within
Tormenting what was
Your weakened brain

I want your open wound

Wavering senses
Blue skin in flaps
Ravenous breakdowns
Barbed wire straps
Hungering coffin
Red eyes peek
Ravage the once whole
Bleed dry the weak

I want your open wound

I want your open wound


Blasted bodies laying limp
Stench of feces and shredded flesh

Stagnant meat rotting in the sun
Stench of feces and shredded flesh

Stench of feces and shredded flesh


Die pig die
As I clutch my hands around your throat
Die pig die
As I watch your eyes begin to bloat
Die pig die
You will taste my defecation soon
Die pig die
Now I stab your stomach, face is blue
Die pig die
Putrid pile of fucking human waste
Die pig die
Let my anger flow, won't hesitate
Die pig die
Bloody vengeance guts are spilled, blood flows
Die pig die
With my finger jammed up your split nose
Because I tell you so i'll look you in the eye as I strike the mortal blow
You gasp and bleed and wheeze and piss
I'll bless your throat with my razor's kiss
Die like a pig cause that's all you are to me
You're only shit underneath my shoe
Die like a pig let me hear you squeal
You'll suffer and beg before I’m through


Nothing, empty, vacant stare
Out of life, blood soaked hair
Cooling flesh, color drains
Mind expired, splattered brain
Zombie horde tears your flesh
All thats warm torn to shreds
No escape, no way out
Shotgun stuck into your mouth
Splattered wall, vibrant spray
Mind on fire, blown away
Chunks of head, feed to dead
On mangled guts the zombies fed

Must respect the dead
When the dead are living
Dead must die again

Empty, rotting, dead yet conscious
In the basement they have locked us
Barred windows, locked doors
Rotting bodies on the floor
Steaming flesh, stench of death
Bloodless rotlung, maggot breath
Touch cold, skin crawls
Dead flesh lives again
I am dead, I am alive
I am moving, rotting inside
Take my head off, execute me
Blow my head off, show mercy


Pulsing with raw energy
Mind or fire and flesh mutating
Call me what you want
But i'll give you my disease
Vomit breathed bastard
Tainted train of bundled busted nerves
Survive your stabbings
And howl at your blood
Shredded head speaks not
Bristled quills drip with clot
Lunar mind spits dead souls
Spirit filled with black holes


Lick your shit off of my bursting prick
Put on this helmet, it'll make you feel sick
Experiments tried and true, your sac turns blue
The enemy is within

Tubes connected to your eyes
Fed by bags of black supplies
Connectors screwed on to your ears
Instilling ripping nightmare fears

Here drink this, it'll make you go nuts
See through eyes of feces, dirt and guts
Personalities divide, destroy and conquer
Dried spit string grows longer

Tubes connected to your eyes
Fed by bags of black supplies
Connectors screwed on to your ears
Instilling ripping nightmare fears

Acid race through arteries
Fuse with dust from mind disease
Cruel instruments implied
Pack your fears for one way ride

Scream and yell, stuck inside a skin cell
Melted, rejected alienated hell
Brain probe deepens, stirring up the back
Soundless mouth mumbling in shock


The stars are lined up, the moons gone insane
Better pass by the day by smoking cremains
Too many thoughts spent upon socking fools
I reach inside and tear out my guts
So I can throw them at you

Doomsday inside my head

The herding of the sheep like lemmings to the sea
Your laws are shit to me through all your lies I see
You make the sick, I just can't handle this
I could just crack inside instead i'll strick you blind

Doomsday inside my head

Doomsday inside my head

Freedom from skin... Doors of death open realms
That stagger serrated biss domination.. Fuck
God, fuck the devil and fuck, fuck fuck, fuck you
Subhuman spasms chew reason from bone... I rise
Maddened and your laughing wound makes me want to defecate


Shes big and ugly and smells like shit
If you're not careful on your face she'll sit
Horny hag has got her sights on you
Crotch on fire wants to gobble your goo

Better have mace, better be aware
She wants to run her fingers through your pubic hair
Fuzzy nipples a ching for your heated suckle
Camel toe exposed makes your knees buckle

Horny hag


Blistered popping zit-like volcanos
Erupt from poreafaces
Tearing from reality
Fleashy chain and stake explosion
Blood flies free
Gunky substance saturates
Mindmelt countdown brainblister
Pus seeps
Outwar blast of blue
Thoughts creep
Eyes bulge on implosion
Skeletal trash left behind
Leave the skin, leave the mind


Creepy cart squeaky wheels
Dangling horror frightened squeals

Rusted blades hatchets knives
Cruel scissors fear arrives
Around the corner
He comes with his wares
Reciting twisted poetry
With an evil glare
Darkness gathered 'round him
Terror from his lips
Get too close
You'll lose your fingertips

Through the gate you blindly pass
This pleasure visit could be your last
Little men and whirling blades
Pain or death for those who stray

Dawn the hatch to burn and melt
Bloated purple busted belt
Flung to pieces shrunken down
Up the pipe boiler bound


It's fucking hell everyday
I don't know why but I must pay
Everybody's feeling great
This fucking hell I just can't take
Fucking hell I can't be free - they're after me
Fucking hell my best friend died
My girlfriend lied
Fucking hell
Everyday still the same
Always trying to twist my brain
Makes me wanna kill
And kill and kill and kill and kill and kill - you
And your little dog too
It's fucking hell

I just wake up thats all I do
And all I hear is "hey, fuck you!"
Feebleminded worthless fucks
Wonder why my whole life sucks
Fucking hell working late
Live in debt a rotting fate
Fucking hell


Dead and stiff lying in a coffin dead
Fell her lips
No you don't
She gives you head
Stiff and cold
She writhes on your bloated mass
Hear her moan with her finger up her ass

Rubbing clit on cadavers genitals
Tongue stuck out
Fingers filling both her holes
Screams of lust
Wetting corpses frigid thighs
Necrowhore wakes the dead with her cries


How vile to utter his name
He who has slugs, lice & snails
Fleeing at the sight of their enemy
He who would break the bones
And tear the skin of the
Noble sacred youth
Until flaps of flesh hang

Fiend beast and venomous ghoul
His pale corpse like sheen
Knows no more
He who would rend the pink faced child's cheeks
The eyes contemplate
While the razor sits and grins
He who would stitch your eyes shut
Depriving you of the spectacle
Of the universe


He who would break your arms like two try branches
And then forcibly make you eat them
He who who would raise your virgin body by the legs
And swing you around like a fiend
And hurl you against the wall
And each drop of your blood
Would spurt onto a human breast
To get forth an example of his weakness



Senses raped
Darkness muttering
Strangling, cluttering
At your mind
Reeling from the unseen horror
Lurking underneath you'll find
A door past madness
Black and true
Chocking back atrocities
Lost within a tortured ocean
Doomed to sink eternally

To fuck what can't be fucked
To crush what can't be killed
To slash what cannot bleed
To drown in blood unspilled

Hear the voices unrelated
To the world in which you live
Vile murder spitting tongues
Once seduced
You can't forgive yourself
And all the blackened gloom
Clogging out your living veins
Twisted into futile knots
Living to be cast in pain



My cock your mouth
Open wide stretch it out
Jaws unlock like a snake
Get over here fuckface
Take it in start to gag
Chin is slapped with my ballbag
Eyes bulge spittle flows
Pubic hairs up your nose
Gurgling for a wet surprise
Jizm lust in greedy eyes
Grab my cock with your fist
As I shower you with not cum but piss


Your frantic screams arouse my lust
As they become more shrill
My demon seed is spilled

I thirst for your blood and I hunger for your flesh
I taste you as you're fading in and out of consciousness
Gnawing at your tender flesh my fingers probe you deep
Red razor stripes send you into crimson sleep

Your sexy bleeding eyes canned now see
My lips slick with your blood
I’m lapping at your face
Just like a rabid lusting dog


Savage slicking of the blade - clint bower
Perverse blood intoxication - joe allen

The doors of death open for you
But before you reach the other side
I shall detain you for a while
Flaying off your ruined hide

The hunger deepens - danny coralles

Your life it drains away
But you've become a masterpiece
Your final chokes turn into gargles
Drowning on my seed