Torture Division

Through the Eyes of a Dead tracks



Fuck off, leave me alone
Got drunk last night, got in a fight
Bloody and sore, dirty and bored
What the fuck have I done?
My teeth are numb
In my vampire empire, king of my realm
No one come close to the master I am
In my vampire empire, king of the damned
No one can stop my masterplan
I drink from the potion, it makes me god
16 and mighty, out for blood
In my vampire empire I fuck like a king
Fear me now, I spread my wings
Stare at the sunrise
Chaos in my head
Makes me hate life
Scares me to d…d…death
Fuck the world, this blister of piss
Fuck you all, who’s next on my list?
I’m leaving now
I spread my wings of death
I hate you all
Parents, teachers, pets
By your neglect you’ve made me strong
I will bite your necks all night long
Fuck the world, this blister of piss
Fuck you all, who’s next on my list?


I found a man, the perfect match
We agreed “’til death do us part”
I swinged my hammer, bludgeoned he smiled
Peacefully I carved out his heart
I pulverized the skull with my bloody hammer
Decapitated he stared at my feast
I emptied the body from innards and bones
And placed myself inside my macabre home
And watched me dance
Through the eyes of a dead
Hey look at me, I am a queen
as a gum I use your spleen
I chew you up and spit you out
Soon I will be dying our dream
Severely bruised and mutilated
I am ready, you are ready to fuck!
Inside your shell, we´ll enter hell
We will be buried alive on this night
And I will witness our burial
Through the eyes of a dead
Dear Reverend Davis
Will you please bury us six feet deep
I must die through the eyes of a dead
I give up, my nails, they bleed
I cant get out of this chest
I got no one to hate but myself
Now I die in his head
Through the eyes of a dead


Clark The Monarch – regent in his park
Clark The Monarch – hide drugs where it is dark
Clark The Monarch – an abortion that survived
Clark The Monarch – found out about the lies
Jag glömmer aldrig den jävla dan
När du försa dig om vem jag var
Att morsan dog har jag förstått
Men aldrig trott att jag var en abort
Helt jävla utbränd på sprit och knark är jag kung i din park
Tre års depression mald inombords,
Tillbaka betals med iskallt mord
Clark Monark – regent i din park
Clark Monark – med skitan full av knark
Clark Monark – ruvar på sin hämnd
Clark Monark – att stympa Renarens lem
Det är blod på min kniv, kött i min kvarn
Med tom svart blick, jag maler mitt barn
Varenda sena, hinna av slem
Ska jag kremera min lilla regent
Clark Monark – kremerad i sin park
Clark Monark – hans far var för stark
Clark Monark – ett vilset galet barn
Clark Monark – nu en legend i stan