Crystal Ball

Time Walker tracks


1. Digital World

[Music: Sweeney / Leach, Lyrics: Sweeney]

An old man?s dream
A future revelation
Creation of the new machine
Cyber screams, hard megabyting
Your eyes disolve into the screen

All the systems and all sub-routines
All replications, nothing?s what it seems

Digital world ? digital dreams
Digital world ? cybernetic evolution
Digital world

All we want are virtual constructions
Living in computer wastelands
Red alert and panic reactions
The virus lives inside our dreamworld

2. Tear Down The Wall

[Music: Sweeney / Leach / Graber, Lyrics: Sweeney]

Hey you, are you the one to make our wish come true
Stand up and shout it out, the one thing we can do
Rise up ? reality show us all what we wanna see
Hear the thunder roaring near, the power of insanity

Don?t deny the eye of the hurricane
The crazy ways ? blown away
It?s time for freedom days

Tear down the wall ? let us see it fall
Tear down the wall ? ?cause we want it all

1989 ? We?re running out of time
Spokesman Mr. Schabowski, better throw away the keys
Glory - now it?s done, a hope for everyone
Rise up ? reality show us all what we wanna see

3. He Came To Change The World

[Music: Sweeney / Leach, Lyrics: Leach]

Born in a stable ? among the poor
A star showed them the way
The kings kneeled ? before this child
Touching all their souls

The Judas kiss betrayed his life
Crucified for some silver

He came to change the world, he traded pain for love
He came to change the world, he tried to save us all

The not so holy wanted him to die
They tried to send out a warning
The torturers will always be cursed
His sadnes lives on today

He came to change the world

Alive ? he arose ? from the dead ? to live forever

4. Walk Through Time

[Music: Sweeney / Leach, Lyrics: Leach]

Future to past, this is the march of time
Hearing the clock tick tock away
How the time screams a warning, wars scar the land
But we can?t turn the tide of blood

The walk through time, the years fly by
The walk through time, God only knows why

In the golden age the glory seasons came
But we can?t stop the hands of time
At the dawn of an era
Illusions were meant to last
But forever is a long and winding road

Tomorrow is gone, another change of life
Watch as the empires fade
Just like the sand ? out of my hand

5. Mozart Symphony

[Music: Sweeney / Bormann, Lyrics: Sweeney, Intro by Graber]

Out of my mind - picture the scene
She?s alive ? tonight
Need to know ? will I fall or succeed, that?s all
It turns me insane

I wish I had not been charming you up
I call to the dreams in my head
I scream out and cry for falling in love
?Cause you?re not the love I can win

She?s like a Mozart symphony ? She?s like a hot sweet harmony
She?s lika a Mozart symphony ? She?s just vision in my memory

Broken inside ? heart is on fire
Nowhere left ? to hide
For so long... your shadow it haunts me... no
Don?t turn me away

6. Powerflight

[Music: Sweeney / Leach, Lyrics: Sweeney]

Lindbergh flew the plane
Through thunder, storm and rain
?Spirit of St.Louis? was the name
There was no limit
To do what should be done
The time was right
The feeling was so strong

He took the chance
To spread his wings
To ride the heavens high
The sky was open wide

Power flight
Was the first Atlantic
Psycho ride in history

Paris was the goal tomorrow and today
3.500 miles away
We salute the hero
For now and tomorrow
Hail the victory that was won

7. Fallen From Grace

[Music: Sweeney / Leach, Lyrics: Sweeney]

Legions of darkness ? They have killed
The fallen ones ? Burn in hell
End of days ? Dreams unfilled
Glory and death ? The innocent fell

Again they lost the fight
Free from all lost pride
So many people died
Each day ? Each night

War ? and all the flames got higher
War ? fallen from grace
War ? and all the thieves and liars
Touched with blood ? on this day

Soldiers are dead
They die on the ground
No mercy inside ? To be found
Out in the field
They lost their lives
Armed with a gun
And a killer knife

Now look to the skies
The wind of change
Blowing through
Uhhh, don?t be afraid to see
The dark clouds above disappear

8. Celebration

[Music: Sweeney / Leach, Lyrics: Sweeney]

Goodbye tyranny, it was time to break free
There?s no pain ? anymore, no more empty smiles
It was just a waste of time
So tell me that it?s done ? it?s over

Can?t you see the sun, it shines for everyone
Again for you and me ? on and on

Celebration all over the nation
The fight for freedom and the right to defend it
Celebration all over the nation
You?re free from fear and oppression

Nowhere quite like home, you are king on your throne
We keep the faith and independence
The sunbeams light the sky, don?t let it pass you by
You?re living your own ? paradise

9. Sensational

[Music: Sweeny / Leach, Lyrics: Leach]

We raised our sails
With wind in our hair
Leaving all our worries behind
It?s a state of mind
Addicted to the rush
No longer a slave to the grind

We crossed the point of no return
The stakes are high, enjoy the ride

Sensational ? we?re riding the storm
Sensational ? the ultimate thrill ? to go

The passion?s building up
It?s coming our way
Adventure is what we will find
Now we?re on the move
Screaming to the sky
Chaos and madness combined

We crossed the point of no return
The stakes are high, enjoy the ride

Sensational ? we?re riding the storm
Sensational ? the harder we fall
Sensational ? we?re riding the storm
Sensational ? the ultimate thrill ? to go
Sensational ? we?re riding the storm
Sensational ? we don?t stand alone
Sensational ? we?re riding the storm
Sensational ? the ultimate thrill ? to go

10. The Eye Of The Storm

[Music: Sweeny / Leach / Matteo, Lyrics: Leach]

It was a mission
Back in ?15
Flight number 19
Would not arrive
The tower?s calling
To guide them home
Instruments gone crazy
They were all alone

From the deep blue sky
They flew right

Into the eye
The eye of the storm
The great unknown
The eye of the storm
The eye of the storm

No navigation
High above the sea
Eyes turned to heaven
Would they survive
With no more power
Into the night
No more transmissions
They were out of sight

11. Talking To The Walls

[Music: Sweeney / Leach, Lyrics: Leach]

He led life like the lonely
As he swam against the stream
Science was his best friend
As he fought the whole regime
They tried to break his will
Change his mind
They didn?t want to hear the truth
They were all afraid
?Cause we?re not
Center of the universe

Talking to the walls ? no more
Got to have some balls standing tall
Talking to the walls ? no more
Gonna make them see ? they?re all wrong

The church felt frightened
As he fought against the grain
He was torn by torture
As they promised hell and pain
They then made him recant
His iron will
They didn?t want to hear it all
They were all so blind