Woods Of Desolation

Torn Beyond Reason tracks



Beyond the dawn, No new day
A ruined mind of false illusion
Beyond the darkness, deeper still
This sorrow has grown so old

Eyes turn skyward
Torn Beyond Reason, far too deep
Broken, Heartless. Void
No words will heal these wounds

Life's touch has faded, all meaning lost
I stride into Death's open arms
The wind wIll carry no farewell
And so shall the cold soil
Hold the taste of my decay


I'd give you my all
For just a second of your cold indifference
This empty feeling inside me
And dreams that will never be realised

So many sleepless nights by Death's side
With nothing but this broken mind

As all my memories fade
Crushed by the bitter realisation
Nothing more will lie ahead
But these darker days


I walk a million miles and get nowhere
Against the cold rain
Torn asunder
Clutching at the withered strands of "life"

Dreams splintered in two
Replaced by the endless drone
Of broken spirits and open wounds
Emptiness deeply sown

Distant voices echo in a sea of beings
Within it's ebb. Half forgotten memoires
An unbroken moment


I drown in the sadness of your eyes
Behind them the knowing
My every touch turns to ash
My every word fades to silence

No saviour in the beat of your heart
From this curse that drags me down
Suffocating veil of misery
The foreshadow of my demise

The warmth of a thousand suns, drawn away
And fade before my eyes
The Inevitable End, I always knew would be
The truth you could always see

Once again cast unto the dark
To the coldest night, and misery's dawn
But with it, I shall depart
And feel your warmth once more...




Grey visions of today
Every sight the same
I can not break free
I think I'm gone
As though I never wake
Always drawn into descent
And my hope decays, just out of reach

Cursed through life & condemned to misery
To be left with nothing...

If only for a moment; a way out
To see the faintest glimmer amongst the dark
To mend the broken dawn so bleak
Somehow I think I'm gone

But like ashes to the wind i will fade
Namless and Forgotten
The thorn upon the withered rose
Somehow I always knew...