Agressor (FRA)

Towards Beyond tracks





Forgotten in a space city
Lost in the galaxy Looking for something, I don't know what
Power or truth, my mind seems to be blank
In my quest of knowledge, I try to pierce my secret
Awaiting the last signal of rebirth
Superior entities are playing with our fates
In this dangerous game I'm the first

Ripping my mind
Ripping my flesh
I have to find
But I can't guess
I really need
More experiences
My head exploded!

And I don't know
My future life
Internal streams
Blow up my spine
Twisting my corpse
Rotted by time
Rude experience!

My brain so dark
Burning my life
Sometimes some light
Torment my mind
I can see me
Among some fights
Deadly vision!

From world to world
Between the stars
Space voyagers
New forms of life
Try to explain
But never find
My endless search!

But a vision drives my acts
From the chaos reborn the light
A bird of fire & walls of ice
Flow from the dark side

I also see a big spacecraft
A computer, a silly dwarf
Infected corpse for me they've died
Nocturnal appearance

And mystic craft
Didn't forsee
The secret parts
Of my spirit
Of my mind
My dream goes on!

Falling into
A labyrinth
Art to distort
All of our sense
Creating images
Seem without sense
Out of control!

Now I see my name in gold
Turning to blood and now exploded
Return to ashes, reborn in fire
My future life?


A sign I've waited so long
Staying there for a long time waiting for me
For someone you've never known
You want to leave this earth, others spaces you wanna see

For centuries...
You mildewed in a strange place
You were the pride of an elder ancestry
You finally find me...
Or I finally find you
I enter on your board (without key) finding a new technology

You've travelled...
All over universe
The old forteress sailing on the seas of infinite
The spaceship...
Of the ancient verses
I'm here now and we'll do a shock unit
Millenium knowledge
You keep in your bowels an unstapped treasure
Who ordered you?
During your former trips on the mighty cosmic streams

Without moving
Folding up space by oscillatory flight
A screen...
A hyperspace screen
Protect you from all sight
All systems? - Locked!
Gyrostabilizers? - Turn!
Dynamic parameters? -Introduced!
Plasma-reactors? - Blowing!

Postcombustion? - Engaged!
Transwarp factor? - Actived!
Hyperspace window? - Open!
Destination? - Unknown!

Are you alive?
Have you got a conscience?
Instinctive reactions or a perverted logic on you
We dive...
We head towards space
Exploring for me, rescanning for you

Stars, planets, nebulae'
We head towards beyond, looking for the keys, the clues
My reign is here...
I know it begins
We enter in a new era & I know you know it's true


Distortion in my sight
Interferences, the radar seems to be mad
Between the binary star
Magnetic forces can't jam my craft

There's nowhere to run
The attractor beam take us to his heart
I can use no gun
An induction field has locked our guts

I must find the source
Emeting from the double planet
Data incomplete
Mechanic solutions are now to except

A magnetic wave
Between the two stars
Lock us the gate
To other suns

Our conclusions were false
It's not a machine but a strange sort of life
I engage battle
Trying to shoot & destroy the enemy trap

Receiving a signal
Computer analyse but no result we find
Between the two stars
Some positon showered our craft

Condemned to dive
In this trap we'll die

Try to understand
The strange code used by this life
Communication is all right
Now we send a message

The trap disappear
But the ship is diving covered by a strange energy
A strange gate appear
Entering a new world


You are alone, you, the dwarf, to control this planet
Advanced technologies to rule this savage land,
this young world is just born
Your mutilated corpse can't live without assistance,
your soul seems ripped & torn
You're like an engineer prisoner of his fate

Help me to leave this alternative world

I've waited your arrival, I knew it for a long time
My story is so long , I know about your quest, I saw future and past
I was a scientist, a special engineer, working for a high cast
I have built a machine which breaks the walls of time

Now I am here
My machine is dead
I'm prisoner of this time

I've travelled through time & during a distortion my engine was broken
I'm on my planet forgotten in this age, on my body, my pain is written


I bring you on my board
Take your technology which keeping you alive & to serve my desire
We arrive at the gate, you & the computer, you prepare the transfer
We escape from this world

Now we're back
We will find
The answers of my mind


Around you flaming in the dark
Symbol of death torment your mind
A primal fluid flows in your veins
And your life is a long pain

All around you the phoenix burns
Hard to endure when it's your turn
Burning your life, saving others
Because it's a sign of rebirth

Born in fire, the mutants rise
Epileptic aura always shine
Will always shine

Reaction of a vital stream
And so much pain makes you scream
Try to control your energy
This heritage is your fee

Born in fire, the mutants rise
Epileptic aura always shine
Born in fire now you rise
Your aura will always shine

Now you join our brotherhood
This quest makes me fool
Recruiting some strange friends
Hope they'll help me till the end


Solitude, space of ice
Nucleid acids were born there
Constant creations from a nuclear device
rule the structures of space
sphere of time, Cartesian calculus
Lock our materialistic minds
Atomic fission frees the particles
On this wavelenght you're going to find

Intelligent lifes on their endless research
Evolute on a strange way
Cristalo¬čd forms plow all universe
They help you to don't fall in decay
Transcendant space, abolishing laws
Temporal explosion becomes true
Supplying & riding the lightning of knows
If you want this knowledge, come into

An intense source of light
Invade my body
I don't know if I'll die
But I wanna stay me
Internal process
Inorganic structure
Infernal sickness
Inordinate numbers

Enlighting my life
A cristal memory
As cold as ice
Also burn me

Travelling along the frigid gates of space
Walls of ice lock me outside
Hallucinated, all is reflected
Virtual images on their sides
Fantasmagoric hallucinations
And lots of unknown forms appear
From a castle of glass on icy foundations
They rule universe with no fear

In space naugh I can't survive
Feeling the frost engulf my mind
Out and alone, I'm going to die
Solar winds burn me inside
Now I meet a new intelligency
Discovering all strange cosmos parts
Fractal equations, chaotic reality
Am I dreaming? It's full of stars


Inside a mystic crypt
Where lie some strange divinities
Hidden from all sight
Old chamber of all might

Time has come for me to take this power

Finding the tables of a prophecy
Some forthcoming events of my reign
To rule a world of insanity
A world in pain

Soon my hand will be over those worlds

One day The guardian will open my gate
To return in my mystic place
I'll find again my power
In the ashes of my empire

Time will come for my resurrection


Ancient pictographs remind me my quest
Mystic smells & other signs awake my sense

Older than time itself
Made by the old ones
Force of the ELDEST THINGS

The guardian of the crypt tell me to come
Asking me some enigmatic questions

What can read the non-writing tongue?
Who creates all by the force of your thought?
Who is the oldest one?

Refracted light make appear this tongue
The omniversal creator realizes your wishes without delay
The oldest one is universe but time has no sense
Suddenly a grave open...

Now I can read the prophecy but all seem false
A cristal prism covers the table
The guardian shows it to me
A light flows from his hand
Making appear a non-writing tongue
I can read it

The eldest palimsest shows me the right way
Giving me the ultimate power

Now I know what I'll do for the rest of my life
I'll conquer universe & found my empire
I have to improve with the force of the ELDEST THINGS


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