Trafficking with the Devil tracks


01 - If The Dead Could Speak

Cauldron black
Feed the demons flame
Serpent rise
Black devil shame
Cooked skin
Evil zombie brew
Eyes and bone
Create the human stew

If the Dead Could Speak

Their skin
Burns to the touch
Sick puke
Horrid rancid lust
Mind dead
Craving for smut
Soul gone
Dragging their guts

If the Dead Could Speak

Graves crypts
No religion here
Rotting dead
This is what I fear
Corpse rise
Against the living few
To make
A human zombie stew

02 - Devil Metal

Black is my heart
The battle is near
Fight for the sound
Its metal we hear
Dark is the night
We live the fight

Blasphemy and agony metal floods my veins
A symphony of sickness metal is the way
Devil Metal
You say you'll help me cause I 'm fucking wild
I say that I am fine I am the Devils Child
Devil Metal

03 - Black Beast

Long talons
Razor sharp teeth
Thick fur
Giant wings
Deep red eyes

Black Beast

04 - Foul Deeds Will Rise

At dagger's plunge I have rent anew
Those seething visions past
Bury one e'ery fortnight
In remembrance of th last

Aloof they crawl like sewer beasts
On cloven hooves I walk
Marking each friends' treason cry
With puissance their trust I stalk

Troth to strangle Agnus Dei !
With each snuffle of His whining last breath
The vain fold retreats under comfort of His wings
To tell one's beads I have come...

Baiting hooks and teasing Jahweh
Cast a spell at e'ery turn
Swift to wreak a thousand plagues
Abode of the blessed I spurn

Snipe amused the prided ones
Ye abandon all your hopes
When the killer calls to reap rewards
Snap hard the gallows's ropes

Muffled tides ebb with a hint of soft rejoice
Screaming from The Worm that Never Dies
Tyranny exalted with each poignant stab
From mine enemies no foul deeds can rise

Fool Deeds Will rise !

Lier in wait spilling filth upon the land
Vengeful sickness is close at hand
Fight the choir invisible with spear and magick death
Into a violet horizon ascend ...I ascend...

Evil begets evil I both preach no turning cheeks
Scoff at Jesu Christi's side and feet
Lift the blades of suffering and the flock will humble still
And mercifully the Stygian greet...

Seeking a truth that will not reveal
What lies within my rage
The betrayal that has once conquered
Is now my betrothed

Pages turned for ages to come
Can not my tragedy erase
I went with the fog and crept with the night
For my name is the foul deed to rise !