Abstract Spirit

Tragedy and Weeds tracks



These faces so tired and pale
Were shaped with birches,
Indocile but doomed to resist,
To overcome the pain of loss.
These eyes lose their colours,
Showing nothing except shame,
They have never looked at the sun
That is too blind to understand...
These lips whisper the only
Names forsaken in the depths of time,
They confront splendid illusions,
But they are not able to utter a prophecy.

Surrounded by darkness...
Absorbed by madness...
Just moments...
Just fragments...

When a list thread is torn,
When a last page is turned,
When a last exhale calmes,
A heart stops beating paralyzed.

Depressed with nonsense of remorse,
We ever must pay twice.
Trampling flowers growing
With the sickly-sweet smell of grief.
Epitaphs as secrets betrayed
On monuments of compassion.
Absurdly try to describe pain
Where echoes of the past walk...


Only once I came to speak no words,
To dissolve among these grey stones.
Only once I came for one last dance,
To take all I have never had.
No one will see me on my knees,
I came alone to correct mistakes,
To disturb the slumber of the forgotten,
To let one pain hurt me one more time...

Music of the wind and falling leaves...
The night keeps silence watching me...
I will stare into the haze
Until I understand I am still alone...

Faces around me are just mirrors
Reflecting disaster which fills me.
Wretched pieces of memories
Writhe in agony near my feet.
No light shed, no voices heard...
Your archangel of a stolen dream
Lies on a tomb with broken wings
While echo tears my screams apart...


Cut my wings away,
I cannot see
These vile things,
Trampled desires...
Fakes of relief,
Mistakes of belief,
Whatever it may give...
And nothing remains...

Rusty nails choose my destiny,
Make me pure and stainless.
I give myself away for
Crucifixion without regret.
Before images made of stone,
Before bodies made of wax,
I'll leave this world behind,
Humiliated and impaled...

Quicksilver tears... down...
Punishment for me... now...
Forgiveness or lashes... strife...
What is between me and ashes... life...?

Obedience until a probable end
Is so necessary...
Make me sob,
If I deserve to suffer alone,
If I am a bringer of suffering...


Drowned in ashes all above, consumed in orgies of greed
As bloodlust satisfied, as a sin burns one's eyes,
...and flesh gets colder losing the attitude to the World...
Currently obsessed I am by upcoming decay.
Forgiveness which I can't reach
Is like slime under my feet...
Impossible to raise, too much to take away...
To be looking at the beauty of punishment
In murderous details...
A moment of justice's triumph...

Trample faith in your rotten heart...
Useless words can kill the truth...
Useless warmth can enrage oneself,
Faith can't save you if you are guilty...

Deformed are all the hopes, all the tears have dried.
Self-confidence have died caressed with gritty ropes.
In suffering entwined is all the pain of my past,
I am forever lost, condemned to fail.
Rusty locks without keys...
Biased heads are depraved...
Whatever that stays without changes,
Breeds constancy...
Throughout belts and loops,
Throughout shackles and chains,
I summon the spirit of mercy,
I summon the beast of judgment.
Trembling with fear,
I look into the eyes
Of my reflection,
And I face the nightmare...


Hopeless moans of silence,
Cruelly tear my nerves,
Cynic smiles of broken windows...
Endless torture with absence...
I seek myself so far from here.
Deep within,
I am searching for seeds of sanity...

I can only pray myself,
Inside of my prison cell.
How can I pay for my sins
Before the eyes of a myth...?

It lurks from darkest corners,
To the centre of my sorrow...
If grief could be seen,
It would look like my face.
So embrace me tight
With my own icy hands,
Put my fingers on my neck
While I am so helpless...


As forgotten souls suffer,
In a blooming garden,
I lie paralyzed
In that deadly whiteness.
Entwined branches reach for me
With silent entreaties
As my hands they are
Tied by ruthless frost.
My eyes are wide open
Watching absence of everything
They are used to see darkness
That light will never disturb.
Forever be my tomb,
The snowdrift without edges,
Forever be my shelter,
From those who left me here.