Pentagram (TUR)

Trail Blazer tracks



I tell it in sorrow that
Europe is erased from the world map.
Within the nuclear explosions that
Still go on at the remaining parts of Asia
Show that millions of people will die. World Health
Organization is insufficient and the United Nations
Organization can't take the control to stop the war.
Clouds of nuclear remnants and acid are still
Raining by and destroying forests and all living beings
The human race is vanishing and the same is the world...
God save us ... Please...

There is no reason to live a life in this fucking century
People dig each others graves
Peace disappears from coast to coast
Traces of nuclear remains will lead
The way to our race's dissolution

Send in course to end it all
Locked to it's target, secret missile
Send in course
Secret missile

No escape the crime's epidemic
All will end with a big explosion
Disarmament fakes everyone soon we will end up dead
Annihilated is the embryo premature
Death of a week's existence
Technological shelter saves a few from this fucking mess


Becomes primitive and mentally moulded
Soon urged by brutal instinct
Misanthropy end vengeance a cause by this war that's been
If this beings have a chance
To live they'll live in artificialition
The trenches are full of corpses cheated innocent bodies lie


Mangled organs in minefields, the battle was to die
The vanishing of our planet, you may hear the cries
With those insatiables leading us
We won't die by our wanted fate
Surreptitious, suspicious plans destroyed my life in hate


Warpain, explosions, suffer and death

I turned my face and looked back to mother earth in sorrow
Said it was a mistake to start
A war there'll be nothing left tomorrow
There's no reason to live a life in this fucking century
People dug each others' graves now my souls is in a fury



Right is to search for the wrong which's the real
It's all for the mind but you live for the feel

Nothingness is the meaning of life
There's no you and no us
Look deep in the mirror
You'll see it in your eyes

Dream the same thing everynight
Hear the darkness over loud
No more silence, never free
Will things be better? I can not see!

Within the right side
Within the wrong side
You know the life is true
When there's nothing left to say
The truth will challenge you
You're living on lies!

Wrong is to cry for the vision of time
Unless we handle then who'll stop the crime

Nothingness is the meaning of life
When your hopes fade away
Trapped in this nightmare
You can't break away

Dream the same thing everynight
Hear the darkness over loud
No more silence, never free
Will things be better? I can not see!


Right is to know what you choose for your life
It's all for the dream and the dream is the life

Everything is the meaning of life
Unless you close your eyes
You're not for sale for any price
Make no compromise

Dream something different tonight
Play this music over loud
See you'll need no surgery
More things're better, you will see





Now that the man lives in fear
The future seems not so clear
Only one press on the button
Eternal life is what we'll share
The feeling of life gets so boring
Like a hell it's torturing
Tell me one good reason before
I decide to end my living

Their systems seems to be suffering
A fuckin reality based on fear
Oppressing people to obey
The only way to stop you feel real

Lick of death tastes you
The kiss of hell takes you away
Through the lights of Eden
Light of god warns you
The fear of death leaves you
To raise your soul to heaven

Vita es morte morte es vita
No difference the way is one
Life is death, death is life
Die, live and born

There's no ground for contribution
Their political pollution
Never listen to what they say 'cause
They're leading us to a mortal solution

Thousands of people starving
Many other rich junk feeding
It s not my way of living
Always takin' never giving


Tour dreams over
Fence your eager to fly forever

Reaching trough the gun
Role the trigger run
That's no reason to fly...
Forever fly

Few minutes of fallin drops
To dry the streams of your blood
You leave your god

As the mountain on which I close my eyes
To embrace the future of my last


You're lost in the middle
Fellin so hopeless and searching for restless peace
Runnin, runnin, you go insane at all
Realize you'll never find again, I know

You know I'm the reason you cry
You fear is what makes me stand
The world is turning to a time bomb
You're chained and you don't understand

Time bomb, time bomb

No one will ever win the game of war
You look, but never see the other side of wall
The world is helpless in the race against the time
And time is fooling all the man kind ever more

Pain, Sorrow, don't you feel? Cries fear, don't you hear?... No!!!

Darkness comin down alone, you can't deny it
War paint is covering the world, you can't clean it
Roses fall down from the guns, I can't believe it
Now I see your ugly face, but I can't stand it


You realize your future
Children gone insane
Devil sees in laughter
Your never ending pain

You'll never be immortal
Or never be unborn
I'm the one to send you alone
Over, Over the line

Nightmares full of fear
One touch, you disappear
Diggin' your own grave,
Do you think you're brave?

I rule you blind
I read your mind
I can hear you cry, when you fly!
Over, Over the line

You better pray before you die!!

Flying in your dreams
Pleasure into lies
Sex no satisfaction
Terror in your eyes

A soul will never rest
Closer to his death
You're ready for your last walk, alone!!
Over, over the line


- Attention! Nr.75...
Your mission is to get close the planet and try to connect
- Got it!
- Platform 5, gate 29, get ready to fly!
- Got it!
- Countdown to exit:
- Hello base this is Nr.75 and we've just arrived the land
We wanna get some information before we start to land
- Ok.'75 this is Captain Zenix...
We just recieved the information
There's life present on the land
And now we know that this strange place's called earth
- You said there's life down there,
Is it right to harmonize?
People of this planet.. Is there faviour in their eyes?
- Hold on '75 wait on the line.
This people dosen't seem so friendly
No act unless you get a sign. It's dangerous.
This people're full of hate.
- Listen base! I found a cahnnel of a human radio station
I'm waitin for the last order, and ready for communication
- This command, I do in sorrow:
Just break off all connections!
All units, turn back to base!
Last order! We leave this planet of death...


- Uffff...
- I'm getting bored
- Hmmmmm...
- I'm hungry
- I need a human Brain
- Bea little patient,he'll come in a few minutes
- .................Brain
- ??
- Hmmmmmm
- Here he comes
- Gooooooooo!!!

Your brains are fat your ideas are flat
I look inside your mind and see it's black
You're killing the people by your wicket thoughts
And I really wish I could see

Brain, brain on the wall
Brain, brain on the wall

You think you'll be a part of my history
But you can't be a part of my shit
You're having fun while the other people cry
And I really want your


Can not fight against, you'll watch them killing you
You've born for nothing, you can't even choose your side
Which way is left, which way is right

Close my friend and feel me breathe
Forget that fucking fools
Fucking lies and fucking sights and fucked up fucking rules
Tired of this circulation,
Years and years you'll search the reason

Kill! Fire! Destroy! Do just what I say
Deff! Blind! Obey! And never. never say no!

Devil in your mind, dehumanized
You're suffering your pride
No one wins the fight!

You hear but never understand.
You look but never see
Hatred blinded your eyes forever...
Sun will take this light
And stars will fall down from the sky...
When the dark ages begin,
You'll open your eyes and turn back to me...
Then I'll give you the peace