After All

Transcendent tracks



The corner where they died
A momument for life
The withered flowers are still
Where i laid them down
So hard to visualize
What went wrong that day
It's crazy to realize
I am still alive

Evil forces explain your deed
Why did they suffer and die

As i walk towards
The graves of my friends
I think back and smile
At the beautiful times we had

So they left me here
I'm all alone
The question arises
Will i follow or will i stay


Describe all the systems
That work inside your mind
The mask you change so frequently
Leaves marks upon your skin

I do remember
What you were before and what you might become
I too
Feel the burning inside your skin
It'll never heal again

Who made you this puppet
What triggered off this senseless energy

Lost inside yourself
There will be noone waiting for you


Standing in line at the stupid gate
Looking down at feet
Barely sunshine, rain pouring down
Silently wanting to weep

Feel so cold inside
Never felt so

The hinges are creaking, our time has come
The shoving can begin
Towards a window with iron bars in front
Like the confession of your sins

Hard to beat
The forces you have to compete
Survive i will
With stamina, power and skill
Blow up the force within

Never felt so needy to blow up the force within


The deepest kind of pain she feels inside her head
"my time has come at last.", she said

"but i won't be forgotten", is what she had to say
"to walk onto the dark side, i'll never have to wait."

What she saw before her eyes were tales she had to tell
While i was kneeling beside her bed

The first one blond and beautiful
His eyes were aryan blue
It was tough but touching, too
He struggled like a man, the blood ran through

And always becoming easier
Like a predator on his prey
Hanging on, not letting go
It started as a rage against manhood
And it ended today

"but i won't be forgotten", is what she had to say
"to walk onto the dark side, i'll never have to wait,
No, the hate grows for him to come to me."

I feel her grip tightening, i raise my head to see
She whispers "at last i'm free."

Her death almost touches me, but in the end
I can feel no sympathy for her


In this world i am forced to live
From birth i was marked
Thrown into a cradle
And fed when i did not want it

Why is this life so irreversible

Pushed into this thing called society
Why can't i make choices just for me, hell

Opens the door, looks inside
And takes the things i own
Naked i sit in front of my window
Robbed of my youth and my home

Burn a hole into the flag
You burn a hole into the flag
You burn, you burn it
You burn a hole into the flag

Come to me and take my hand
And lead me far away
Release me from the pain i have
Let my destiny be free


(No lyrics available)


We're bound together
But free whenever we want
On the old city grounds we're walking hand in hand
Not speaking but we do understand each other

For always

Decisions are being made
Are we ready to follow the path
I think it's just a question of looking for the signs
When the other one needs you and wants you by his side

For always
We will fight for the dreams we have
And not sleep until the last sigh
Before we die

Do we choose for adventure
Or let reality take its course
It is hard to make a decision now
But we're confident that what we do is right

Dreams are made to persevere
That's why we have to look for a future
That lies between
The boundaries we set for ourselves

That's why we'll make it
And why the things we want will happen
On the old city grounds, we're walking hand in hand
Speaking but we do understand each other


Can you hear the silence
It's so far away
All these noises drive me insane
The clouds move faster than the day before
Spinning 'round and 'round
Impassioned for me

When will you realize
This body is sacred to me

Towers, shadows, disturbing what i see
Blocking my view, untouchable
For once i would like to smell reality
Is this too much to ask

Push a button and it works for you
Empty feeling deep inside of me
Uncontrollable it sticks like glue
Addictive, antisocial, this shouldn't be