Triumph of the Kill tracks





You have seen the torture
To walk among the corpses
You have seen the executions
To inhale the smell of death
Death and torture rule the hands
You have grazed with the beast
By the sightless you have returned
Face your victims
Power the machines with blood
Soiled flesh and burned decay
Despite all the screams, it's just music in the air
Summon the forces, make the world bleed
Drown the bodies with blood, grind their bones to dust
The lust of death
Make their screaming go on
Conquering path of mass destruction
The smell of decaying flesh
Withered ruins of mans demise
The kingdom below is yours
Welcome to oblivion
And the land shall be devoured
Laid to waste are the victims
Behold carrion wings above
Path of annihilation
Walk the path of devastation
Last rites, lost salvation
Enter the realms of elimination
Put to death God's creation
Souls are crying, souls are dying
They will fall to my ways to taste my sin
And the flesh will blister and burn away
And all are dead
So many lives, so many eyes
Have seen the dread
The horrors, unspeakable horrors
Are stored within


Fallen from grace, wretched spirit waste
How bleak the light inside these walls
Grim are the sounds of sodomy
Laid to waste as your blood now flows
The realm below is the same as above
Curse the land where sinners mourn
Suffering souls to great tolls
Bloodstained chains
Bound your ass to show
The wretched scene, the flames burning
Doomed it may appear
Obey his manifestation
Those of the unlight
Are here for his glorification
Kingdoms upon kingdoms will fall
Set for elimination
Mortals become immortals
Chanting the incantations
Of hatred and spell so ever cursed
Defiled and raped of humanity
Dark are the words fulfilled
You have been blessed by fire and sodomy
My dark desires are unto me
Enter my world of fire and sodomy
Dive into the lake of fire
Swim the seas of sin forever
Embracing the pain by hell's command
Despair becomes your soul, a lost soul
And cast down you are to be
Imprisoned and tortured by demons


From the dark we come
A shadow of emptiness
Blessed nocturnal sons
The enemy of the light
Casting the spells, incantations of hell
As beasts we live possessed by demons
In an evil trance
Up from the grave the dead are enslaved
The prophecy unfolds, onward to damnation
Servants of death arise from the pits of hell
Of night and flame
To vanquish all life, ones of the light
Forever dwell in pain
I can still see the flames of the burning souls
We are cast out and forsaken
The sins burn deep of all that is flesh
And now we stand before thee
We praise in his name with poison tongues
Summoning the power to channel his hate
Anguished depression are the keys to elimination
Lost soul, blind faith
Gather round the creatures of the underground
One and all we stand strong
Arise, ascending from the fire
Dark angels, black are their wings
To fly across the moonlit sky
To feast upon the flesh of man
Among the realms of chaos
Stands a throne of thorns
And he who sits up on high is crowned with fire
Through the night we run
Like wolves in the wild
The time has now come to fall and die
Trapped in a cell, imprisoned in hell
No one hears the screams
Servant of the underworld
Loyal to the lord of fire
Of night and flame
The storms will come with chaos and madness
And burning souls within
Stripping the flesh from their bones
And cast to the winds
The vision is complete of agony and defeat
By hell's command, fallen or enslaved
In triumph, in triumph we stand
Triumphantly we rule again
Glorious, victorious death


I have seen vivid visions
Through dreams in the mind's eye
Fantasy drives me closer
The passion and the lust to murder
Watch her cry, see her die
I can see the fear in her eyes
By my hand I will take her life
The craving I have from deep inside
The hunger, the pain for their blood
I have to kill, it's the only way
In the day, I'm a man of society
No one knows the monster I am
If they only knew the other side of me
Smiles would turn to cries
And be my victim in the night
They will fear my icy grip so bold
No more tears, for the dead cry no more
Just another day in life tucked away
This bloodthirst to kill, my lambs to slay
I can feel my mask of sanity slipping
In a cold sweat, mind and body become numb
Now crying eyes are watching over me
They are onto me, nowhere else to go
Darker and darker my sins become
I taste the blood of filthy whores
In a closet the bodies hang to dust and decay
And sometimes I ponder, Am I really insane?
Through the streets the chase is on
They are coming for me
On the run, nowhere to hide, they will find me
From exhaustion my sight turns to black
Sleep takes me
The next day all is fine
Was I dreaming?


With hell he comes
Representative of death
For he is the law
Finder of the witches
Souls are lost in the abyss
Accused of black magic
A prisoner to their pain
Death comes creeping
And all the cries of the lies
They will die in Hopkins' eyes
In every town the witchfinder comes
Lost within a lie
Innocent flesh will die
Lash their hands to the post
Bring wood and oil
Set ablaze at their feet
Burn witches burn!
All in one day, life taken away
And the children play
In the ashes of the witches
No church can hold sanctuary
Your time has come
Gaze into the eyes of darkness
See the madness within
Lost is your salvation
Soon you will join the dead
Bashed, beaten broken bodies
Brutality is the key
Slashed, slain severe suffering
Slowly they will bleed
Devil in the flesh incarnate
Lost in wickedness
Mauling, maiming mass murdering
Molested are the weak
The is the lord and law of the land
Killing the innocent by his command
Hopkins is on his way
Death with a human face


Brothers all stand tall
For we are together as one
To believe in what we do and what we please
For metal is in our blood and in our hearts
And no one will take it away, it is our testament
We will make a stand and we shall fight
Together as one we burn like the sun
We are blood forever blood
Grasp hold of the flame
Stand up and be counted
Sheltered by our faith
We'll make it to the end
It is our call, it is our destiny
The temptation is yours
Open your eyes, closed minded fools, or die
The sword is our one, wielded it high
Wars still left to fight, glory as we conquer
United we stand, divided we never fall
Raise your horns in the air, can you hear the call?
Baptism of fire and blessed with a heart of steel
True warriors that stand above the weak
Strong we are and never will fall or bend a knee
Listen to our words, like venom we poison all
Into the pit of death
Let the celebration commence
Empowered by the kings of the past that live today
Deep in our souls where the fire never grows cold
With weapons of steel
We lay waste to all that say
That we are lost in the music that we play
All across the land
The road will take us there and back again
In the blackened halls where we gather
Hail brothers and sisters
And to all who's here tonight
For you are the minions of the eternal flame
Clothed by denim and leather
Wielding the axe of electric fire
We will burn all who oppose us
Cleanse with metal, cleanse with blood
Blood forever blood


Scent of death drives me on
Carnage everywhere, misgiving of God
Living for the hunt, dominate the weak
My dominion of terror, blood and flesh I seek
Onslaught carries on, taking lives with no mercy
Follow the trail of ruins, eyes of your despair
One man's hell, a world of madness
Never-ending killing, in search of the perfect kill
Knee high of masses, they'll return to dust
Fall easy to this game, no value of life
Cries cry out, pain is all you gain
Savor your last breath, you time will come
Moving fast on the path, you're going down
Within my grasp, your life I take
I grow near, you will soon fear
Reminisce your past, I move in fast
Madness overwhelms you, feel the thrill
Triumph of the kill
Instinct to slay, triumphant I stand alone
Hostile with a purpose, taking my prey
In my perfect world you are the hunted
To hear you cry, to watch you die
Out on the run, fear bittersweet
Eyes are fixed, target in reach
In this game we play, you will lose, you will die
Pray to your god as I close your eyes
Ripping the flesh from the bones of my kill
The bloodfeast has begun
Your head will be my trophy on the wall
A victory to remember
Your eyes of glass will gaze crystal clear
Forever seeing the next kill
So mighty and strong I have become
From the blood of my victims
No mercy I will show to the last you will know
That death is real
I am the judge and executioner
And I sentence you to die


From the depths the beast will rise
Across the land
He will spread his lies
Lord of all that is great
He who gives and takes
The suffering of all mankind
And the promises that you make
All I see is chaos and tears
I will release myself
This pain you have given
Burning as you fell from heaven
Unseen beast, prophet in disguise
He shall feed the world his lies
Man shall search and lose all hope
They will kneel down
And kiss the goat
Chaos and fear is all that I see
Path of temptation led unto me
All that is left is a sea of fire
The sinful lust will quench my desire
Defiled at the gates of heaven
Defiled the rites of possession
Defiled are my blackened obsessions
Enter the realm of pandemonium
Deceiving feeble fools
Damned forever a cursed sky
Wandering, searching for salvation
In this domain you are the enslaved
To serve a fallen god, lost forever
Blood will now flow
Unclean, forsaken souls
Sentence was spoken and judgement delivered
Death, there will be death and darkness
Lost, souls are lost, eternal
Eyes, eyes of fire, bleeding
Cries, the endless cries, screaming