Tsar Bomba tracks



By the blood from the fire
Tasted death lifts them higher
Nothing stronger than I know
The Father Son and Holy Ghost
Gentle Savior close your eyes
The Light will never die
Revolution from His side
Every soul is made alive
No more secrets, mysteries
And there is no more doubt
Christ the King, the Prophet and Priest
He has become all things despite of me
Had a price upon His head
Fanatics and zealots wanted Him dead
Free gift came upon all men
Nothing left to figure out
In the beginning there was a garden
It's all creation in the mind of man
And there was knowledge abundant life
God of the Ages divine plan
As the stars shine in the night sky
Like the promise of just One Seed
Resurrection at the first Light
Is a person brought out in me


So much to love
So much to hate
So much to care for
Now it's too late
All we are
All that we lost at any cost
All that we save at the cross
So much to build
So much to burn
So much to break
Got to take my turn
So much to give
So much to take
So much apathy
So much at stake




I was fragile and was hungry
He gave me His life for my soul
He gave me His time
Because I was preoccupied
He understands all my weakness
His nature was divine flesh
He placed value upon my heart
Promised a good measure of perfect holiness
Grace – I want to hold you
Grace – I want to know you
Forgive my sins from my dry throat
He never abandoned hope
Press your letter against my lips
Of the eternal love shine
Save me and I will be saved
His revolution is clear
He made His love too hard to resist
Change this sinner with love and not fear

5. 1973



Many years ago I saw a great light
Everything that was wrong suddenly became right
I learned the mysteries of the whole universe
But I can't share them now cause things will get worse
I might say and do unexplainable things
I might be real or I could be a dream
But mark my word they will come true
Don't hold back just do what I do
We are together you and I
So don't fight me or excite me
Or wish to die
I have seen the world from a million miles away
Through the eyes of God so don't be dismayed
Euphoric glimpse's of eternal bliss
Don't turn your head this is something
You don't want to miss
I know what's in the heart of every person that I see
Their fears and desires were put there by me
One day you'll see me and I'll be gone
Count this as an invitation to come along


Never make a promise that you can't keep
And only pray for the things that you most seek
Never make a wish that you might regret
Only hope for the things you're unafraid to confess
Never use empty words in a hollow head
Or bury your dreams with the walking dead
Never doubt the power of the water and blood
Resurrection is a man and his name is love
Sitting on top a steeple so high
I am proud and touching the sky
I can see for a million miles
From this exalted place
I can see your future so clear
I'll ring those bells
For tomorrow we'll dine
Never let the power rattle your bones
Or ride the pale horse all alone
Never unlock a forbidden latch
Within an itching head there is always a sin to scratch
Never lose everything that you have embraced
And never panic when you think it has all's been erased
And never be a prisoner of this reproach,
I am bound by the countless things God solved.
Like lightening touches the ground
My hand is on your heart
I can squeeze in a just little fear
So go ahead and cling to your old rugged cross
He's not hanging round no more
Your religion can't save you now
Never, ever, ever, ever,

Violate, violate tell you about a tragedy
Violate, violate, life's realities
Suck me in, suck me in, cut me deep
Make no mistake
You're bound and you're gonna bleed


Motivated by reflexes
Dragging air of remote disdain
Sober the self grim satisfaction
From the tides of time refrain
Surf the pulse in my ears
Unraveled string of consciousness
Receding fear behind the darkness
Yearning for the God I trust
Nothing More I can say
Nothing More I can say
Separate yourself from them
Separate yourself from them
Consumed sentiment
Blind emotion
Interlace through common belief
Sacrificed all they loved
For the Savior that died as a thief
Nibble at the fringes of circumspect
Harvest the shredded doubt
Gather what little remains
And faith will quench the drought


Underground is where I live
Feel mother earth against my skin
I would crawl through her and veins never pretend
My face would be so pale
Never chapped by the wind
I can't cry anymore
I can't cry anymore
Nothing means anything to me
Nothing means anything to me
I would send roses to all my friends
They will ask how much did you spend?
Someone will ask what will God do next?
Maybe another world a little less complex
In this world you can loose faith
But you're just guessing at what awaits
Better put your faith in God and just believe
Or you will be eating dirt just like me




Let love be the last thing I feel
I stole the colors from the rainbow
I took the shine from the sun
I captured the rain from the sky
And brought a flower from my mind
If you are real to me
Show yourself to me
Let love be the last thing I feel
Let love be the last thing I feel
I waited for the most perfect day
Before the stars lit the night
I gave the moon to you in my hand
And wiped the tears from your face
I was lost in the traverse sound
The world of glitter and shine
I won't tell you just how it feels
When we're run out of time




It's never dark enough
Somehow there's always light
It's never deep enough
Somehow there's always sight
Where can I go where the voices fade?
In the deepest hell
It won't go away
Drowning in my tears,
There is always hope
Falling endlessly down
I... I have no more sins to confess
It's my regret.
Don't... don't lift me up
Don't cry for me
Don't say a prayer
It's never covered enough
Somehow it can be seen
It's never far enough
Somehow it's always keen
It's never cold enough
The sun it always shines
It's never lonely enough
The thought is so sublime


We all want more than what we have
Living life by snatch and grab
What's mine is yours
What's yours is mine
We're going to fast to read the signs
Look in my Head
When you see me burning
Look in my Head
Keep a beat
Look in my Head
Just a heavy groovin'
Look in my Head
To the mercy seat
Falling headlong at the speed of sound
Smoke and flames rolling from the ground
We are the lightening flash across the sky
Shinning bright until we fade and die
I see you are living
In the house of pain
Do you love
Or do you still refrain?
I am the angel
Darkness I ride
Hell ain't so bad with
God by your side


I collect baseball cards
Write short stories all day
All day
I play my guitar
Until my dying day
Yes, I play
I play army in the backyard
No one is harmed today
Been in prison since the day I was born
A slave to the flesh today
I escaped without the drugs
Escaped into my own mind
I escaped without the drugs
I have nightmares most every night
The same old dream today
No one comes to deliver me
But I pray
Yes I pray
Wish I could remember more
But my memory it fades
I see my brother go past
On a motor bike today
Here I sit, in this life
Nothing has changed
In this life no one that
I love gets killed
Everyone has hot wheels
I grew up over night
God watches over me
I put away
My childish ways
Now I'm free
Yes I'm free




We are the people

My God is a God of war and peace
We battle the lies spreading of the disease
My life is a sacrifice that's why I see
You are either for or against me
I am the saint that broke the curse
I am the monk of a thousand births
We are the people

I am a man of complexities
I pray that you see the Christ inside of me
I am the storm clouds full of rain
Heaven will open and you can't contain
Fireball coming right out of the sky
See the glow light in my eyes
You swear that we're all going to die
I say Hallelujah I'll take that ride