Under a Stone with No Inscription tracks



All was settled from the start
Immaculate and pure
I invited chaos to stain, defile
And purity was no more
Demise of the crown, hereditary prince
I stand by the gate of what is not
The castle now has turned
to a hole in the ground
Free fall

Bad gods glare at me
From the horizon line
These gods are for real
But maybe not omniscient creators

I live in a fantasy
And when I dream, let me dream
And never wake me up again

Choke on guilt
Near death experience
And I can not see
The light at the end of the tunnel

Al that was is again
Those I let down have forgiven me
Once more they have faith in me
All I was I am again
Reborn, I am a child
It's but a dream and I hate myself

All was settled from the start...

There's a future looking bright
There's hope, I've got the strength
I've go a life
And a talent for irony

All is dead
All is over
Bury me under a stone
with no inscription!


"God created man
In his own image"
But ever since
The fall of man
Man is but a sinner
Who must do penance
That is what
God's servants say
A true believer
Was hit by misfortune
Although he had ;ed
A sinless life
"Can this be the will
Of an almighty god?"
Clouded skies
Are reflecting
His state of mind

Storm rages above him
In the dead of night
But also in his heart
His strength and will
Have failed him
And he's beginning
To doubt
Those were even
Features of
A higher might

He feels emptiness
Might reflect
A void in heaven
And the absence of God

Devoid of content
Is the word of God
Serves no purpose
In conformity
With his life

As all prosperity
Has been washed away
And no support
Is to be accounted for
From the "good" souls

He feels named
And alone
As there' no one
To answer his prayers
No angels,
No intervention divine
Would save him
Should he fall
All hope is lost but now
He dares not believe
Or live in the lie
That used to be his shield

If the meaning of life;
To honor
And live for God
Proves to be a lie
What's there to live for?

I deny
That there ever was a god
Or a meaning of life
Other than reproduction
The rest is up
To each and everyone of us
To seek or create

Of the philosopher
Can there be a god
If this world is a failure?
The problem is old
But yet to be solved
So if there ever
Was a god
Her's either dead,
Powerless, or a sadist
Only thing
To know for sure
He's unworthy
Of our worship


Under fire, we're at war!
Information is colliding
With our great intentions
And distracting our flow of energy
We are enslaved
By fear, rage, pain and jealousy
Incarnations of chaos
Rule our mind, kill our aspirations

Let's not fight ourselves!
But the entropy ruling our minds
It's a fight for our lives
A strife to take control of our perception
Keep fighting the enemies within,
Fighting the entrop within

Key to unlock the treasury:
Concentratrion undisturbed
State where body and mind unite
Time fades and we're filled with euphoria

Keep fighting the enemies within,
Fighting the entropy within


Let's walk in a line
Let's do what the person in front of us does
Believ in what he believes
Let's forget our identity
So that we can assume no responsibility
For our lives
And the choices that we make
Or never make

Let us become one
With the bloodless crowds
Consequently, let us throw away our lives

"Where are you leading me?"
"Where are you leading me?"

The leader you follow is a follower too
In a round dance gone astray!
There's no beginning and there is no end to it
Join the round dance to the song of apathy
(Not fully awake... sleepwalk hand in hand)

You could have been a god
But we are keeping each other in place
Cling to the hand in front of us
To the submissive we submit
And we assume no responsibility
For our lives
And the choices that we make
Or never make

Let us become on...

Your future os dpp,ed
If you only do what you're expected to
Depart from the beaten track
Maybe the blind will see
But follow neither you nor me
They'll refuse to dance to the song of apathy

So, where are you leading me?

The leader you follow is a follower too...


Torment, hatred, calamity
I've strived to overcome, for years
A recollection, I would like to believe
As a faded water-mark
Is The only thing that remains
Instead of deep imprints of pain

Human brain, what a powerful device
Capacity we can't believe, can't conceieve
What's erased can always be retrieved

All the pain drained from my mind
In violent streams ran underground
Where it arrived it putrefied
Rotted for life

Human brain, what a powerful device
Capacity we can't believe, can't conceive
What's erased will always be

Years have passed and rivers of hate
I have tried to dam
But the way you treated me
Made me who I am
My hands were clean
But you pissed upon my soul
Before I can be born again
I will have to explode

Vermin, bacteria, putrefaction
The sewege of the mind shall prevail
Because every cesspool needs an outflow
And if it should be blocked
The sewage finds new ways

Now the time has finally arrives
Pipes are goping to blow
Get in the way and you'll be crushed
Drown and become one
With the sewage of the mind

All the pain drained from mind...


Diagrams, blueprints, sketches are drawn
Infinite calculations so accurate
Lines, circles, angles, images are linked
To perfection be combined!
Feverish movements to fulfill the plan
Frantic operation, sweat breaks on your brow
Foundations of a new world are soon to be seen
As soon as the old one has been crushed

Castles, built in the air

Powered by merely strength fo will
Bulldozers follow pulling down machines
Any remnant of the obsolete
Is soon to be crushed into dust
A new civilization is to be built upon
The steaming tombs of forefathers
Silent, choked, they are meant to be
In their coffins for eternity

Castles, built on sand

Oh you dream, oh your dream!
Valid are no scientific rules
The undead will take revenge
Coffins will arise, buildings fall to the ground
The new vilization is now to decay
Blueprints to scorn your defeat will remain
Learn that inside is where to excavate
Or anything you build will be burnt down by hate


Collapsing are the walls
That used to protect me
Ground under my feet cracks
My universe is imploding
Since my star died

Or was it me that ceased to burn?
A black hole
Is what's left of my world
Now crushed
Solid, as compressed
A chaos attracting chaos
I run but can not flee
I carry this core inside of me

Under the debris
There's still life but for how long?
I Hear no rescue squads

They can't hear my silent screams
Or does this have to be;
I deserve to die?
Miss-grown fate can't be stopped
It's harvest-time
And I did invite The Reaper
To help me with the crop

I used to be an observing satellite
Sent here without a task
Collecting images
That I'd never supply

When a lost satellite
Crashes and burns
No one cries
We only know our own world
And can't do otherwise
I blame no one
But wish that I, on this ship
Had dared to believe
The navigator has always been me

Under the debris
There's still life but for how long?
I hear no rescue squads
They can't hear my silent screams


I feel like I'm about to drown
It feels like I have sunk too deep
The mask of water over me,
Pushing me down
Has now become too burdensome
To overcome

I'm trying hard to see the sun
But from this angle
The surface reflects only
The bottom of the sea

At times, I feel I'd like to stop
Holding my breath and just exhale
And let the water fill my lungs
To drown is said to be
A pleasant way to die
Maybe if I just let go
Of my burden I'll eventually
Approach the surface
And drift downstream
And once again see
The fire of the sun

Again I try to see the sun
But from this angle
The surface reflects only
The bottom of the sea

Oxygen fails me but I hold my breath
I swim and try to reach the shore
Swim under water, maybe in vain
For I have almost lost my will to live

When I have lost my will to live
And my body is weak
Then carry me, please carry me
When my eyes are tired
Be my star
Shine for me
Shine for me my precious sun


Did you ever feel
It's like you're hanging over an abyss
Your hands are tied,
You can't break loose
You're still hanging
Only because your teeth
Have grasped the outermost twig of life

The only that keeps you from falling
Is that you keep your teeth clenched
Your body can struggle
But you just can't scream
You know you'd be crushed
Hitting the floor of reality
You suffer on and feel
Soon you're about to give in

Do you assume a reality
Existing without our perception
I don't believe it is so
The notion of reality is just a conception
Created by senses and mind
Leaving the spirits behind

If you view reality
As existing without the persistence
Of minds
Then keeping teeth clenched
May be what is right
But if reality is created by you
This image can also be modified

I'm speaking of bringing the ground
Closer to your feet
Reducing the distance between
You and reality perceived
Let go and land in this image
Of your consciousness
Ready to reconstruct

Do you assume a reality...


"Again I offer you my life
Lay down my heart at your feet
But if you accept this offering
Some obligations will have to be fulfilled

Remember to worship no other deity
Leave your earth's steady ground
Pledge allegiance to my gravity
To Mother Venus be forever bound"

Three-legged amphibian with coin in mouth
Save me from this wicked dream
Any kind of magic or miracle
I welcome to redeem my being

"You must promise not to invoke the rain!
Through my walls detect just inaudible storms
Even before they are gathering"

Her thoughts have been heard in my words
Now the ivory goddess
Is sitting small on my table
Offering me this heart of clay

It took too long time to decipher their message
Soft heart was trampled in the mud
Storm crushed the ark
Only wreckage to hold on to in the floo

Three-legged amphibian with coin in mouth

Any kind of magic or miracle
Any kind of magic or miracle