Crimson Moon

Under the Serpentine Spell tracks





Within the fathomless depths of astral chaos
a Sea churns like the madness of her dreams.
She is the chaos serpent, the chaos that dwells in the sea.
She is of primordial essence, and her essence is transcended through me.

Spawned from her are the restless ones;
ancient ones; mighty ones; and the chaos of the sea.
She knows, sees and controls all, and through her so shall we.
Venom is her blood and unsparing are her fangs -
Her essence transcends all planes.

Ka-shur-ra mulki mummu ki-ta gir-tab
Sa dug mu mud siskur mah usumgal ab-zu
Mu ashta za ezezu am lu-gub-ba ni-me-gar
Ka-gur peta babkama labura anaku ina absu.
Ia sarratumM tiamatu sal-lugal ina mab guza
Ia bel kingu dumu-lugal ina ekemu ku kug!

Chaos has risen unto her immortal throne.
Tiamat, thou art infinite, as the depths below the seas.

Awesome celestial body, born under scorpio,
accept my blood offering mighty dragon of the primeval source.
My heart is yours. Furious but dwelling in silence.
Keeper of the gate, open the gate so that I may enter here -
the gate unto cosmic truth - the gate unto the abyss.

Hail goddess Tiamat, queen of the exalted throne.
Hail lord Kingu, prince of the powers of darkness.


Raise the battle-axe unto their skulls in the bliss of spilling blood on enemy soil.
Towards the synagogue, with thirst for Ssmite blood...
From a trail of churches burning.

Under the haunting moon, with sword in hand I ride
and I exalt the horns of battle towards the sky.
I slay the souls of the Jesuit creed, and bathe in their curdled blood.

Forsaken, their armies fell. Those who died did not die a quick death.
They would drown in their brother's blood, at my feet upon battle ground.
Victory shall be ours, as we march to battle drums.

[conjuration to Lucifer]
LuciferR - Ouyar - Chameron - Aliseon -
Mandousin - Premy - Oriet - Naydrus
Esmody - Eparinesont - Estiot - Dumosson -
Danochar - Casmiel - Hayras - Fabelleronthon -
Sodirino - Peatham - Come, Lucifer, Amen.

I conjure thee demon lords, I conjure thee to come forth in battle!

[Conjuration to Beelzebub]
Beelzebub - Lucifer - Madilon - Solymo -
Adricanorom - Martiro - Timo - Cameron -
Phorsy - Metosite - Prumosy - Dumaso - Elivisa -
Alphrois - Fubentronty - Come, Beelzebub, Amen.

[Conjuration To Astaroth]
Astratoth - Ador - Cameso - Valuerituf -
Mareso - Lodir - Cadomir - Aluiel - Calniso -
Tely - Pleorim - Viordy - Cureviorvas - Cameron -
Vesturiel - Vulnavii - Benez - Meus - Calmiron -
Noard - Nisa - Chenibrando - Calevodium - Brazo -
Tabrasol - Come, Aataroth, Amen.


As I journey to my darkest depths of my mind
and my soul to escape my earthly woe, I descend to my depths.
To live on is to bask in pain. Misery is thy mortality.
I find myself amidst labyrinthes of depression.

I wander the endless hallways, bewildered by my thought.
In the darkness of the labyrinthe, I am one with my inner self.
With memories of pain and misanthropy, I long for these walls to be my grave.
I embrace my shadowside in the darkness of this realm... with a razor to my wrist.

But there is a light, mighty Lucifer, the light that is within darkness.

Guided by thee I embrace my eternity of pain to live through my life in depression,
I find the deepest of thy self. I wander the halls of this labyrinthe
of pain searching no longer for light. The only way out is to die!

I walk the shadowed path clouded by storms of Anguish,
the earth is my damnation and rains upon thy fields of sorrow.
But birthed in the root of Ddrkness, thy wisdom shall sprout
the tree of true knowledge.


Into the moonless night I spit forth the venom of thy spell.
A curse unto thy adversary whose essence, shall wither away.
...and so shall the rose of purity, wither.

I am the freezing touch that takes life away,
I am the one whose soul is unclean.
A master of dreams, awakened to the night
I haunt the astral and reap the mortal life

Through the moonlight's mist
I come to your soul
and beseech you with the kiss
of bitterness and woe.

Below the depths I dwell,
in lust for the crimson sin.
As the rose purity turns to ash,
I remember the taste of blood in my mouth.

Veiled by the night
I enter your soul,
which withers from purity I defile
I am the dreams of lust and desire,
a demon of sins of the flesh.
Cold as the winter's breath, internal as the forbidden wine.

The virgin flesh of a maiden, like the flowering white rose.
Defiled by the lust which hungers, penetrated in a thirst for sin.
To be one with Darkness, I transcend.


Benighted ones rise like the flames of Paradise burning to ruins.
Fallen is the throne with darkness overthrown... the light drifts away.
Glory to those who raise the Dragons sign before the altar of chaos
and chant the sacred names, that conjure the benighted.

Forever art thou
Eternal we live.
For there is life in the blood
AZRAEL - release my immortal soul
I embrace the Angel of Death
Through the blood my soul is forever reborn.

The Blood that is forever shall flow throughout these veins.
Awakened, and eternal; thy kindred shall usurp and reign.

I rise unto the cosmos into the vast astral seas.
I embrace the darkness for all eternity.
Through the gates of rebirth I rise before thy deity
whom stirs in primordial chaos.
Thou art spawned from the sea.

The Blood that is eternal
of the chaos breed
Fills thy soul with hunger
to see thy prey bleed

Cold as the depths of winter's frost, our souls are ancient.
Awakened art thou to the world of spirits of the plane,
to walk the worlds eternally. I am bestowed the pathway of the stars.
The path of the Serpent that guides me unto everlasting life.
I drink the blood that is forever, embracing the Scarlet Sacrament.


Raven-haired, and of my darkest dreams
Her pale touch is like the winter's cold.
Like the forest, she obsessed my soul
...and her grip will not let go.

And in her heart flows immortality,
for she is of Lamia blood.
And through my dreams she came
to my soul for thy blood (essence) summoned her name.

In rapture I embrace the bliss
of sins of the flesh
Immortal, I drank from her soul,
from her very veins.

I indulge in the sins of lust.
And the shadows dance, to the chaos of her trance
As the flames within her showed her fire.
Wicked are her ways, of giving to thee, the ecstasy I desire.
And Cursed is her Kiss that is forever more
for it's aftertaste is bitterness.


Upon the wings of the dragon
I travel the serpentine path
Into the nocturnal forest
I enter the shadows of my dreams
Over my shoulder watching
A bloodstained freezing stare
Eyes of crimson watchful
Eyes forever in my dreams.

Into the night, my astral demon ascends
Through her visions,
in bloodstained dreams
I watch the lunar glow
Eclipse to a crimson sphere

Somniumeus nos draconis
Somniumeus nos sanguinolentus draco - Inluminare!
(dreams of the dragon spawn -
dreams of the bloodstained dragon -
enlightened me!)

I rise unto the dreams of the bloodstained dragon

Awakened to a fathomless state,
deep within my mind yet high as mountains reach.
Upon a universe of a dimension endlessly;
A shadowed kingdom that casts on the light of the day;
A kingdom from which I heir in the Nocturne embrace;
A kingdom that the dragon roams.

In bloodstained dreams of the dragon
Red as the blood in Lucifer's veins
I enter the gate of the master
For the path I have trodden many fold
Webbed throughout the cosmos
like cobwebs of cemetery.
like shadows in the nocturnal forest
I find my soul wandering
Behind me she is watching
Her red eyes pierce the dark
In my bloodstained dreams
Where shadows spawn.


Entranced by the magick that constricts thy soul.
Empowered by the force of Draconis.
Under the dark sky whence Ursa major drowns,
into the depths of the horizon.

I call forth the serpent
Under her mighty pell!

Sarratum Tiamat, hail to thee!

For it is written, she will arise,
From seas of fire, dreaming of vengeance,
Leviathan arise!

Entranced under the serpentine spell
I am guided by her flame
Entranced by the serpentine stare
I see visions arcane.

Descending from red skies
Ugalla demons, minions of Kingu
Exalt the sign of chaos

"And Tiamat (Leviathan) ascends from the depths below the seas,
for blood she rises. As it is written, 7 angels with 7 seals flew across
the sky, and the first who broketh the first seal upon those who wear
the mark of Tiamat, failed in impotence. For th e angel's magick
of God, could not break the serpentine spell."

Flames the dragon spit forth, smoldering feathers of angels wings.
7 angels of revelations falling, charred from dragon fire
...and drowning in her seas
The elders are not watchful! Attack!!

Those of the awakened rise up, onwards to Armageddon.
Claim the throne of our fate and lead the venom legions... to a bloody victory

Entranced by the magick that constricts thy soul.
Empowered by the force of Draconis.
Under the dark sky whence Ursa major drowns,
into the depths of the horizon.

I call forth the serpent
Under her mighty spell!

Into a stormlit night, facing the west altar,
I chant the conjuration of the path of the everlasting,
the shadowed path of the vampyre,
Under the Serpentine Spell.




Dominus Sanguinis Spiritus Sanctus

Feasting on the blood, penetrate the flesh
Jugular open wide, spurting immortal life.
Surging with power, your blood makes me strong
Drinking from the veins of immortality.

From roots of your soul essence, deeply I siege the life.
Lusting for the taste of fire, that summons Azrael's sign.
Tearing through her soul, engorged, her crimson bleeds
onto my tongue and chalice, I drift into ecstasy.
Pure was her heart and soul which the holy ghost had blessed
yet more pure was the mouthfuls of blood I drank from her breast
As her wine reached my lips, I tasted sweetness, foreign to my soul
sweetness of her holy, pure blood I drained from her dying soul.

Die for me.

You shall bleed for me
a crimson scarlet sea.
Gushing from your soul,
the blood that I let go.

Before thee, thy fleshed wrist which veils the essence of my being,
the blood of Kingu that flows amidst my veins.
The blood that is eternal.
Mighty is thy Magick and sharp is thy sword.
Tiamat, forever art thou in eternity.
I am drunk off the blood that flows in the veins of immortality.

Feasting on the blood, penetrate the flesh
Jugular open wide, spurting immortal life.
Surging with power, your blood makes me strong
Drinking from the veins of immortality.
Indulging in sinful bliss I leave a bloody kiss
on the forehead of her corpse white face.
Open are her veins that bled her soul,
and granted me... life everlasting.
Drinking from the veins of immortality