Abscess (USA)

Urine Junkies tracks



Piss scorches out my cock
Pus so green comes out in hardened chuncks
Bloody urine the smell of genital rot
Taste that bile creepin' up my throat
I masturbate with my infected tool
I wanna See my rotten jizz in a smelly pool
I jerk it 'til my hand's covered in pus
Puke on my dick lubed for another 50 thrusts
My aching meat

Buckets of cum tainted in decay
Shoot from my flute with a rush of searing pain
The mold on my balls is peeling off in flakes
A dribble of shit running down my leg
The toilet seat's spattered
And my dick is still hard
The shit piss and cum
Pus and bloody discharge are making me hungry and I want to eat
I chow it puke it shit it piss it
My aching meat, my achine meat

Bloody engorged and coated with slime
It feels so divine
Pornofreakographic lust
I can smell my anal crust
Urinal ice like a bullet to bite
Humid pungency
Venereal vigor
Arms just a blur
Latrinic ecstacy


Liquid smoke enema
Black plastic noose
Buttfucked by demons
Seen just by you
Clamp on your ballsac
Cunt in a bind
Loss of the bladder
Loss of the mind
Monolith tampon
Big greasy smile
Intestinal drubbling
Forming in piles
Nails in your forehead
Knots in your eyes
Red urine junkies
Breeding like flies
Euphoric nightmare
Slashes and slaps slithering fungi
Candles of crap moldified
Maggots tears in your skin
Dead cerebellum earwigs within


I crawled up from the sewer in a quest to eat your brain
Manhole for a cranium I bathe in toilet rain
Burning red desire eating out my insides
My jellifed skin stinking up the night

Hiding from the World Until It's Time to Feed
Emerging From the Darkness Human Flesh I Need
Buglamp Eyes Aglaze Veins Pulsate with Muck
Carnivoric Frenzy Bone Marrow I Suck

Ground up powdered rats fly up my nose
Tail in the Rail savor pulverized toes
Eyes water head pounds ready up for grub
Thinking stinking sewage drinking drown in filthy crud




Shes big and ugly and smells like shit
If you're not careful on your face she'll sit
Horny hag has got her sights On you
Crotch on fire wants to gobble your goo

Better have mace, better be aware
She wants to run her fingers through your pubic hair
Fuzzy nipples aching for your heated suckle
Camle toe exposed makes your knees buckle

Horny hag


Put me in charge of population control
I'll make sure we have lots of room
I'll make sure no one gets out alive
I'll make sure nothing here can survive
Public executions held daily

I'll shut down all the pharmacies
To promote the spread of disease
A new virus in the water supply
No food no shelder everyone dies

You have been chosen for sterilzation
By the department of depopulation

Put me in charge of population control
I'll free all the prisoners on death row
Put them in charge of population control
Police let blood flow on your shitty city streets

You have been chosen for sterilzation
By the department of depopulation


Rotted faces one by one
Shambling slow but sure to dine on
The living flesh and blood
Ripping out then eating guts
Fresh corpse on the ground
Hideous death head twisted around
Hand made incision chest torn wide
Intestines pulled out from inside
Moaning as the maggots crawl
Through crusted faces and eyeballs
Hunber for the living skin
Your blood runs cold your death begins to rise up from the grave
To recruit another slave
Bound to hunger bloody thrist
With endless living death you're cursed


Crank skank fat and rank
Smells like and old fish tank
Clustered zits explode with cheez
Yank whore down on Scabby knees
Boils grow blow for a blow
Shit breath like a pig's asshole
Scabby jaw toothless maw
Rotting fast in pubes crabs crawl

Picking flesh face like death spread it for a bit
Of meth world of dog smell
Of log blacktooth bitch
Decrepit slob spews trap jaw flap
Panties stained with streaks of crap
Mirror lick lookin' sick
I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot dick

Blacktooth beast


You're a fucking dick
I wish that you'd die
Forever live in torture
Your depression gets me high
Everything you are reminds me of a cyst
Everytime I think of you I smell the scent of shit
The scent of shit
The scent of shit
The scent of shit

Peel off your face stick your head in gas
Drill bit up your cunt jackhammer in your ass
Candle burn your nipples off
Tongue is torn to shreds such a sight of loveliness
You should of given head


Black suit
White collar
Burning desire
Mother fuckin' father
Holy man
Cock in hand
Perverted plans
Mother fuckin' father
Makes toys
Of little boys
Priestly pleasures
Mother fuckin' father

Go to him for spiritual advice
He'll teach you about the facts of life
Go to him to confess you sins
He'll bend you over and force his god in

He takes
He rapes
Blind faith
Mother fuckin' father
Sex games
In god's name
Pulpits of shame
Mother fuckin' father

Jesus jizz
Mother fuckin' father
Eat shit
You hypocrite
Fuck the church
Mother fuckin' father

Teaching something new in sunday school
He'll say god chose him to fuck you
He prays to fuck his congression


Blackened splatter bits of brain
Disgusting matter felt no pain
Bloody chunks skull and hair
Tragic loss but I don't care

Suicide fuck, suicide fuck
You took your life, who cares you sucked
Suicide fuck, suicide fuck
Fuck you

Suicide fuck, suicide fuck
You took your life, who cares you fuckin' sucked
Suicide fuck, suicide fuck
Fuck off

Excruciating sight to see
You left behind pants full of pee
I'm so glad that you are gone
Saved me the trouble but not the fun

Suicide fuck, suicide fuck
You took your life, who cares you sucked
Suicide fuck, suicide fuck
Fuck you

Suicide fuck, suicide fuck
You took your life, who cares you fuckin' sucked
Suicide fuck, suicide fuck
Fuck off

Twisted thoughts am I this sick?
Unzip my pants and stick in my dick
Watch you twitch as I play
Your darkest hour is my brightest day


Raw sewage in my veins
Fighting the nausea
Puke on my opposers
Slimeminded morbitorium
Festered vapors intoxicate
Vermin face rancid fuck
Acid drool

Defecating silently
In the corner of my pus filled mind
Raw sewage pours from my nostrils blistering my skin
Lesion breath fucking rot blackest doom
Filth encrusted excrement of society
My stomach regurgitates itself


Die pig die
As I clutch my hands around your throat
Die pig die
As I watch your eyes begin to bloat
Die pig die
You will taste my defecation soon
Die pig die
Now I stab your stomach, face is blue

Die pig die
Putrid pile of fucking human waste
Die pig die
Let my anger flow, won't hesitate
Die pig die
Bloody vengence guts are spilled, blood flows
Die pig die
With my finger jammed up your split nose

Die because I tell you so
I'll look you in the eye as I strike the mortal blow
You gasp and bleed and wheeze and piss
I'll bless your throat with my razor's kiss

Die like a pig cause that's all you are to me
You're only shit underneath my shoe
Die like a pig Let me hear you squeal
You'll suffer and beg before I'm through


A child is born from incestuous lust a hideous mutant is
Spawned the cranium tapered the sunken eyes glare a
Monoloid cretin deformed the thing quickly grows at an
Abnormal rate it's mother will be first to die It playfully
Kills as it grunts and it drools and gouges out her hollow
Eyes it's father her father screams and attaches his
Far-spaced short black teeth exposed a hideous snap as
Son breaks father's back and then giggles and picks his nose


Saw cuts through flesh like a hot knife through butter
Jugular vein severed gushing vein blood sputters
Waterfall of plasma pouring out red beauty terror filled
Eyes turn to glass dead and cloudy draining you dry
Pushing blood from every place pale dead flesh draped
Across your emptied face lust for blood that cannot be
Satisfied burns my brain the more the liquid is supplied the
Rush of life plunging down my throat I drink from the kill 'til
My veins begin to bloat lifeless skeletal shell is left
Behind unquenchable thirst frenzied bloodlust fills my mind


I can feel the pus the infection is dripping the lacerated
Wound soon my throat i'll be slitting I'm digging in the gash
With a rusty screwdriver stinging sensation blood in my
Saliva I puke up my mind on the concrete street worms
Crawling in it and it fucking reeks i've lost my mind and it's
Foaming with pus eyes seeing vomit and more bile building up
I'm looking at you with a gangrene stare you think I'm going
Crazy but I'm already there my mucous membrane is burning
With disease my face rots slowly as I mentally bleed


Vaginal bloodfeast menstrual meal salivating like a
Dog warm rush I fell I'm a bloodsucking bastard I dine
From your hole blood-like wine rejected uteral wall
Bloodsucker maxipad tongue not a bit to be wasted I don't
Want to die 'til your fluid i've tasted i'll wear it s a symbol
Of my dedication I just want to drown in your menstruation
Bloodsucker the blood is dripping down my chin I love the
Chunks I take it in part the gates release the flood for me
And i'll suck up every drop you bleed bloodsucker


Anally impaled stake up your ass feel it pierce your insides
Anally impaled weights on your ankles down the pole you
Slowly slide anally impaled impalement pole stained with
Blood fresh coat dribbles down anally impaled no breath
To gasp with lung is punctured out penetrated by the
Whorish pole where countless have been raped punishment
Extreme, sliding southward day by day taste your shit on
The pole grazing your tattered tongue internal shishkabob
Excrements and blood are one sphincter muscle buckles
Tearing wider 'til it splits ruined asshole ruined life anally impaled