Astaroth (AUT)

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Welcome now the new enigma
Ave ave satani
In memoriam heavenly creatures

Nighteyes are looking up to thou, from my deepest ground
And try to seduce thy spawn, with a whispering and lovely sound
For so thy crosses fall, and all thy shrines we will pervert
As I walked through heaven and saw thy angels
raped and burned and impaled

In nomini sathanas
Enoch leviathan
Eschna dewa lucifer
Elohim - We will come

Hail to the demon - legions of my empire
Now you are reborn, and blessed in holy sin
My arms gave you eternal peace
Gods' army you will fight for me this final war to win

In memoriam - heavenly creatures
This is the essence of all evil
Black king you're called of the real creation
We burn god's spawn for uriel's new dark nation

Oh Eloi nemesis
We are thy assassins - assassins

Army of the lord - master
Angels of god - satan
Demigod, leading slave
We are gathered for god's holy grave

A diabolical summoning

In memoriam - heavenly creatures
The awakening of hell's damnation
Is satisfied in ritual raptures
Then we are the race of thy new generation
We are the last souls of your dying sun
And then the dawn of your kingdom has begun
In memoriam - heavenly creatures
Anno Domini - it never was

So welcome now thy worlds new spawn
Satanael our work is done - armageddon is done


As I enter tonight - in dark obscure dreams
Of enigmatic lights - in atmospheres supreme
Lost in mourning skies - Heaven is far beyond
Interventional demise - the essence of Meggido's dominion

Innocence is my pure conception
Of esoteric dark damnation
I'm unseen in grotesque spectrums
Arrival of the final constellation
Desire is my unknown name - return to pleasure complete in pain

In silence we can hear - your crimson overtures
Whispering destruction storms - once again come forth
Beyond all shadows (you shall) burn - beyond eternity you fade
Cosmic whittered souls - into violent spectral dimensions

The last voyage starts (for those we hate)
Ass immortal passages pasts (aura of the unforgiven)
Ancient secrets bleed (frozen ornaments)
In silent romantic memories
A forsaken breath I feel (on liquid soil)
In Heaven and in space (my kaleidoscope)
Fragments fall on earth (sculptured jealous tears)
Spiritual, monumental storms to universe

Enter with me the darkside of Eden
Ignoring the mourning stars
Enter with me the darkside of Eden
Introducing (spiritual) other sides
Into dreams of illusional ecstasy
Endless energy unleashed jealous apathy

Supremed illusions, seduced dreaming hearts
Brilliant astral peace, velvet obscure eden

This is a dream of God's creation - forced Angels
Take my hand, I'll show you heaven
Their peace is only spawned illusion - forced Angels
Take my hand, I'll show you heaven


As I visit this place in the sky, there was a flame which burns eternal
And Angels fall wounded in my arms, is this thy peace you once prayed infernal

And there will be a soul
Which united the old legions
Once a warrior of god
And now a soldier of mine - angel of war - Uziel

I saw thy spawn rising their weapons, as forced peace turned to endless hate
And jealous souls kills angels of sadness, as my legions reached the horizon of fate

Frozen and scared beneath the gates
Harmonical crimson fear
Oh, Lord, dance with me on the clouds
Enjoy this sleep to dream upon

Blinded Angels, soulless eyes
Killing act in paradise
Closed for spirits like a shell
This is heaven and not hell

And I am invisible in Heaven
To ruins, I lay your place to dust
I'll introduce you pleagues which are seven
Hatefull and frozen, I'll burn thy peace until dusk

And there will be a soulÂ…

And as the Angels fight eye for an eye
A second war starts in the sky

Your obscene world in my eyes, is a circle of loneliness
The new spectrum of paradise
Out of the dark we shall rule again
Thy endless sleep, my volition shall reign

Frozen and scared beneath the gatesÂ…

Jealous angels, blinded eyes
Satan shall burn this paradise
Forsaken angels suffer well
In a holy war to die for hell


Icon of senseless peace, 2000 years are enough
Greetings to spirits to thy saints, prepare thy aura for their last pain

You'll stand confused in epic shadows
Beyond these velvet tears we will wait

Total eclipse is rising
To mourn with pleasure to my heart
Once we all were united
Once we all were hostages of god
Embraced beyond thy grave
No whisper ever shall escape
A perfect winged asylum
For weak, depressive, tortured entities

On blazing moon, in darkness we exist
When the horizon invites the sun
Shadows dancing, a designed Odium
(Monumental anthems) - millennium

Apathic, phlegmatic angels
So silent in thy place of peace
Without delicious pleasure
Forced sacred to souls of disease (educated tragedies of wrath)
Forever independent - forever special hate to thou

On the day we lost our souls
Covers the time when we will come to rule
Forlorn, forsaken and unrest fallen silence
An ancient sphere shall die in the scars of heaven

The tainted moon so cold is waiting in harmonic twilight
Maybe soon oh my lord we are thy special gathered end
Thy finishing move
Out of the depths, not heaven sent we come to celebrate our glory
In revolving honor we will spread our wings and fly away
Millenium (once you were the first of us)

With fear God's tears are flowing
When all our banners reached the sky
Imagine we all were so human
Before his light came down to heal
With strength we seek the hunted
Oh spirit of the night, we shall promise revenge by your sign

Darkness, in darkness we shall be - and hell shall open for thy fall


We are the fallen ones
Begin the resistance
The moon has changed day into darkness
As we are kissed by funeral winds
Marching toward the horizon
In fragmantic grim atmospeheres
When the mysterious touch of darkness whispers
And hidden we will spread our wings
(So) may the night carry our minds to revenge
(We) seeking the path to end up in glory
In the shimmering and burning firmament
Summoned we stand with dying feelings in our hearts
Prepared to start the dance of pure violence
Frozen silhouettes, beyond thy firmament, awaits those who cannot win
Across the ocean of clouds we arise like a storm of everflowing tears
Preludium of the forsaken, the tragical horizon of peace

Oh crimson beauty - dark sculptured entity
Embraced in silence - eternal apathy
Oh crimson beauty - fortress to bury me
Welcome my glory - angels of jealousy

So outside the gate we stand to enter once again the halls of false eternity
A supreme shimmering spectrum offers, tormented cosmic chaos
Enchanted symphonies of dawn lurk beyond, thy profane cryptic soulentrance
Thou darkest dreams an astral solution
Welcome rebellion the nocturnal resistance

Oh crimson beauty - sponsored so heavenly
Night's protecting me - of angelic apathy
Oh crimson beauty - I'm introducing me
Create obscurity - heaven thy destiny

Seduced in solitary dreams in harmless romantic forced whispers
Return to the pure sound of innocence the power of the night
Oh solution
The second storm rebellion, the profane resistance
This time thy delirious Heaven shall be mine forced gentle to kiss my profane mind
And all stars shall shine on velvet streamed illusions to the glimmering blaze of glory
Look at the Heaven, the angelic forsaken sky of bitterness
Come forth, far beyond, to the astral grave
(To the abyss millennium asylum of peaceful tyranny)

Oh crimson beauty - of sculptured memory
Forsaken centuries - your ancient symphonies
Oh supreme Angels - of tortured agony
I'll bury peace - for perfect harmony


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