A Life Divided

Virtualized tracks



I am yours
You are me
With this world
In between
On our way
To a dream
Everything feels incomplete

And I criticize my heaven
God and his beautiful angels
Must be something
They forgot today
The most important date
On their schedule

Hold the line
Don't give up
Keep my words inside the dark
Let it rain
For a while
Hope the sun brings back your smile

Heaven knows
'Cause he sees
Heaven's gay
As it seems
Doesn't care
Doesn't move
Got no single word
For me and you


Never be enough
Ain't gonna see the true man's face
Behind the lies of this machinery
Won't give up I'm so fed up and fucked
They all try to suck my power empty

I won't move, I can't move
I can't get out of your way
I don't believe that I'm the reason of anxieties
You fake, you won't break another face
Kicking it up to the max I'll come around today

Never be enough true to the game
You're playing every day
No matter what this time will bring
I can't sink to the point you lead me astray
So did you get it I'm over you
Through with you, done with you
I can bear my cross without you too
Don't apologize for being a fake
Love is so much bigger than hate

I am wise
I am god
I am just
Everything you want
I'm so high
The only one
I am just
Everything you want

Gotta be so tough to be
Not caught in the middle of myself
And I just can't find peace I'm attacked
And released
Second after second and day by day

I won't leave, I can't leave
I'm your dope I'm your hope
I'm your kick
And you will never get enough of it
Purify your light inside
It's time to open up your mind
For some more lies

Hold on, hold on
Could you lend me your ear
All I wanted was to justify my inner fear
I crushed the doors to build a fort
For everything I loved
Or just for nothing at all?

Time goes by
Takes me on a ride
Life goes by
Makes me hide inside
Corrupt my eyes
So I can't see the lie
Take away my guide

I try to breathe
It's killing me
I feel the breeze
It's killing me


You put a matrix on this world
Scanning every hurt
And you shoot a satellite in space
To another place
And another day
Has passed by
It still feels unright
I can't stop to cry
It's so hard to find
So hard to find-

Is there anyone alone
Is there anyone alive
Is there anyone
Who feels the way I feel inside
Could you please my little bit
Could I get anything of it
Just for my lonely party

You crossed the seas a thousand times
Damned the wind for being blind
And you climbed the way up in the sky
For a better sight
In the darkest night
You feel cold
Wish you could hold
The air that you told
Now you're so old
Now you're so old-


I need your voice
To ask you to socialize me
I want your choice
I implore you to compromise me

Take off my narrow mind
And hide it away
I can't stand all the people
And the words they use to say
They never got me right
'Cause I couldn't understand
So please give me your mask
And help me to pretend

I close my mind
Sitting on my selfmade crown
I redefine
My view about this world around

So come on
Take off my ignorance
And lock it up in your lies
The fucking point of view
Is all that defines the size
I never wanted it to be
Just like me
I can't see,
I can't breathe
I can't live

I was wrong
There ain't no crown for me
It's all so static
Waste my time
Between the lines I creeped
It's all so static

I need some time
To realize I'm not that alone
I'll look inside
And find someone who's careless too

Get it,
I don't need your words
To blind my mind
Get out of my sight
With your sickness
With your ill fake sight
You always wanted to be just like me
You won't reach, never reach
You can't reach me

I give a damn you're hating me
I don't care about the way you look at me
So shit on me
Oh you can't knock me
Better leave my world
I can't stand your sympathy
So quit your fake as speaking
You got nothing more for me
Don't criticize my way
While your back hides your needs
No one cares
And no one bleeds
And no one gives a shit about my needs
You see just let it be
You'll never be one of me


Free from the ground
I feel
Don't think about
Just feel
High as a cloud
I feel
Don't look back down
Now I'm real

Somebody told me how to fly
Somebody showed me
How to get away with it
Somebody taught me how to hide
Somebody healed my thoughts
From getting sick

Nothing's around
I feel
No borders and bounds
I'm free
No minutes to count
I'm free
Free from the ground
I feel

Somebody told me how to fly
Somebody showed me
How to get away with it
Somebody taught me how to hide
Somebody healed my thoughts
From getting sick

Somebody told me where to go
Somebody showed me
How to get away with it
Somebody told me
He's been told
Telling me
That I should get away with it


Take my ignorance
Cut me in pieces
Hide my innocence
My only witness


In this darkened room
Hope is hard to find
Sense of guilt's tearing you
Can't turn back the time

You put the blame on you
'Cause it's all that's left to do
Now he went away
You're an unenviable fake
And your mission a mistake
Got nothing good to do

Hide away I die away
My way
Please cut me in pieces
Hide away I'll find a way
To die away
Please cut me in pieces

On your liar's chair
The air is getting thin
And words inside your ears
Keep on echoing
Just like everything you do
Is just egoism's fuel
I am so ashamed
I can't take the blame away
It's on your shoulders there to stay
On no one else but you


On and on and on and on
This road goes on
And leads you far away
A better place-
Don't hold on
Keep moving on and on
This road won't lead you astray
On your way-
City lights behind they did collide
In hazy sights
As you left all alone
As you left home-
Rear view mirror's black in black
Don't you cry
Just look ahead to hope
It's oh so cold-

You - you're on the way
You - you're on the way

On and on through unfamiliar landscapes
You've never seen before
Don't hide no more-
Passing by these strange and foreign faces
Guide you to the shore
And open doors-
The place you wanna be is free
From everything but peace and dreams
Without variety
Now you're free-
Longing for your better days
You broke out
Of your captivity
Just to breathe-

You'll see the sunlight again

Feel the spring when you arrive
The sun disturbs your weary eyes
Forget the past and look inside
There's so much more you realize


Green turns to red
I fight against it
They choke my neck
These times are hard to breathe
Blindfold myself just not to see

The harvest of my seed
Enfold my mind
So I don't feel
The sherds under my feet

Set my aims to high
Couldn't touch the sky
Fell my way back in these times
We were unlike

Shattering insight
Never see the light
Fell my way back in these times
We were unlike

Tied to my ways
Entirely broken
The end of a day
So tired but woken

I rest my head but avoid the sleep
For another heartbeat
I stay awake just to see
If my heart beats


Its a trick of my mind
Two faces bathing in the screen light
She's so soft and warm in my arms
I tune it into the scene
My hands are resting on her shoulders
When we're dancing away for a while
Oh, we're moving, we're falling,
We step into the fire
By the hour of the wolf in a midnight dream
There's no reason to hurry
Just start that brand new story
Set it alight
We're head over heels in love
Head over heels

The ringing of your laughter
It sounds like a melody
To once forbidden places
We'll go for a while

It's the definite show
Our shadows resting in the moonlight
It's so clear and bright in your eyes
It's the touch of your sighs
My lips are resting on your shoulder
When we're moving so soft and slow
We need the ecstasy, the jealousy, the comedy of love
Like the Cary Grants and Kellys once before
Give me more tragedy, more harmony and fantasy, my dear
And set it alight
Just starting that satellite
Set it alight


These useless hanging ropes
Are there to stumble
Hear the silence in these words
And stay with me
The machines coming mean
With a better life in between
Better get yourself a piece
Before they leave

Heaven awaits you
Heaven awaits you
To be ready

Oh kill this bitterness
When it sucks my energy
Love me in this place
I built for myself
Cover my eyes somehow
Tell me lies right now
Show me ways out of here
Wipe away these tears
No one will survive in the end


Fallen from almighty hands
I'm flying through the mist of evil
Yes I'm coming for this promised land
'Cause I was told

I'm made of ignorance and stubbornness
Legitimated by a piece of shit
Programmed to kill each and every ass
That's what I've been told

I'm burning
I'll bury

I was sent from up above
Liberation is my highest aim
Priorities will start to roam
In my father's name

Blood will give me peace tonight
That's what I've been longing for so long
When I explode it feels quite right
You're dead when I'm done

Hear me falling
Freedom's calling
Sirens yawning
As I'm falling

This world is burning I'm the fire
The order takes a while but I'm in time
As soon as the last crap is blinded
Everything will be fine

Globalize myself tonight
Hold my fellows on a short line
I shall overcome sometime
So show respect for my might

And you can't say it doesn't bother you
They target you in your swoon, too
And there ain't gonna be a helping a-team
Take a look at the news this very day
It's getting far too late
Well you don't need to say, all this shit
Won't help us anyway, no
We're caught in a cage
And so bound to our ways
We're about to break


Dream of me
I'm your spreading disease
Dream of me
Your heaven is hell to me

Close your eyes
Take the knife
Please hesitate
To realize
Everything was just a fake

And all of your thoughts
They get in my way
And all of your dreams
They display my pain

Only nights
We're alive
And all these lies
Make me wanna die

All of my dreams
They get in my way
And all of my thoughts
They make me run away

Close your eyes
Take the knife
Don't hesitate
To cut inside
Take my life
To sooth your pain